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Mar 29, 2011
Does anyone else have random sim card loss that needs a dirty flash to fix? I'm using the TMO OP8T on the latest open beta. I'm about to go back to stable as I never had this issue on the stable build.


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  • Nov 16, 2013
    Montgomery, AL
    OnePlus 6T
    OnePlus 8T global full zip link please
    Stop spamming with this, please. No one will have the link until the Oneplus Support website is updated with it, in which people in the forum will be notified and can add the link then. Until that point, wait it out, relock your bootloader and upgrade, or upgrade using fastboot files.


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    Jan 5, 2006
    OnePlus 8T
    We can switch between international and global version? As my device is 2003 and i have a international firmware. And i have used open beta 2 on it too
    Yes, my K2003 was running international firmware and i was able to switch to EU version without data loss.
    But you need to choose a newer version (full version )that the one you are allready using.
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    Apr 23, 2021
    OnePlus 8T
    As OnePlus doesn't always provide download links for all of their OxygenOS ROMs & OTA update zips, we've created an index to put the links in one post so that they're easy to find.

    Note: This is not a support thread for issues you may have with OxygenOS ROMs. If you need help installing or updating, feel free to ask here. If you have any other issues, please ask in another thread.

    For the sake of simplicity, only signed flashable (full) zips are listed. These are recovery-flashable zips of the full ROM that won't overwrite your data partition unless mentionned otherwise. They can be flashed via local update in Settings --> System --> System Updates or TWRP recovery (if it becomes available for this device)

    Packages with build tag KB05BA are intended for the following variant:
    KB2003: EU

    Packages with build tag KB05DA are intended for the following variant:
    KB2001: India

    Global devices (KB2005) with build tag KB05AA zips use Google OTA servers, thus making impossible to capture full OTA zips. Should however full zips be posted on support website they will be added.

    KB2000 units are Chinese units running HydrogenOS out of the box and may be able to run OxygenOS after conversion via local update. They will however need to format /data and wipe cache to avoid bootloop.

    KB2007 units are T-Mobile units running their own version of OxygenOS labelled KB09CB and lack local update option in Settings->System->System Updates and are therefore not supported.

    Signed flashable zips

    KB05AA International OnePlus8TOxygen_15.O.20_GLO_0200_2011132216
    MD5: a654f8ca30da0385d942a104d846f5c7 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.O.21_GLO_0215_2101010247
    MD5: a20afa67747ed2854d379f0baac0917f OnePlus8TOxygen_15.O.22_GLO_0220_2102011818
    MD5: 376e64715a65472323328ebff75faa63 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.O.23_GLO_0230_2103221818
    MD5: 7f595c1d3864e675fa06813b17a86015

    KB05BA Europe OnePlus8TOxygen_15.E.17_GLO_0170_2010150108
    MD5: d35a2963d193276c1ea7e4832fc08a42 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.E.18_GLO_0180_2010240038
    MD5: f922b6add44685f5e2fac276de0dc769 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.E.19_GLO_0190_2011010157
    MD5: bb2d9e674b668b31b3c4f50f230d6f9a (hotfix of previous build): OnePlus8TOxygen_15.E.20_GLO_0200_2011101442
    MD5: 7059f58028cec098aba178b97648a6b7 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.E.21_GLO_0210_2011132216
    MD5: 9ea92ddd21b8167a770d69b087c19b91 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.E.22_GLO_0220_2012171750
    MD5: 0ee26a683567c780fb130aa598c70346 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.E.22_GLO_0225_2101010528
    MD5: d60d540017f4a772623bdc67a29c6da1 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.E.23_GLO_0230_2102011823
    MD5: 82da060ddaac4b0682ac735aa95c3c73 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.E.24_GLO_0240_2103221851
    MD5: 230061ec8013e45cb803c3553d435f12

    KB05DA India OnePlus8TOxygen_15.I.16_GLO_0160_2010150110
    MD5: d1a944205b91898a84b082c57ebac5a8 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.I.17_GLO_0170_2010240047
    MD5: 7b1a7c01a494a6ce89dd41d8c8e879d9 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.I.18_GLO_0180_2011010208
    MD5: e16facc1d336e43544db4bae908264d7 (hotfix of previous build): OnePlus8TOxygen_15.I.19_GLO_0190_2011101438
    MD5: c9537f9ac8fb489cb3e626e9a4f55831 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.I.20_GLO_0200_2011132215
    MD5: 9307c71e45d3d8ed51579ce5e1d46b59 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.I.21_GLO_0210_2012162253
    MD5: 60ba3de0e5bec8e0bfddd5917bef491f OnePlus8TOxygen_15.I.21_GLO_0215_2101010519
    MD5: 9e3282dd38bc58319cb27396e64692f6 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.I.22_GLO_0220_2102011820
    MD5: 8fbdeb830531aa7d146abf8e9866ee04 OnePlus8TOxygen_15.I.23_GLO_0230_2103221814
    MD5: 56ea2f8d775d90dc51e38c59da9ffc35

    Signed flashable zips (Open Beta)

    Global Open Beta

    Open Beta 1: OnePlus8TOxygen_15.X.01_GLO_0010_2102262135
    MD5: 277f2ff923db045a4e3644bcc8aa158b

    Open Beta 2: OnePlus8TOxygen_15.X.02_GLO_0020_2103101834
    MD5: 37a707dd064c2673a557b7d37c286098

    Open Beta 3: OnePlus8TOxygen_15.X.03_GLO_0030_2104062102

    Indian Open Beta

    Open Beta 1: OnePlus8TOxygen_15.W.01_GLO_0010_2102262134
    MD5: a5c14b6f1387e157d09f5344d768d952

    Open Beta 2: OnePlus8TOxygen_15.W.02_GLO_0020_2103101833
    MD5: 625c0933dce58ae2ba27f87c66ccefcb

    Open Beta 3: OnePlus8TOxygen_15.W.03_GLO_0030_2104062109

    Downgrade zips (will wipe your data)

    KB05AA International OnePlus8TOxygen_15.O.21_GLO_0210_2012170001
    MD5: e7a946ce3cab2d87b13a7a48df32fee0

    KB05BA Europe OnePlus8TOxygen_15.E.22_GLO_0220_2012171750
    MD5: 2d3bd14819ccaa0419bf68cf92bc5bc9

    KB05DA India OnePlus8TOxygen_15.I.21_GLO_0210_2012162253
    MD5: b8b3e5a79d50b1e8aa4be779e3cde6b0
    HI Everybody,
    I have a Oneplus 8T, European, I installed lineage recovery and Lineage OS 18.1, rooted, but now I would like to reinstall Oxygen 11. Please, can you tell me how to do or where to find the answer?
    Please, don't tell me to use TWRP because at moment it's not available for this smartphone.
    Thank you All in advance!

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