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General Oneplus 9 and / 9 Pro TWRP

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    Just a reminder for people who only read the oneplus 9 forum and not oneplus 9 pro one:

    I tested it and flashed it on my oneplus 9 LE2110 and it works.

    Again, as i always have to write to people.
    Be careful, only do something you can undo.
    Before you "Flash Current TWRP" do a full BACKUP!
    Sadly, No, boot-loader is locked. Never encountered this on both previous OP 6t's.
    Hence my confusion. When I walked out of the t-Mo store with my 6t, I had No issues.
    I used the wonderful mauronofios tool, to do it All with no troubles.
    crash my 6t, forced to take a "9 5g" from t-Mo, and now I am regretting it.
    Wondering what has changed, and by whom..? t-Mo change policies, or OnePlus ?

    Actually, I've been a t-Mo customer for 16 Years ! First time I've ever had to "Ask Permission" to have my phone, or my SIM unlocked...
    You should start a separate thread for all that. Kinda want to keep on topic to make it less confusing for everyone
    Hi there, I have a question:
    When you have a new device, would the following work:
    1. Unlock bootloader
    In fastboot mode:
    fastboot boot c:\twrp.img
    In TWRP
    3. Install TWRP
    4. Install Magisk
    5. Reboot - then you have Root, TWRP?
    6. Upgrades can than be done in TWRP by installing the files and than intalling again TWRP and afterwards Magisk?

    XDA is Great, and, yet, at the same time: XDA is very challenging.
    With so many able to contribute, and the lack of external editing capacity ( unlike SO ),
    it's difficult to distill the information.
    Okay, Great! There's a TWRP for the OnePlus 9 !
    I used TWRP 3.5 and Magisk to root a Lenovo Tab M10, without any need for external input.

    The Answer I'm looking for here is: Am I able to install / root / whatever my T-Mo OP 9 with TWRP ?
    Does anyone have any definitive solutions ?

    Thank You, in Advance, for any assistance !
    Is your bootloader unlocked? If yes then you could boot to fastboot and fastboot boot twrp.img. You will have your answer then.