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Question Oneplus 9 | LE2113 | | How do I convert to EU firmware

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New member
Jun 14, 2021
Hi there, I bought a Oneplus 9 (12/256) directly from Oneplus Singapore. Everything is great except for the fact that I hoped to update the software to a newer version ( / ) to enjoy the bug fixes and improvements.

The phone came on
The default system update showed that it was the latest version.
Okay......then I learnt about Oxygen Updater and used it to update to
However, when I proceeded to update further to, the app was still showing me that the latest software is (What??)
I then learnt that my phone was running on Global Firmware which was stuck on and though the incremental update from to was available, without being able to update to, I was stuck on
Then I researched my model number and realised that LE2113 meant my Oneplus 9 (purchased directly from Oneplus) was the EU variant.....running the Global firmware......sigh......

So here I am now, seeking advice from you knowledgeable folks, how do I go about getting my phone to run on the EU firmware so that I can enjoy faster(?) updates.
Is it as simple as downloading the full zip of from Oxygen Updater and using Local Upgrade in the default System Update? Will this wipe my data?
Or will I have to root/flash or something complicated