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How To Guide OnePlus 9 Pro: How to switch between Color OS and Oxygen OS without unlocking the bootloader

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Jan 4, 2010
Hello, im confused

i will receive china version color os to oxgen os which one should i download?

OnePlus 9 Pro Color OS 11.2.A.03 (full or downgrade)?
OnePlus 9 Pro Oxygen OS (full or downgrade)?

edit: i think i need to download this one for my phone OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.05_OTA_0050_all_2103242250_downgrade_for_ColorOS_8b205ea5316a4923.zip

thank you!!
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Oct 1, 2013
Anyone from Europa use Color OS?
If yes how are the updates? They come? Or you have to do it manually?
Color OS have Oxigen option "Rise to answer a call" in Settings > gestures > Quick gestures ?


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Aug 13, 2012
OnePlus One
OnePlus 3
here is my test result .

1. update to the Android 12 then roll back to color os.
2.flash the provided link for Modem ..work ok with4G but no 5G im in the US with the USA model so maybe i need to flash my own modem to work ...
3. Flash the tmobile Modem found on XDA and messup my phone bricked it !! but msm save me .

after flashing the Tmo modem im keep getting Qualcomm dump Crush screen, ....

i get that screen when I first time flashes schwarzerfleck's modem . but after reboot it is fine...

also what I notice is every OTA update will kill the modem u will need to reflash the modem to get
data/call working ...

if anyone would like to chat about this please pm ur telegram we can share our experience.
flashing modem doesnt work on 9


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Dec 13, 2012
No, I'm in Europe, and i would like to try Color OS, but without gapps is useless to me...i have le2120 (china model) with oxygen os and want to be sure if i can get working google apps and services before i install color os
OK, excellent 👍. After you flash Color OS, head on over to apkmirror and download the play store or any apks of your choice. Color OS has google play services baked. Also get the Gboard, Color OS keyboard is completely for Chinese users.

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