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Feb 11, 2009
OnePlus 9 Pro
Hey thank you!
Just one question: I used payload dumper to extract boot.img, but it is not unpacked, only other .img files. why is there no boot.img?
I need it to modify it with magisk and boot magisk, as I accidentally rebooted.

Even the boot.img from C64 would already help me out a lot.
Use Partitions Backup from the Play Store after you have upgraded, then you will have boot img to parch using Magisk! My bad, you have to be rooted with that app. You could though use MSM Download Tool in edl mode to read back and get the boot image with once MSM is connected, use F8 and password "OnePlus" then select from the list what to backup. It will be saved in the root of the C:\ drive!
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Nov 9, 2019
Use Partitions Backup from the Play Store after you have upgraded, then you will have boot img to parch using Magisk! My bad, you have to be rooted with that app. You could though use MSM Download Tool in edl mode to read back and get the boot image with once MSM is connected, use F8 and password "OnePlus" then select from the list what to backup. It will be saved in the root of the C:\ drive!
I installed and tried it, but it does not work without root, it seems.


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Sep 21, 2014
OPPO Find X2 Pro
OnePlus 8T
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Nov 9, 2019
what? ok, I'm pretty sure I made a false impression of my problem. Rebel021's boot.img fixed my problem in the mean time, but since you tried to help I feel the urge to explain what was my problem:
I've been ignoring the update notification the recent days to deal with it on the weekend. Installing updates for me means deactivating/deinstalling all magisk modules but not magisk itself (had problems on my op5 without doing this), performing the update, patching boot.img from magisk and THEN reboot. To free up room for a backup of Signal messenger I deleted the file inside .OTA yesterday night. This morning I just pressed the red button of the update dialog without actually reading it thinking it would simply download the firmware for me to later install.
However the phone directly went to reboot. To my surprise the update must have been performed anyhow in the night and even though I didn't deinstall any magisk modules, the reboot was successful. Only problem I'm left with is that tasker and other stuff requiring root does not work anymore, which is why I want to modify boot.img of C64 and flash it to reactivate magisk. MSM tool would be my absolut last resort, even though I have backups in place. Since Rebel021 sent a boot.img of C64 which I was able to test, I'm good now. Thank you very much for your attempts to help me!
Yes! You made my day! Downloaded, copied to my OP9, modified it, flashed it, Magisk works --> happy me! :) Again: Thank you!


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Oct 27, 2011
OnePlus 9 Pro
I have the phone in a state of "suspension" (Red dots spin and after a while slow down further spinning).
How can I upload C.64 (full) LE2123 via adb-fastboot?
By some miracle, the phone got up. I think I pressed something during startup - all modules from Magisk are disabled.
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Sep 1, 2019
As OnePlus doesn't always provide download links for all of their OxygenOS ROMs & OTA update zips, we've created an index to put the links in one post so that they're easy to find.

Note: This is not a support thread for issues you may have with OxygenOS ROMs. If you need help installing or updating, feel free to ask here. If you have any other issues, please ask in another thread.

For the sake of simplicity, only signed flashable (full) zips are listed. These are recovery flashable zips of the full ROM that won't overwrite your data partition unless mentioned otherwise. They can be flashed via local update in Settings --> System --> System Updates or TWRP recovery.
Note that downgrading from Android 12 Developer Preview requires to sideload this APK first as per OnePlus' forum post.

Packages with build tag BA are intended for the following variant:
LE2123: EU

Packages with build tag DA are intended for the following variant:
LE2121: India

Global devices (LE2125) with build tag LE15AA zips use Google OTA servers, thereby making it impossible to capture full OTA zips under normal circumstances but Android major updates. However, should they be obtained or be posted on support website, they will be added.

Chinese units (LE2120) run ColorOS out of the box. @mlgmxyysd made a guide at to crossflash to OxygenOS.

LE2127 units are T-Mobile units running their own version of OxygenOS labelled LE5ACB and lack local update option in Settings --> System --> System Updates and are therefore not supported.

Signed flashable zips

LE15AA Global OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.O.05_GLO_0050_2103242259
MD5: 087fe702d43517615ba5a516d32577ad OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.O.07_GLO_0070_2104122250
MD5: 8516d14db37542327082bad18422988e OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.O.10_GLO_0100_2105290053
MD5: 65717702634c07c7e3aaf80cc0a955a1 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.O.11_GLO_0110_2107082120
MD5: e5ff357d2751ce530be34f3cd8e082ef OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.O.12_GLO_0120_2109102019
MD5: 005a06f3fe9eec945566695d6889e4c7 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.O.13_GLO_0130_2111112104
MD5: 2d832840fc5530fd1108aab656366664

LE2125_11_C.36: LE2125_11.C.36_1360_202111240056
MD5: 42d6dc13e6207b8ecd7b528626eb3093

LE2125_11_C.44: LE2125_11.C.44_1440_202201182114
MD5: 6377ff7ddcf91c34e007f8a92bd75fca

LE2125_11_C.47: LE2125_11.C.47_1470_202203102119
MD5: 48844beb9f5f2bad3ec5f3ad106ada1e

LE2125_11_C.48: LE2125_11.C.48_1480_202204082113
MD5: 5679fa3af293b7fcd2832a9e680df6bb

LE15BA Europe (210307, does not pass SafetyNet): OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.02_GLO_0020_2103072031
MD5: 17be4e972c80f600a46e4cbf3461d4f4 (210310): OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.04_GLO_0040_2103100111
MD5: 09b3056d78f6173478f0bd6364265ad6 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.05_GLO_0050_2103242250
MD5: 396695c413adab6e1107be947396cbe7 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.06_GLO_0060_2104020504
MD5: a9e028a3ce8316615a8de8cf12ec65c5 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.07_GLO_0070_2104131519
MD5: 62bbbb4a589b984bbdbd50e9cf463cd5 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.08_GLO_0080_2105011323
MD5: f115fef643ab68d51498a155f065d98c OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.09_GLO_0090_2105252227
MD5: db2149950eff5dee57ce2c0eb6d32753 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.10_GLO_0100_2106092126
MD5: ca1c55659fcb17c34c94e200b5e788f2 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.11_GLO_0110_2107082125
MD5: 90d815b7f55fec9f34ddb341be26347c OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.12_GLO_0120_2109102019
MD5: 5f3a3d0449c1206608b985a093bb6808 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.13_GLO_0130_2111112110
MD5: dff15aeeb0a26315d7b734e4773273a1

LE2123_11_C.38: LE2123_11.C.38_1380_202112010418
MD5: 178e5b308ae86f05a4bc41feaa70364f

LE2123_11_C.44: LE2123_11.C.44_1440_202201182111
MD5: 4c388ba3aab5a5e82151164d66007a2d

LE2123_11_C.47: LE2123_11.C.47_1470_202203102117
MD5: 92aab3f02597bf2a8d73128894b261f6

LE2123_11_C.62: LE2123_11.C.62_1620_202206251349
MD5: 1c66df96e4f5a61192dce302fe72d164

LE15DA India (210307, does not pass SafetyNet): OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.02_GLO_0020_2103072032
MD5: ea55c277b531cf097d2f71bcd5a97394 (210310): OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.04_GLO_0040_2103100107
MD5: 0f094bce4a943caba3a0e7382f3af82a OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.05_GLO_0050_2103242250
MD5: 34e724772eafe318d6e6bc029a74a558 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.06_GLO_0060_2104020508
MD5: 33b23bd83499b62a8abe61fc0ede6d8d OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.07_GLO_0070_2104122242
MD5: 723bcc518074e15aba448b354b78eafb OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.08_GLO_0080_2105011324
MD5: 0ca32b165903f8115b92d01ed3c67e73 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.09_GLO_0090_2105252229
MD5: 2018d74711108cf84aebb98fc84df795 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.10_GLO_0100_2105290054
MD5: e4d3cf62015c3e9d22a332c0fe2bff48 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.11_GLO_0110_2107082121
MD5: 62368ae1f660dca13c65f00828379b0c OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.12_GLO_0120_2109102020
MD5: ffd3fdf79fa8386dcfd4583bf8fb5248 OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.13_GLO_0130_2111112104
MD5: 09c31b70fc4e9fe534f31650d9f571e1

LE2121_11_C.36: LE2121_11.C.36_1360_202111240055
MD5: 54f9e5fc0015d9cb6675caa24c221a4c

LE2121_11_C.44: LE2121_11.C.44_1440_202201182112
MD5: b26855232939d225dd8472a03a5c8ae7

LE2121_11_C.47: LE2121_11.C.47_1470_202203102120
MD5: d31b0b0e65a4e9c8386b012c3f046051

LE2121_11_C.60: LE2121_11.C.60_1600_202205101821
MD5: 4e4148678260e33d862d93cff8143eee

LE2121_11_C.62: LE2121_11.C.62_1620_202206251345
MD5: 55587c67c111d5512d35a1c8b80050e7

LE2121_11_C.63: LE2121_11.C.63_1630_202208122014
MD5: 774ae3382ce6bf513793b9b89e403965

Signed flashable zips (Open Beta)

Global Open Beta

Open Beta 1: LE2125_11.C.23_1230_202110040031
MD5: 4f2865e6844498a2b7c47ea0742be836

Open Beta 2: Unfortunately full zip has never been released by OnePlus.

Indian Open Beta

Open Beta 1: LE2121_11.C.23_1230_202110040036
MD5: 9b23d8e51fa9bcdc0fba9e2febfb1199

Open Beta 2: Unfortunately full zip has never been released by OnePlus.

Android S Developer Previews

DP1 (for all regions, will wipe your data): LE2120_11.C.02_1020_202105190009
Warning: bricks devices without an unlocked bootloader
MD5: 05d963bbc7b0d9163de39f702e2d91d5

DP1 Hotfix (for all regions, will wipe your data, original build got stuck during Factory Reset Protection check): LE2120_11.C.02_1020_202106021409
MD5: da7d10289b2152bd86a6e8768f8d13aa

DP2 (for Global, can be flashed on EU too, more information here): LE2125_11.C.09_1090_202109190136
MD5: 94dbe3f887ea780246dd155f9c640001

DP2 (for India): LE2121_11.C.09_1090_202109190135
MD5: aa8e5f236f7f2cf2a774420767a6c66c

Downgrade zips (will wipe your data)

LE15AA Global OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.O.08_GLO_0080_2105011321
MD5: 3b6d1ec374b1da77af532c2e47180c1f OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.O.11_GLO_0110_2107082120
MD5: 099b80b558653975a426260106d33569

LE15BA Europe OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.08_GLO_0080_2105011323
MD5: e163c30fc80c46b01b5e15f262986a7c OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.E.11_GLO_0110_2107082125
MD5: b9f247f4ee7978cf0247d1f66049b7d9
LE15DA India
[OCULTAR] OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.08_GLO_0080_2105011324
MD5: cf0d6a1534df16df876eae77684182b7 (debe agregar la extensión .zip manualmente después de descargar el archivo): OnePlus9ProOxygen_22.I.11_GLO_0110_2107082121
MD5: 8c8803ba3b6ce0c877ea894956cd1922

Hola entonces los LE2127 no pueden hacer nada por ser de TMobile o hay solución para eso gracias de ante mano y saludos desde cuba.gracias


Oct 19, 2019
OnePlus 9 Pro LE2123 Android 12.1 C64

Friends, help me.

For over a year, after switching to Adroid 12, only problems. I already wrote about it on the OnePlus forum, but as a rule there are only mocks that I can't use my phone to reset, clear the cache, etc. It doesn't help.

On the phone not working:

1. The photo has no latitude and longitude. There is only the name of the street (and the wrong one, the
neighboring one).
There is no Google Minimap as before.
2. The Task Manager does not close all open applications. There is always one left. And this is extremely
3. In a private safe, the photos do not rotate horizontally.

4. Step counter counts steps. There are no kilometers under the step counter.

5. When touched, the phone does not show the current time. You have to tap 2x hard for it to display the time.

6. The notification sound of SMS, washing machine, dryer, coffee machine is the same.
This is pathetic and abnormal!
I tried by all means to assign the sounds in A12. I have not found a way.

Is there any way to fix this?

I don't want to go back in development and go back to Android 11.

My hardware complies with what is written on the box. I bought it in an authorized store. Including IMEI, RAM, ROM, S / N, etc. My Android version is also correct from the factory state, for EU, Model LE2123, 12GB RAM, 256GB ROM. The system is installed on the correct partition. Boot loader has never been unlocked. I didn't make any modifications. I went back to factory 3 days ago using MsmDownloadTool V4.0 lemonadep_22_E.05_210324. Subsequent updates (via OTA) continued until C.47. From then on, the aforementioned functions stopped working properly.

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