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Dec 11, 2010
With the last sentence you mean:
a) fastboot boot patched_boot.img
b) in magisk install

So it worked while booting the patched file (after a) and did not work after b) ?

That is strange...
I got a bootloop after fastboot boot patched_boot.img, im trying on IN2111F.16 with a IN2111F.16 full rom dumped boot file


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Oct 15, 2011
OnePlus 8
hi guys,
recently I finally flashed my TMO L2117 phone from stock TMO into global ROM LE2115_11_C.48, everything is fine, VoLTE and 5G are working, the only thing I want more is to enable dual-sim on this device.
On Global ROM C.48 it sees only one sim-slot and shows only one IMEI. Is there any way to enable dual-sim?
Could you please suggest which ROM from this thread should I flash? Thanks.


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Dec 11, 2010
I don't want to mess it up... can you write me all the steps?
It's been a long only updating rom with full ota + magisk in inactive slot.

Did you solve your problem?

1- You must have a terminal who recognize your android device
2- Enter adb wait-for-device shell magisk --remove-modules
3- Restart your phone... and voilá

That must probably would end your bootloops if you have problem with magisk modules as I have with "hide my applist" now its not a magisk module anymore. If that not work and you fastboot boot stock.img your problem is other thing
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