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General OnePlus 9R Oxygen OS India MsmDownloadTool

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New member
Jun 13, 2021
OnePlus 9R
I face a unknown damn problem by using the tool which was provided in this thread.

My condition:
1. 9R with colour os LE2100_11_A.08, unlock bootloader also.

2. No Qualcomm driver and plug in the USB that show the QHSUSB_BULK, then I select the folder which named QHSUSB_BULK and install = Recognised
Or install Qualcomm 9008 driver first which is located in the folder= Recognised

3. OnePlus and Qualcomm's driver had been checked install and launch MsmDownloadTool V4.0 = Launched without errors

4. My 9R is 8gb ram + 128gb rom so I choosed the ddr4 with target India. Then vol up/down + plug in the 2.0 USB slot.

5. Every 18s ****in stop by itself and show { Sahara Communication Failed, please try again after power off phone (FH:258)..........

Try the different USB cable, USB slot, laptops, desktops...... nothing changes.

I had been flashing a variety of phones that never met this issue before... really annoying.

Please help, thx
Hey Buddy, I just found the solution of this. When you launch the MSM tool that just set up [ Other > India ] without Manual choose DDR, coz this option is the key point of facing fail issue.

Carson Cheung

Feb 28, 2015
Hong Kong
Oxygen OS Repack ZIP by MlgmXyysd

Size: 3.30GB (3539823710)
MD5: a56f6469ecb080639c64313f5320b831
TeraBox (Password: dmxv)
BaiduNetdisk (Password: 0000)
Changelog: https://t.me/s/OnePlusOTA/120

Source: https://t.me/s/OnePlusRes/9
I just got my China version OnePlus 9R running ColorOS 11.2, and I found that there's no local package update option under Software Update. Therefore I tried to flash it using MsmDownloadTool.

I followed every steps, but once I clicked the Start button, after loading for around 10s, it shows "Param Preload failed". I've tried serval times but still no way to get through this error message.

I really need some help on this one, does anyone know how to solve it problem?

Thanks a lot!

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