OnePlus AOD DoubleTap Mod


Feb 6, 2008
Short description:
Double tap on AOD screen to open lock screen

This app adds the ability to double tap on AOD screen to open lock screen, where you can view notification text and remove them with a swipe without unlocking the screen.
This app was made exclusively for the OnePlus 7th model and was tested on it, but should work on OnePlus 6 / 6T, 7 / 7T, 7 Pro / 7T Pro models and possibly on other devices with Amoled screens. This app is not tied to this brand of device.

1). Activate application "OnePlus AOD DoubleTap Mod"
Settings -> System -> Accessibility -> OnePlus AOD DoubleTap Mod
2). Enable option "Tap the screen to show"
Settings -> Display -> Ambient display -> Tap the screen to show

How it works:
On the off screen, one tap turns on AOD screen, on AOD screen using this app, double tap opens the lock screen.
Double tap of this app works only on AOD screen! This screen is not completely off, it is a screen with a black background on which the clock and notification icons.

Source code:

This app is now moved here:

PS: Sorry for my english.
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