OnePlus Launcher with google feeds enabled

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Mar 18, 2013


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May 11, 2007
OnePlus 7T
You have made me a happy person thank you [emoji1787] for building this.. Fails to install on my device any prerequisites before installing?
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Oct 30, 2007
Make sure to uninstall any updates for one plus launcher from play store and turn off the auto updates. Then long press one homescreen and go to settings.....left most screen.
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May 11, 2007
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Using a dark theme causes this abnormal look on hold down menus and the settings screen. Other than that it's working awesome thanks again. Screenshot_20191105-123426.jpgScreenshot_20191105-123441.jpg

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Feb 1, 2007
So am I missing something but I already have the google now feed on the left most screen on my 7t. am I confused that this isnt the google feed but looks like it?


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Jun 24, 2013
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    Hey, guys, I just wanted to share my launcher apk mod which I made yesterday by referring to this post. I have used the latest available apk for this

    Steps :
    -> Download the attached zip and flash it with magisk.
    @DanGLES3 is the hero you need. We were poking around in the launcher smali, and he figured out google left is tied to a prop.mod

    This will activate google left, DT2S works as it should, and no real side effects (you may notice some stuff missing in the about phone section, but it appears cosmetic, or it may be just me)

    I've made a magisk mod to simplify it. Just uninstall anything related to making left work, update to the latest OOS launcher in the playstore, flash the mod and reboot.
    I also just updated to v4.4.2 and the module doesn't work anymore. Please make a new one asap.

    Thanks in advanced! ?

    This is the reason why I stopped sharing my stuff at XDA. It didn't used to be like this people used to have respect for others work and wanted to contributed to making a better product not demanding a better product . More and more developers are leaving the XDA community because of this.
    Ive updated the template to the latest MMT-EX. This should work on 20.2 going forward. This is build.

    Here is the link for the stock version of

    If your having problems with DT2S, it still doesnt work, dont complain about it. I still cant figure it out. If you uninstall the mod and reboot, theres a high probability that you will get %1%& force close upon reboot. To remedy this, before you uninstall, get a copy of the stock launcher from above, uninstall, when the force close happens, click app info window, then search for solid explorer, file manager, or whatever your file browser is of choice on your device. When the icon appears, tap it, and click open, then browse to the stock launcher and install it. If you immediately uninstall the stock launcher, and force close the %1%& or net.whatever the launcher is named in the app menu, you will end up on 4.0.2 launcher, and you will be able to go back and forth with ease.

    So yes, i do know theres a 4.2.1 launcher, theres alot more going on in the featureflag.smali than before, when i make the mod to enable google left, i end up with the launcher acting as though its very narrow. So i need to figure that out.