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OnePlus Nord N100 [BE2015]

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New member
Jun 17, 2021
Good afternoon friends

I need help, I need to unlock the bootloader of my device.

but I get the following error.


New member
Mar 3, 2021
this system try not work oem bootloader hidden please help onther way?

1.) ADB access must be enabled
-Tap build number 7 times until Developer Options are enabled

2.) Enable USB Debugging
-For PC-less enable Wireless Debugging

Optional if PC-less

3.) Go to Play Store or F-Droid and download Shizuku
4.) Tap Shizuku in Terminal Apps and configure the shizuku file reflect the terminal package is "com.termux" and Start Shizuku
5.) Navigate to where the shizuku and shizuku.dex files are andn enter

cat shizuku > $PREFIX/bin/shizuku && chmod 755 $PREFIX/bin/shizuku
cat shizuku.dex > $PREFIX/bin/shizuku.dex && chmod 755 $PREFIX/bin/shizuku.dex && shizuku sh

TADA Now you have an ADB Shell locally on your OnePlus. One last command to enter.

settings put secure device_provisioned 0

Either nothing is returned or one word 'Success'is the only way to confirm the command was executed properly.

If with computer :

adb shell settings put secure device_provisioned 0

Congratulations your phone is now Network Unlocked. But wait, there's more to this groundbreaking method.

To enable OEM Unlocking in the Developers Menu this is where things get chipote-cray

In your terminal (termux, bash) enter this command

MOD EDIT: Link removed

Enter accordingly to onscreen prompts and then exit the script.

For finalization of effects Enter

adb reboot-bootloader

Toggle for the Start option.

Go to Network and Sim and there is confirmation that the Network Unlock is persistent. Go to Developer Options and viola, the Enable OEM Unlock button is enabled again. This is also persistent. Make sure to leave enabled in case of accidental/intentional factory reset. Good job everyone.

To get unlock code for the OnePlus.com/unlock_token form Enter
adb reboot-bootloader && fastboot oem get_unlock_code

0day from Jay 🥳🥳🥳🥳. This isn't cosmetic, this directly impact's the kernel and is thus persistent.

Support for this is located

MOD EDIT: Link removed