OnePlus Pushing Out Fake Oreo Builds

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Jun 5, 2010
Anyone read about this?

A couple of Chinese developers found that one plus was still using a branch of 7.1.1HAL/firmware in Oreo OOS update. Users are complaining in the Chinese OP community. Peter Lau retorted: "What exactly is the core of Android 8.0?"

Update: Oneplus disabled Reply function(yes, the reply function) altogether in the Chinese Oneplus community! How about that. The company is seriously ****ED UP. I'm speechless.


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Sep 28, 2012
I'm glad I waited. Seems like there are a lot of shortcuts behind the scenes in the software. This and the missing crypto libraries for HD YouTube etc.


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May 8, 2012
I don't get it? They did say they weren't going with treble, so why would the firmware change much between N and O?
I'm not defending them in any way, I just want to know why this is bad?


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Oct 4, 2010
Yes it's a shame. Also they refuse to include treble. Im so dissapointed. Devs will have to do much more work :(

To be fair, the process to add treble when updating from 7 to 8 seems to be quite difficult. Good chance that making the update smooth for end users was too hard.
That said... they could have just shipped it with 8.0, but again, to be fair it was probably too tight of a timeline to get it ready vs just tweaking the oneplus5 7.0 build to work on the 5t.

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    A lot of code of N still works in O so I dont know what the problem is.
    I bought a Pixel with What supposed to be the real Oreo, but there was no creme filling. Fake!
    Hey, at least you can unlock the bootloader with this phone! Can't say that with Samsung...Samsung has probably the best phone on the market and most complete features/performance....yet all you can do is Root V1 firmware, no bootloader ever.

    Since treble is major change and update...not sure how/why people think it is a fake build...maybe underlying is until they can possibly get an Oreo build in place, and who knows whether it will get Treble. Seems like a major rework of the manufacturers OS/interfaces that overlay on top of Android...can't be an easy solution unless you have Samsung, Google, HTC money and devs at your disposal to work on this stuff for 6 months and thousands of man hours...trying to run a business here people!!!

    If you want your OnePlus phone to cost $900+ like Apple, Samsung, Huawei yada yada...I'm sure they would be glad to hire another 50 Devs to work on the problem for you!!!
    Yes it's a shame. Also they refuse to include treble. Im so dissapointed. Devs will have to do much more work :(
    Same here, I really don't See the problem
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