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OnePlus RMA Replacement...Reconditioned, or new?

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Senior Member
Oct 6, 2011
West Lafayette
OnePlus 7 Pro
I got my 7T yesterday and I have to send it in for RMA replacement because the fingerprint hardware is not functioning. The alert slider also does not work properly. Sometimes it changes the mode, sometimes it doesn't. It is straight up broke...

Anyways, does anyone know if they will send me a new phone as a replacement, or a reconditioned one? The warranty policy has info on sending reconditioned devices. The LAST thing I want is a reconditioned phone for the same price as a brand new phone (I'm not sure how I would be able to determine if it was reconditioned). I'm very tempted to just return it and wait for them to come back in stock and place a new order. Any thoughts?

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    If YOU want to control what you're getting I'd return it. Otherwise you're up to what THEY can send you.