[OneUI 4.0 Beta] [Now Rolling Out!!] Galaxy S20/+/Ultra Beta Thread, Update.zip files.

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Jan 26, 2019
Samsung Galaxy S20
It have ir via o2u official firmware


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Sep 16, 2010
If my device is XTC and I installed DBT, what official update will I receive? XTC or DBT?
CSC will remain XTC, but the new software update will be installed, the one which is for DBT. U can't change csc even if u do not select Home CSC . Its embedded in the bios of ur phone. To change it is complicated u can find on Google on xda but i wouldn't break my head over it.

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    Update.zip Files:

    S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G988B):

    Beta 1 DUJ5->ZUK1 (Huge thanks to @LeeXDA18)!
    Beta 2 ZUK1->ZUKA (Thanks to @LeeXDA18)!

    S20+ 5G (SM-G986B):
    Beta 1 DUJ5->ZUK1 (Thanks to @mefistos)!
    Beta 2 ZUK1->ZUKA (Thanks to @mefistos)!

    S20+ LTE (SM-G985F):
    Beta 1 DUJ5->ZUK1 (Thanks to @corsicanu)!
    Beta 2 (UK) ZUK1->ZUKA (Thanks to @corsicanu)!
    Beta 2 (India) ZUK1->ZUKA (Thanks to @evil22)!
    Final Build ZUKA->EUL6 (Thanks to @evil22)!

    S20 5G (SM-G981B):
    Beta 1 DUJ5->ZUK1 (Thanks to @LeeXDA18)!
    Beta 2 ZUK1->ZUKA (Thanks to @LeeXDA18)!

    S20 LTE (SM-G980F):
    Beta 1 DUJ5->ZUK1 (Thanks to reddit user @adityadbz)!
    Beta 2 ZUK1->ZUKA (Thanks to @adityadbz)!
    Final Build ZUKA->EUL6 (Thanks to @adityadbz)!

    (US Version):
    S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G988U1):

    Beta 1 DUJ7->ZUK7 (Thanks to @dinopeyton)!
    Beta 2 ZUK7->ZUKB (Thanks to @dinopeyton)!
    Beta 3 ZUKB->ZUL1 (Thanks to @dinopeyton)!

    S20+ 5G (SM-G986U1):
    Beta 1 DUJ7->ZUK7 (Thanks to @iHateCrapple)
    Beta 2 ZUK7->ZUKB (Thanks to @iHateCrapple)!
    Beta 3 ZUKB->ZUL1 (Thanks to @iHateCrapple)!

    S20 5G (SM-G981U1): Not Available.

    (Korean Version):
    S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G988N):

    Beta 1 EUI4->ZUK6 (Thanks to @3arthur6)!
    Beta 2 ZUK6->ZUKC (Thanks to @3arthur6 and @zwenchao_1989)!
    Beta 3 ZUKC->ZUL2 (Thanks to @zwenchao_1989)!
    Final Build ZUL2->FUL9 (Thanks to @3arthur6)!

    S20+ 5G (SM-G986N):
    Beta 1 EUI4->ZUK6 (Thanks to @zwenchao_1989)!
    Beta 2 ZUK6->ZUKC (Thanks to @zwenchao_1989)!
    Beta 3 ZUKC->ZUL2 (Thanks to @zwenchao_1989)!

    S20 5G (SM-G981N):
    Beta 1 EUI4->ZUK6 ( Thanks to @zwenchao_1989)!
    Beta 2 ZUK6->ZUKC (Thanks to @zwenchao_1989)!
    Beta 3 ZUKC->ZUL2 (Thanks to @zwenchao_1989)!

    Samsung Galaxy S20 series OneUI 4.0 Android 12 Beta Thread.

    The beta program has now started in the UK, India, The US and Korea

    As of 23rd of November:
    [Beta 2 is now rolling out in the UK!]

    Always check post #2 to see the latest update.zip links when available.

    This thread will be for sharing tips and help and update.zip/.bin files (when/if available) for the OneUI 4.0 Android 12 Beta for the Galaxy S20 series (Unlocked/Exynos-Snapdragon)

    Eligible models:


    -Galaxy S20 (SM-G980F)
    -Galaxy S20 5G (SM-G981B)
    -Galaxy S20+ (SM-G985F)
    -Galaxy S20+ 5G (SM-G986B)
    -Galaxy S20 Ultra LTE/5G (SM-G988B)



    -Galaxy S20 5G (SM-G981U1)
    -Galaxy S20+ 5G (SM-G986U1)
    -Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G988U1)

    -Galaxy S20 5G (SM-G981N)
    -Galaxy S20+ 5G (SM-G986N)
    -Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (SM-G988N)

    Installation Methods:


    1. Download SDK platform tools https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools
    2. Extract the file in your desktop.
    3. Inside the extracted folder, put the update.zip file you downloaded.
    4. Inside this folder, holding left shift, do a right click with the mouse and select "open command prompt here", The command prompt will open.
    5. Shutdown your phone and connect it to your pc with an original cable
    6. Holding power and volume up buttons, enter into recovery mode.
    7. Select "update via ADB". (scroll down using the volume buttons and select using the power button).
    8. Connect the phone to a PC using an original samsung USB cable.
    9. In the command prompt run the following command:
    ./adb devices
    10. Wait to see that the daemon has started and that your device is found.
    11. If you device is found, run the following command:
    ./adb sideload update.zip

    SD-card method:

    1. Download the bin file and rename it to update.zip (by going to file options on your pc you can select to view the file extensions. This makes the renaming process much easier and safer, and avoids renaming the file to update.zip.zip)
    2. Copy it to the root directory of your SDcard.
    3. Shut down your phone.
    4. Connect any USB device to your device, AKG earphones could work, then press Power+volume up buttons to get into recovery mode.
    5. Using your volume keys navigate to "update via sdcard" and press power button to select it.
    6. Again using volume keys navigate to the file "update.zip" and press power button to select it.
    7. Update will start. Leave it till it completes installing. It will take some time.
    8. Phone will reboot by itself and load android.

    The update process will start. You will see a percentage counting. First it will verify, then patch etc. Do not move the cable, disconnect the phone or power off the PC.
    Once the process is completed (it takes some time) the phone will boot itself, update the apps and log into your home screen.

    There are two methods that you can use to get into recovery mode:

    Method 1
    1. Connect your phone to your PC (Make sure USB debugging is on).
    2. Using ADB, enter the command ./adb reboot recovery
    3. Wait a little and you should be in recovery mode.

    Method 2:
    1. Power off your device
    2. Connect your device to a PC or connect the AKG earphones.
    3. Hold down Power+VolumeUp buttons and keep pressing them until you enter recovery mode.

    How to capture the update.bin file to share with other people:
    1. Download HTTP canary app from playstore
    2. Open HTTP Canary app
    3. Leave the app and go to the settings and Start the software update in settings by pressing "download" and don't pause it
    4. Go back to canary app and start it by pressing the little circle at the bottom right, and it will grab the link for you
    5. Copy the link and post it here if you wish.

    This will not trip knox if done by the methods above

    Don't install a beta unless you are fully aware what you are going into.

    Don't install the beta if you want your phone to be stable, IT'S a BETA.

    It's recommended to make a backup of your data before updating to the Android 12 Beta.

    Important Notes:
    -Rename the .bin file to update.zip in order to be able to flash it from recovery.

    -A common mistake done by some people is that they see the file named update while its a WinRAR.zip file already, then they add another .zip making the name of the file update.zip.zip which will not be flashed successfully, So make sure you do it right.

    -Updating to the beta is AT YOUR RISK, No one is responsible if anything goes wrong.

    You will not receive OTAs again UNTIL you are on a firmware that gets released later for your original CSC, thats most likely not happening before the BETA is over.

    Small note:

    My Galaxy S20 Ultra isn't from a country that has a beta program, I manually changed the CSC to DBT, that makes me receive DBT OTA Updates but participating in the beta in the past years, needed a sim card from the country of your CSC, Meaning i need a german SIM to be able to participate, so sadly i will not be able to pull the update.zip file unfortunately, But i will try my BEST to keep the thread updated with the latest beta update.zip file (If/when someone pulls it)
    I'm going to clean up this thread. See rule 2.1 :
    2.1 Language: XDA is a worldwide community. As a result, what may be OK to say in your part of the world, may not be OK elsewhere. Please don't direct profanity, sexually explicit language or other offensive content toward Members or their work. Conversely, while reading posts from other members, remember that the word you find offensive may not be offensive to the writer. Tolerance is a two-way street.
    Here's a quick sum up of useful info in the last 2 pages I cleaned (some post were very useful, too bad they were mixte with profanity):
    BTU is not a sim, it's a region (for unbranded/unlocked/sim free devices). It's the CSC code for phones sell directly from samsung, and it gets updated first. (source)

    2 types of certifications:
    Hardware integrity​
    Software integrity​
    Software integrity : requires a build with registered fingerprints in Google's servers to pass it (and apparently the Korean beta build is there). The corresponding indicator is the "CTS profile match".
    Hardware Integrity : device specific. If you have a locked bootloader, it will pass in any case on official firmware. If not, you can pass it with some workarounds. The most common for modern phones which use hardware-backed verification is from Kdragon, which is very well explained in its github page. The corresponding indicator is the "Basic integrity".

    Is this build certified?
    Yes it is. Software integrity passes (at least) in the Korean version, user @3arthur6 confirms it with screenshots of YASNAC. (Dunno for other regions)
    Hardware verification: not clear cut. Though, in this situation, user @3arthur6 spoofed this verification with root to make his device pass the "Basic integrity" verification. (included in the YASNAC screenshot).
    Google Play certification: also passed (screenshot by @3arthur6)

    Does GPay work?
    User @3arthur6 did not have GPay working on his device, even though it's certified (because he's rooted), but asserts that GPay works in the Korean beta.
    @dr.ketan managed to have GPay working on his N20 with spoofing.

    This discussion can go on from that point, but please refrain from any rudeness/profanity/etc. This post is just a summary, it's not a definitive answer, so the discussion is still open on wether certifications work or not.
    Also, if your situation doesn't correspond to what I described here (e.g. you don't pass CTS or Google Play certification) feel free to post, as long as your post doesn't break any rule.
    Anyway, keep it civil, and hopefully everyone will get his answer.

    You guys! I found my old Lycamobile simcard I used for previous beta registration, gave it a try and I think I have something for you!

    The Missing Link:
    S20+ 5G
    - DUJ5 -> ZUK1 (BTU)

    Don't worry guys, I got you!

    G986B - ZUK1 -> ZUKA

    http://fota-secure-dn.ospserver.net:80/firmware/BTU/SM-G986B/nspx/10abb9c5220e448f9fc5efff6748fb2c.bin?px-time=61ec42a3&px-hash=bc44fd2ac59d8114eac7761ef98957ee&px-wid=1775009-WSA211123174506&px-wctime=2021-11-23 17:45:06&px-unum=&px-nb=UGtezEZ854jbmFcvWGxLEA==

    Edit: I sure hope this one fixes the app crashes, cause my Outlook and Google apps are crashing like crazy with this beta :/
    Edit2: Not sure if its a new thing, but "Optimizing apps" is now in % instead of number of apps. Apps are still crashing and GPay still not working. I'll see you guys when the next update is released, hopefully it'll be better than this one :)
    Edit3: After iinstalling update to Outlook and reinstalling Google Maps all apps are now ok! Just GPay is missing from total happiness :)