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How To Guide [OneUi 4.0 Public Beta] Download and install in here! [Exynos)

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To even think that German S21 and S21+ users can simply enroll, prepare the fone, start the update, grab the links and cancel the update without installing it is a thing and yet this process is taking forever? I am perplexed. I used to think moderators make these efforts to keep the forum alive and active. This experience of seemingly having to wait for UK and other country Betas is sadly draining my reliability for XDA.
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Aug 6, 2008
Los Angeles
Anyone on T-Mobile US who flashed UI 4 have successfully using esim? I was able to activate esim but it was not usable. I can see cross on that sim tower . Also it was not giving me an option for call , which sim to select. I chatted with T-Mobile and they says its not usable right now with Beta. Once they will full release it work. Not sure how genuine that statement is? Anyone please.


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Is anyone else facing a huge battery drain?
Have a g998b on beta one.
The phone is not my daily.
It just lay around the entire day yesterday
And I picked it up this morning to see that the battery was empty.

Gsam was not installed until now.
Below are the screenshots from the battery section.
The phone is plug and play. No root no further customisation. Battery mode is optimised.

I will check it again. like this it's unusable. People could miss their alarms


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