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How To Guide [OneUi 4.0 Public Beta] Download and install in here! [Exynos)

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Aug 9, 2020
Today One Ui 4 testing has started in 7 countries:

- South Korea
- US
- UK,
- China
- India
- Germany
- Poland

How to install:
1: Open the Samsung Members app and select the pilot program banner
2: Download and install the software once you have registered as a beta user
3: just experience it

OTA file for update
Galaxy S21 G991B
Beta 1: Click here to download (thanks to r/GalaxyS21 on Reddit)

Galaxy S21 Plus G996B
Beta 1: Coming soon

Galaxy S21 Ultra G998B
Beta 1: AUHD -> ZUIC Click here to download ( thanks @gashishpetim )

I need the OTA file to update on my phone (Version G99xB), if anyone has it please give me the link. Thanks you.
Updated OTA file for Galaxy S21. Make sure your device is installing the AUHD version before installing the file
Wow thanks i was waiting for it since the beta started not so many users of the G991B
Did you get it yourself? If so will you keep sending the links as the beta update?
Yes, i will stay on unrooted beta for next updates, when is available beta 2 i will share download link again.


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Jun 11, 2012
United Kingdom
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Anyone having issue with wallpaper randomly blurring, it's happening multiple times.


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Dec 19, 2006
Cape Town
In my case, after installing the beta in my S21, my Galaxy Watch 4 stopped silencing the notifications in the phone while wearing it. Anyone has the same issue? I reinstalled the Galaxy Wearable APP and restored the Watch so I guess that it is an issue with the beta
Yes... Also have this on my watch 3. I toggled the notification settings in the wear app off / on. Rebooted both phone and watch and my notifs returned... I do see now and then there is a delay or so... But still testing
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