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How To Guide [OneUi 4.0 Public Beta] Download and install in here! [Exynos)

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This is why beta 3 was delayed until today!!
The Korean update had some serious bugs.


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Nov 25, 2016
I was just gonna say the same thing, but I'm happy out


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StepBrObiwan Kenobi

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Aug 10, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Today One Ui 4 testing has started in 7 countries:

- South Korea
- US
- UK,
- China
- India
- Germany
- Poland

How to install:
1: Open the Samsung Members app and select the pilot program banner
2: Download and install the software once you have registered as a beta user
3: just experience it

OTA file for update
Galaxy S21 G991B
Beta 1: AUHD -> ZUIC Click here to download (thanks to r/GalaxyS21 on Reddit)
Beta 2: ZUIC -> ZUJ1 Click here to download ( thank to @vlubosh )
Beta 3: ZUJ1 -> ZUJG Click here to download

Galaxy S21 Plus G996B
Beta 1: Coming soon

Galaxy S21 Ultra G998B
Beta 1: AUHD -> ZUIC Click here to download
Beta 2: ZUIC -> ZUJ1 Click here to download ( thanks @gashishpetim )
Beta 3: ZUJ1 -> ZUJG Click here to download
Update One Ui 4 beta from October security (Beta 2)
Galaxy S21 AUIE --> ZUJ1 (thanks to Adam1906KSC)
Galaxy S21+ AUIE --> ZUJ1 (thanks to Hedrush)
Galaxy S21U AUIE --> ZUJ1 (thanks to Hedrush)

I need the OTA file to update on my phone (Version G99xB), if anyone has it please give me the link. Thanks you.
Have loaded up beta 3. I can vouch there is a noticeable difference in stability.


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Nov 9, 2018
I'm really happy with this beta (so far), i rolled back from beta 2 to stable last week because it was just really laggy and i had battery issues even after wiping cache and doing a full reset. Every problem i had seems to have been solved with beta 3 (idk about the battery yet but i'm optimistic)
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