OneUI 5.1 for Exynos Galaxy S10 series

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Dec 23, 2011
Banking apps may detect you running an unofficial ROM, not all apps though. You don't have to root if you don't want to, rooting would fail safetynet check and would prevent you from using banking apps anyways
I have rooted this ROM with Magisk, and I can use banking app, but with some actions in Magisk.
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Apr 1, 2020
ellerine sağlık s10e de bir sorun yaşamadım çok iyiydi ama yüz tanıma ve bildirim paneli ne zaman düzelebilir?


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Oct 2, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Tab E
Hello,solved for me thank you .


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Oct 29, 2019
Here is something unexpected, ive been working on this off and on for past month or so, and its finally ready for public light
Note10/10+/10+ 5g builds are coming later this month as my note had some hardware damage i need to repair first

==> we can wait for Note 10 seri, tks all


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Sep 26, 2020
S10e: Great port overall, good performance for the day 1 , set dpi to 399 at initial setup, just miss some CSC features for now hopefully next updates will include customisable CSC. Everything else just works fine
*Needs debloating to conserve battery.
so far, i havent noticed anything different about the battery on my S10e compared to other roms even though it's around 80% capacity.
so far, i havent noticed anything different about the battery on my S10e compared to other roms even though it's around 80% capacity.
So i was using beyondrom and it definitely had a better battery maybe due to all those customisations and kernel, regardless it's a great port and will improve with next updates , cheers
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Aug 18, 2010
Hello guys I noticed that I don't have call recording option in settings is that happened just for me or you don't have it too of course my phone s10+

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    Is this rom abandoned?
    ivan is planning for a rebase of latest 988B update including all goodies the update brings, no ETA to be asked for

    tho some fixes been done like dolby, wifi direct, smart view and wireless dex too for now now and much more coming soon :p
    Good afternoon, tell me how to replace the main screen of samsung free media with other google news or what others??? I am very grateful for the firmware of a very high-quality rom, thank you very much.
    to system/etc/floating feature_xml (root needed).
    today i switched back to this rom thinking that the bluetooth issue had been fixed(lost pairings after reboot) but it didn't. I followed all the steps even installed the patcher(magisk version) still i lose pairings after reboots please help me fix it ;( . except that the rom is just so smoooooth!!!!
    BluetoothLibraryPatcher magisk seems to not work so I flashed this one with TWRP and it works.
    I think i think ivan will not update one ui5.1 soon because he is waiting for some paypall funding and besides he has no time because he has his own life
    Is this rom abandoned?
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    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Korean variants are not supported at the moment due to ridiculously small product partition I'm looking for a best workaround for this, if you use pit from international variant you will be able to flash rom however

    So here is something unexpected, ive been working on this off and on for past month or so, and its finally ready for public light
    Note10/10+/10+ 5g builds are coming later this month as my note had some hardware damage i need to repair first

    Rom has been tested on S10+ and S10 but s10e and s10 5g variants should work too, appropriate changes for their support are in rom

    For developers: please do not use this as a base or reuse any parts of it for now, Im documenting all changes needed to get Oneui5 running on 10 series
    and ill post documentation once i find a bit more time to clean it up

    - I used phone as daily for a week and havent ran into issues not that are not listed bellow
    If you find non mentioned bugs report them with proper logs

    Not Working
    - Face Unlock (Samsung changed how this works completely, not highest priority for now)
    - camera cutout is messed up in 1080p but fine in other modes, will look into it asap
    - Heart Rate Monitor (No curently supported model has it so ill look into reimplementing it)
    - There are non working settings like high refresh rate left in settings, i didnt feel like hacking up frameworks and apks yet

    Also do not post bug reports for known issues or bug reports without proper
    a) Logcat
    b) /proc/last_kmsg (or proc/kmsg)
    c) /data/tombstones
    d) dmesg
    e) /proc/avc_msg

    Google Drive
    MD5: e02085755aeaefdc02137ef05443fcb8

    Installation instructions:

    1. Flash latest stock rom, and flash official twrp on top of it
    2. Download appropriate updated TWRP image from TWRP recovery folder at mirror above
    3. Flash downloaded recovery image and reboot to recovery (this is important as official twrp on S10 doesnt support Zip64 yet)
    4. Wipe everything in TWRP, if needed format data but in most cases this shouldnt be needed
    5. Download rom zip and flash it in provided TWRP
    6. boot to system and set it up
    7. Flash magisk from recovery mode (magisk works from boot.img so no need to patch recovery or do anything special)
    8. In magisk flash appropriate safetynet fix provided in mirror where you got rom from
    9. Fllash magisk version of Bluetooth library patcher if you are having issues with wearables disconnecting after reboot

    Huge thanks to:
    @ananjaser1211 for general help and guidance
    @corsicanu for helping me out figure out few system bits and twrp source
    @Displax for his modified safetynet fix which turned out to work better than stable one at this moment

    if you want to support the project feel free to buy me some coffee

    BTC: 1Q823BsSbEKP62JFM7BjXiRCgF84qgcFST
    ETH(erc20): 0xc7272f851a692c679e85f18a62632c580ef3bdee
    Donations help cover the build server cost and since I do this in my free time, and also cover the coffee for time spent debugging stuff

    Feel free to join telegram group with early builds progress updates and some off topic stuff Join

    Based On Android 13/T

    - Fixed A2DP (bluetooth) audio
    - Fixed document scanner in camera app

    - Initial release

    Kernel source code:
    TWRP Kernel source:
    bluetooth audio has been fixed (both in call and for multimedia) so expect a new build or hotfix release in a few days.

    Ill also look into resolving few other issues that are higher up on priority list for next release
    build with bluetooth audio fix has been released, it also includes document scanner fix
    Other issues will be sorted in coming releases

    you can just install update from hotfix folder on mega/gdrive if you are on first build,
    or if you are installingfor the first time just flash main oneui zip without need for hotfix as its included
    Congratulations on this excellent project Ivan!