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Mar 29, 2023
because before the a13 firmware installed on my device was from India when I downgrade I downloaded the wrong firmware I mean it's not from india and it's still works lmao

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Jul 12, 2016
ok what do you want Stock firmware A11 A12 A13 and what gsi .., i will make CustomAP for you but only one time. no more request .
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Jul 12, 2016
A13 and LOS with gapps and magisk thanks in advance sir
Ok "lineage-20.0-20230324-UNOFFICIAL-arm64_bgN-vndklite"
Download: CustomAP heere;
Stock ROM: T225XXU1CWA2 Android 13
Recovery patch for FastbootD+Magisk 25.2 patched : 3in1.tar Download:
( i don't used Stock Rom Newest from this cause it can't downgrade anymore. )

Recommend: flash CustomAP with firmware first. reboot and setup.
flash 3in1.tar at AP slot later.

Note: i will delete uploaded files as soon as you had installed its.
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Mar 29, 2023
Ok "lineage-20.0-20230324-UNOFFICIAL-arm64_bgN-vndklite"
Stock ROM: T225XXU1CWA2 Android 13
Recovery patch for FastbootD+Magisk 25.2 patched : 3in1.tar
Waiting Upload file
( i don't used Stock Rom Newest from this cause it can't downgrade anymore. )
I see android 13 prevents us to rollback
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Mar 29, 2023
the last is T225XXU1CWA2 can downgrade.
I remember that firmware was the a13 firmware installed on my device before

ayways, so the steps I'll do is extract the stock files and put BL,CS,CSC then put custom AP on AP slot and 3 in 1 tar on usersata slot

then I'll download the gsi
and flash it using fastbood?

edit again: oof I get it thanks a lot


Mar 29, 2023
just last thing, if I'll flash the 3in1 tar on AP slot do I need to reflash also the other stock files?or just the 3in1 tar

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Jul 12, 2016
oh CustomAP flash with odin that enough.
why want fastbootd to flash. flash what?
you should read my tutorial again.

i gave you both CustomAp anfd 3in1.tar (fastbootD and boot-magiskpatch)
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Mar 29, 2023
yoow you didn't answer my last question,should I flash the 3in1 tar alone or with firmware?


Mar 29, 2023
yoooow thanks a lot gsi is successfully installed but after flashing the 3in1 tar there's still no magisk icon, I flashed it in AP slot like what you said

AAAA I just need to reboot it again lksdjfsdalkfjsdl


Jul 18, 2010
Good morning,
Can I use the 3in1 file you give with a T225N version. If so, I'm sorry but I don't place it in the very clear guide. thank you in advance for your help

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    Okay cool. If I keep both os I guess this would just be like a dual boot on pc but for the tablet?
    yes dual boot but my storage only 32G can not do further. only test for boot up or not.
    Yeah, if I flash the stock ROM with Odin (AP, BL, CSC) and just leave out the 3in1.tar for UserData everything works as expected and device is usable!

    I actually missed the part about downgrading. If I get the patience to try again I'll give that a go.
    no only T22XXX 1 xxx only can downgrade to or from Android 13 - Android 11
    Hi, I managed to root my device, unlock the bootloader, install the custom recovery and all went well.
    I then installed lineageos using DSU and it booted and everything has worked perfectly. Would it now be safe to install it as my main OS?
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    Full GSIs Processing with SM-T225
    (From Up to Down)
    FROM A11 through A14

    New fastbootD ( Full Tutorial Here )
    Flash Firmware and Customed Files. (Firmware +Root + FastbootD)
    >Obtain the official firmware.
    >Download & Extract it and you will get 5 files (AP, BL, CP, CSC and HOME_CSC)
    >Open Odin on your computer and reboot your device to DOWNLOAD mode ( turn-off device , press and hold Vol+ together with Vol- then insert USB cable which one end connected with computer to device.)
    >Put AP, BL, CP, and CSC files in their Odin slots.
    * Home_CSC for advanced user only.
    ** Do not changes input fileName for shot.
    >Put 3in1.tar
    ( patch boot + vbmeta + patched-recovery ) in UserData slot.
    >Click "Start" and wait for it to finish.
    ( No interruption)
    ( From now on Magisk & FastBootD recovery will remain in your device.)

    Note: vbmeta.img was patched by Magisk the same as with fastboot command .
    fastboot --disable-verity --disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img


    Use FastbootD flash GSI image.
    >*Based Firmware should be Official only.
    >*Download & extract Platform-tools to C:/
    >*Download GSIs images.
    >Open device and connect USB cable to Computer.
    >Run CMD within Platform-tools Folder.
     adb devices
    > adb reboot fastboot
    > fastboot erase system
    > fastboot flash system gsi_name.img
    NOTE: gsi_name.img. must changed to actual name of your extract download GSI from the Sources.
    > fastboot reboot recovery
    * Select wipe data / factory reset
    reboot system
    Troubles Shooting
    Not enough space to resize partition solution.
    > fastboot erase product
    > fastboot resize-logical-partition product 0x0
    > fastboot getvar all
    ^Find this (bootloader) partition-size:product:0x0

    Make System Writable ( need more details)
    > *Get rid of SU from bvS, bgS GSI Variant.
    > *Execute
    > *Enable pre-install Magisk
    > *Install Root file Manager. Mixplorer from XDA here
    > We will dump device super-partition and patch it with script.
    *Install & Execute Read2Write script.
    > Get New super.patch.bin. (output of script )
    > Compress super.patch.bin to super.img.lz4
    ( lz4 -B6 --content-size super.bin super.img.lz4 )
    ***Don't use fastboot flash super super.img with FastbootD.>>>This will brick you device.

    This is old way to install GSI.

    Make CustomAP
    New super.img.lz4
    > Create New CustomAP tar md5 for Odin. ( with new patched super.img )
    Download Clean (blank) vbmeta.img from Google
    >Compress the clean vmbeta.img
    lz4 -B6 --content-size vbmeta.img vbmeta.img.lz4
    >Down& Extract "" to C;\
    >extract all *.img.lz4 files (from AP Stock) to. C:/ tar-md5-script-tool folder
    >Replace super.img.lz4 and vbmeta.img.lz4
    in tar-md5-script-tool dir
    with your new repacked and compressed
    >Run Win Batch File For Packing Custom AP file
    > Flash Firmware together with CustomAP
    BL slot = BL fie from Firmware.
    AP slot = CustomAP file from my Download.
    CP slot = CP fie from Firmware.
    CSC slot = CSC fie from Firmware. not Home_CSC
    UserData = 3in1 patch.tar
    ** Do not flash CustomAP Alone. (Safety First )
    ** Do not flash super partition with FastbootD.

    >My CustomAP.tar.md5 for T225XXU1CWA2. (A13) only

    Make Writable System and more spaces 500 Mb extra.

    >Download here. (3.37 GB)


    > 3in1 (magisk-patched boot + vbmeta + recovery-patch) for T225XXU1CWA2 only

    Original GSI file. 834 MB by Nazim
    "SparkOS-13.5.5-arm64_bvN-slim-Unofficial.img.xz , ReadOnly System"

    Battery usage test result :

    **No Battery Drain. (check Phone idle values.)
    (Can't downgrade)

    Next test GSI ( if passed DSU )​

    LineageOS 20 "Light"​

    To mount or modify the image , it has to be unshared. Light is simply unshared to begin with.
    Updated all variants with Android 13 QPR2 and March security patches.
    LOS has "rooted debugging" in Developer Options. Turn that on then "adb root" for a rooted shell.
    step 1. flash GSI img with fastbootD.
    ( with gN variant, Gapps pre-installed)

    Test restart android and boot menu.
    Test all settings menu , default navigation. gesture navigation.
    New Treble Setting Menu.

    Fixed it. by install "Double Tap" from google play.

    oh..Not passed play protected.
    Fixed it by Enable Treble Setting>"spoof system properties" checkbox right below... Tick that and reboot.

    ok Change to download and install this variant. lineage-20.0-20230322-UNOFFICIAL-gsi_arm64_vN.img.xz


    Step 2.
    There are some error about loading Home menu..( guesture menu).
    Please changes your Treble Settings configurations below. enable " Override navigation bar availability".


    2.1 Enable Hidden Magisk. and reboot.

    2.2 Install Mixplorer ( Root File Manager)

    Step 3. Add more spaces to sub-partition inside Super partition about 700 MB.( for each sub-partition)
    ( i don't want to break default Root from original then no delete any files )
    ok now we have spaces for install GAPPS.

    Note: Didn't show detail here.

    Step 4. Flash new system with Odin and try to install GAPPS.
    ( Create new CustomAP.tar.md5)


    Step 5. Install GAPPS.
    There are 2 choices Gapps magisk module or regular install.

    *Oh no not pass play protect block error.

    Waiting for

    haha i'm dum dum..

    ✓Disable " Lift to check device" it conflict with "Double Tap".


    ✓ Disable "Wake on plug" it annoy when open device and plug-in power cable.

    ✓Enable Auto Screen Brightness.


    ✓Bluetooth connectivity works


    -Two-pane layout in Settings for tablet.


    Everything is ok now. except Offline-charging.

    If i have time to fix "Offline-charging" and successful. then will share here.

    ✓ I had changed writable system partition and add spaces about 700 Mb , install new gapps which can shares . (system.img)

    ✓ Not all step are required for real installation , its my test step only.
    hmmm I have unlocked my bootloader and rooted my phone using magisk also downgraded from a13 to a11(T225XXU1AUE3). I would love to install gsi/custom rom with this low end tablet can you make a more clearer instructions for a beginner like me?I would highly appreciate if you response,have a good one!!
    Send pm please.