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Sep 2, 2014
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
There aren't any OneUI 5.0 beta related threads for the Snapdragon variant, so I shamelessly ripped this from @profi_fahrer! Thanks mate!

You can post the Links here and discuss about the beta.

The Beta has begun today in Germany and South Korea, other markets should follow soon.

BREAKING: Samsung Galaxy S22 One UI 5.0 beta is rolling out now

The wait for the One UI 5.0 beta is finally coming to an end. While we expected the beta to ...

Update Files (
1. (SM-G901E) [Not yet available]
2. (SM-G901U) [Not yet available]
3. (SM-G901U1) [Not yet available]
4. (SM-G901N) [Not yet available]

1. (SM-G906E) [Not yet available]
2. (SM-G906U) [Not yet available]
3. (SM-G906U1) [Not yet available]
4. (SM-G906N) [Not yet available]

1. (SM-G908E) [Not yet available]
2. (SM-G908U) LINK [Link Updated]
3. (SM-G908U1) LINK
4. (SM-G908N) LINK [Link Updated]

How to install:
With ADB:
BredzProh made a perfect tutorial on how to install the beta (+ the Updates) via ADB: Thread

Small FAQ:
Can I downgrade back to Android 12?

- Yes, a downgrade is possible, but the Phone will reset to its factory settings and your Data/Files will be gone. To downgrade, follow the normal Odin-Steps for flashing a firmware or use the emergency-flashing included in Samsung Smart Switch (PC)

Will I get automatic Updates (OTA) after flashing the beta?
- No, except it is the last (final) version. You will need to install every beta manually, including the Update to the last version. Beta updates are not connected to "normal" update, so the security updates can be sooner or later than normally. After the beta is finished and you are on the final version, you will receive further updates normally via OTA.

Crashes, Lags, Freezes, Bugs and other strange behaviors?
- Like any beta software, the OneUI Beta might be unstable. Sadly, only the people, who can register to the Beta via Samsung Members are allowed to send Feedback directly to Samsung. A factory reset is not necessary, to update to the beta, but it is recommended, if you experience severe problems with the firmware.

Can I use banking apps or streaming apps (ex. Netflix)?
- Yes and no. While the device is on a beta update, the Google certification will fail. Now it depends, how the app uses this state. Some banking apps will not work or reduce their functions on beta firmware. The same might happen with Netflix or other streaming apps.
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Apr 7, 2018
I posted on the Exynos forum too, so I'm gonna post it here as well.
I have put together this guide on installing the beta on unsupported countries or installing it after the beta programme is full. Hope it helps! :)

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