[ONLINE][07.07.2014] X-NOTE build 18.0 (N9005 NF4)

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Jul 8, 2007
so i rooted and flashed xnote used for a few days and decided to flash back to stock, now my phone has no signal saying theres no sim inserted, like a donut i didnt backup EFS...is there any fix for this?

I had this problem. And solve it this way :

Flash stock
Full wipe from stock recovery (wipe everything including your data on internal sd so take care)
Re flash the same stock rom

Hope it can help

Good luck

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I had this problem. And solve it this way :

Flash stock
Full wipe from stock recovery (wipe everything including your data on internal sd so take care)
Re flash the same stock rom

Hope it can help

Good luck

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My friend has the exact same problem and now he just gave me his phone so i can fix it and i am downloading xnote 18 now and after that i will be downloading the stock and take it from there.
Hmm i did servrel flashes of different stock roms and non worked as i still had unknown baseband and imf showed up as NUL/NUL and EFS all messed up but then i found a life saving script.

I flashed back to a custom rooted rom "xNote 18" and twrp recovery checked the phone and issue was still there so i then flashed this awsome script and the phone was back from the dead :victory:
Check out link :


Mar 26, 2012
I purchased because I wanted to help the rom. But then again, this whole thing started to get me thinking. Lately, this rom has become far too much revolving around money. Rarely anything really nice and unique added to it, but every 2 sentences you ask for money. Made themes for money, made apps for money. I'm expecting soon to have to pay in order to receive the link to the updated version. Other people make these things for free and don't complain about it. It is one thing to put a link in the OP saying "buy me a coffeee if you liked what I made" and a whole other thing to start building everything around a little payment and have in most of your comments another phrase including "donations are welcome, donations are welcome", and making privileges especially for those who donate.
I am aware I will start being flamed by all the a$$kissers around, but for some of the ones who actually think, my reply might be a bit of a food for thought


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Is it? if you made the app on play store that costs money, and it does the exact same thing as the one included in the rom, what gives me the assurance that build 19 will also have one included? I am to expect that in the new version, you either buy the app, or don't get the usage



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Nov 16, 2005
This is my favorite ROM so far, but I found a problem with my GEAR 2 SMARTWATCH: battery drains so fast with this rom, i depletes in 6 hours!!, but if I try other rom it lasts 2.5 days (60 hours).... I could not find the reason...yet..


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Jan 17, 2012
NEW XNOTE CONTROL APP (uninstall the old, you have a refund)


- 4 translation: IT-DE-FA-ES
- 2 app themes (Holo dark - Holo light)


We loose an hard disk... fortunately we have a backup of everything except of a copy of our eclipse key used to compile the xnote app note3 (play store version).

Google policies can't allow to update the app compiled with a new key, we can only open a new play store page with a new x-note (note 3) app.

To solve this problem (if we open a new play store page, the users can't update the app without purchasing the new one, so 2 purchasing.. bad thing ahahahhaha ) WE DECIDED TO:

- REFUND all X-Note note3 app (play store version) purchasing to ALL users
- Open a NEW Play store page with the new X-Note application updated (4 translation FA-IT-ES-DE and two themes dark and light)
- Provide the updated flashable rom files (secsettings and systemUI and also public xnote app with new package name)
- Provide the updated donation themes

Sorry for the inconvenient but this is the only way to be honest with every user. So if you purchased xnote app you already have a refund and if you want to update the app you need to purchase the new version https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xnote.controllN3 and flash the updated zip in OTA.
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Jan 17, 2012
01 - All user refunded
02 - New X-Note app online (updated, changelog in playstore page) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xnote.controllN3
03 - Update n. 03 available in OTA (see above for specs)
04 - Donate themes online and updated

sorry for the inconvenient, now all fixed. If you want to support us just download new X-Note app.

Next days we release v 19 NG2 base, we were in vacation with our family


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Jul 8, 2007
01 - All user refunded
02 - New X-Note app online (updated, changelog in playstore page) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xnote.controllN3
03 - Update n. 03 available in OTA (see above for specs)
04 - Donate themes online and updated

sorry for the inconvenient, now all fixed. If you want to support us just download new X-Note app.

Next days we release v 19 NG2 base, we were in vacation with our family

Thank you for the work. New fixed donate theme installed and new X-Note app bought on playstore.

Hope you enjoyed your vacation

Edit : new holo theme in X-Note app is very nice

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Sep 16, 2008
Samsung Galaxy A40
Not for refund... Really but...

Inviato dal mio SM-N9005

Update: Uninstall with TB, reboot wipe cache,restart, install and installation succesfully (no refund but i have the app).
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Dec 9, 2013
Sorry to hear about the harddisk loss, it really sucks. I hope it didn't affect your vacations :)
Enjoy every day family comes always first :good: though I'm happy to have you back :D
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    Advice for devs: 
    If you include some of our mods in your rom please 
    to X-Note Team!

    X-NOTE v7.0 N9005 ML2

    I am not responsible for any damage to your device. 
    The installation of the ROM is at your own risk.
    However, the flash procedure is always performed
    at least three times with a day of testing.

    Advice for devs: 
    If you include some of our mods in your rom please 
    to X-Note Team!

    ONLINE X-Note build 18.0 N9005-NF4

    for Q&A use this thread

    CHANGELOG(new features in red)

    • [*] Rebuilded on new NF4 BTU Samsung firmware modified to have it region free
      [*] Network booster thanks Sammy
      [*] Kids Mode thanks Sammy
      [*] Customized battery text style with the following options:
      - Show/Hide
      - text style
      - enable/disable Auto Color
      - Static Color selection
      - Charging Auto Color selection
      - Regular Auto Color selection
      - Medium Auto Color selection
      - Low Auto Color selection

      [*] Fixed center clock overlapping notifications
      [*] Added Meizu MX3 battery
      [*] Deleted some TW theme in data folder, download from OTA folder if needed
      [*] free themes updated to new NF4 base
      [*] donate themes updated to new NF4 base. Who have links will find the old NE4+NF3 theme + new NF4 theme. We will put all updates to same folder already provided.

    • fixes from previous versions included
    • better multi dpi (sview cover) for samsung music player
    • fixed SecMms sview cover screen at lower dpi
    • better alignment in Sview incall screen at lower dpi
    • multi instance support for all apps credits @kin201303 and @tkari4
    • Screen mode selection (X-Note app) ... 3 additional screen mode selection:
      - Black & White mode (to save battery)
      - High Contrast mode
      - Back to default mode
    • Better X-Note app experience: modified codes to change all colors without restart the systemUI (may be only dropdown clock need more seconds to update ... anyway me mainteined the restart system ui option)
    • Totally rewritten new X-Note app, with new options and native pen window support. Credits to our friend @Mirko ddd for sharing his control app sources
    • Unlocked hidden widgets:
    • New systemUI toggles:
    • New power menu options with ability to show/hide via X-Note app (credits @tamirda, thanks a lot!!!):
    • Reworked System UI Traffic meter:
      -option to show incoming/outgoing/both/none
      -option to select the unit
      -option to select the update interval
    • boot animation switcher (via xnote app) available bootanimations:
      -KitKat White @Meawww
      -X-Note new
      -Samsung Default
      -Galaxy s5
      -New X-Note @Meawww
    • MULTI USER ENABLED (via X-Posed module) -Select new user from settings. To delete just log as new user (not the owner) and do it in user settings
    • Multi dpi Play Store 4.8.19 credits @MyLifeRocks10
    • Added gps configuration application (use only if you have problems with satellite fix)
    • More than 300 fonts included
    • moved some xposed module (and other applications) in data/app to allow easy uninstall just in case
    • switched to classic call recorder instead of auto call recorder
    • moved lots of application in /data partition to have more free space in system (do a wipe data before install as written in instructions)
    • allowed installation of thirdy part apk from first boot
    • added the new circle system ui theme selectable with xnote app
    • reintroduced home button in status bar with ability to choose position (xnote app)
    • reintroduced status bar color & transparency selection (Xnote app)
    • Added new shoot-it toggle that launch the great @dr.ketan apps (included):

      -single tap>take a silent camera shot
      -longpress>take a shot with autoflash
    • changed system ui switching method
    • added keyboard switching method, select your theme via x-note app and your phone will autoreboot with the new theme (10 themes available):
      -samsung stock
      -leather blue
      -leather black
      -leather brown
      -leather gray
      -leather red
      -leather brown premium
    • all backup switching files (systemUI & keyboards) are automatically stored in internal sdcard in a new folder called xnote (don't delete)
    • video gallery replaced with the GS5 one (already multi dpi)
    • Scrapbook replaced with the GS5 one
    • one hand feature from galaxy s5 modded (replaced recent button with menu button) with favourite app list and contacts shorcuts
    • added x-note default tw theme as workarond for missed S-Note icon with s5 tw launcher
    • s5 launcher modded multi dpi 5x4 home grid, 9 home screens, 5x6 app drawer, tw themes enabled and compatible with standard launcher too (select your theme using x-note app)... credits @Arsaw for the ported base app (all added into aroma, standard tw launcher available as always)
    • two new tw launcher themes included in the rom:
      gold theme
      moonshine theme
    • s5 wallpaper chooser available if you select s5 tw launcher in aroma + pull up apk to allow note 3 my magazine launch from homescreen credits @fakejap devs
    • s5 splanner multi dpi ready + themed (aroma)
    • s5 my files multi dpi ready + themed (aroma)
    • s5 meteo widget multi dpi ready (aroma)
    • s5 air wake up function (x-note app - experimental) to wake the device with a air gesture (see the instructions on screen
    • 9 keyboard themes (aroma) the leather texture was restyled for a premium feel:
    • restyled bootanimation by @meawww (thanks my friend)
    • viper for android updated
    • almost all apps updated
    • moved more app in /data to have more space in /system
    • reworked system ui - new x-note toggle (available in settings to allow order selection):
      tap -> launch X-Note app
      longpress -> launch X-Trasformer app
      If you don't see the X-Note toggle at first boot go to X-Note app > additional script Xnote > add/restore toggle > enable all toggles and reboot
    • home button wake enable/disable
    • status bar clock right-center-hide
    • status bar clock font selection - 5 fonts available
    • enable/disable date near the status bar clock + small/big font selection
    • uppercase/lowercase/normal font selection for status bar date if enabled
    • 18 available date format: dd-mm-yyyy / EEEE-mm-dd-yyyy / etc.
    • network indicator now shows upload/download speed + option to hide if no traffic + 4 update frequency available: half second, 1 second, 2 and 5 seconds
    • power menu show/hide feature, you can:
      show/hide data mode
      show/hide airplane mode
      show/hide power off
      show/hide restart
      show/hide accessibility
      show/hide sound mode bar
    • show/hide cpu core widget in notification panel
    • status bar clock color selection
    • notification panel clock color selection
    • notification panel date color selection
    • notification panel cpu core widget color selection
    • built in auto call recording, thanks to the superb work of @lidroid and @Mythtrandyr, check your phone settings for options like non increasing ringtone and more
    • double tap on status bar to turn off the screen + ability to enable/disable the feature (x-note app)
    • ability to show/hide toggle status indicators (x-note app)
    • ability to show/hide toggle text (xnote app)
    • ability to change color of active toggles (x-note app)
    • ability to change color of dim toggles (x-note app)
    • ability to change color of OFF toggles (x-note app)
    • ability to change color of toggle text (x-note app)
    • ability to change color of active indicators (x-note app)
    • ability to change color of dim indicators (x-note app)
    • ability to change color of OFF indicators (x-note app)
    • disabled search bar in settings
    • ability to easy switch between galaxy s5 settings and galaxy note 3 settings: just tap on the shortcut (always in settings screen)
      If you select list view in galaxy s5 settings you will have list view (without upper tabs) in galaxy note settings too
    • Added tw settings search function in x-note app
    • Added torch toggle settings in x-note app
    • Added some samsung hidden feature in X-Note app:
      - Safety care settings (disaster alert - heat alert)
      - CSC verifier
    • Option to easy disable/enable "gsiff_daemon" binary to avoid battery drains (x-note app)
    • removed all search fields in settings
    • added in galaxy s5 settings:
      - switch settings shortcut
      - x-note app shortcut
      - x-transformer app shortcut
      - x-restart app shortcut
      - added missed S-Pen settings
    • new system ui theme switchable via X-note app, now we have:
      - default system UI
      - AOSP system UI
      - Galaxy s5 system UI
      - Grey Galaxy s5 system UI
      - Red galaxy s 5 System UI
      - White galaxy s5 SystemUI
      - Green Galaxy s5 SystemUI
    • New theme available in OTA folder: Stock galaxy note 3 theme
    • X-Transformer app updated:
      - more clear option text to avoid user errors
      - new 290 dpi density that allow standard system ui layout (not the phablet one)
      - now X-Transformer will ask for navigation bar and enable/disable hardware keys at all density selections
    • New wallpapers in X-Wallpaper
    • Added X-posed module for play store app compatibility
    • the system will start at 480 dpi by default, almost all apps are multi dpi ready (only Samsung Email have big characters when writing a email in some density, recommended to install in aroma AOSP email)
    • added new density 289 dpi with automatic switch system UI in phablet mode
    • reworked snote, now perfect layout at all screen densities
    • multi dpi samsung file manager
    • page buddy themed
    • more transparent accuweather widget and multi dpi
    • launcher grid selection 4x4 or 5x4 (aroma) all multi dpi
    • samsung gallery multidpi reworked
    • Hide / show home button and lock button in status bar, in left or right side, all controlled by X-Note application (tip: at first boot select all 4 option in x-note app, reboot systemUI, unselect all, reboot systemUI then you can do whatever you want)
    • Added Universal INIT.D enabler (linked in X-Note app) to run Init.d script at boot even with stock kernel
    • Added (X-Note app) ability to choose the number of visible toggles (4-5-6-7-8-9-10)
    • Added (X-Note app) ability to enable/disable the additional toggles
    • Added (X-Note app) torch Toggle (removed xposed torch module)
    • Show/Hide (X-Note app) week day in status bar
    • Ability to change status bar color (so you can change color even without enabling the x-posed gravity box module)
    • Ability to change traffic meter color (tip: at first boot just tap on hide/show traffic meter to unlock the color option)
    • Added Notification Toggle application (linked in xnote app)
    • Added Xposed module to fully control the Google Home launcher (available with KitKat AOSP apps in aroma)
    • added in OTA all available samsung camera filters
    • enabled Galaxy S5 Settings (Grid view and list view) credits @zohawkish for the tip. You will have 2 settings icon in your drawer, just use your favourite
    • Download Optimizer available in Galaxy s5 settings (to use both wifi and mobile data for huge files downloading)
    • air browse available in Galaxy S5 settings (scroll internet pages with air gestures)
    • reworked samsung photo editor multi dpi
    • hide/show lock button in status bar (longpress opens power menu)
    • hide/show clock in status bar + hide/show AM-PM
    • reworked samsung clock multi dpi
    • more wallpapers (70) in sec Wallpaper chooser (new gradient wallpapers)
    • added x note banner in device info settings
    • added Yahoo Weather (aroma)
    • Super user and other apps updated
    • Deodexed + busybox (modified binary - NO reboot issue with root applications)
    • kernel selection (aroma) - NEW X-Kernel v.1.5 release + UNTOUCHED stock kernel
    • Zipalign new applications at boot and db optimize
    • New bootanimation to celebrate the KitKat taste ahhahahaha
    • Knox free
    • aroma installer
    • csc could be selected in aroma during installation (France - Germany - UK - Italy - Poland)
    • sound mod selection (aroma)
    • enable/disable some system sound (aroma)
    • enabled multi instance for +6000 most used applications
    • X-transformer feature ... almost all Samsung application reworked to fit all dpi + 289 dpi density:

      - Samsung Email have big characters when writing a email in some density, recommended to install in aroma AOSP email or use Xposed
    • X-Transformer application (credits @Xperiacle for the main code) updated with new densities and enable/disable nav bar + softkeys:

      289 + nav bar option + enable/disable softkeys option + automatic switch to phablet layout
      290 + nav bar option + enable/disable softkeys option
      300 + nav bar option + enable/disable softkeys option
      330 + nav bar option + enable/disable softkeys option
      360 + nav bar option + enable/disable softkeys option
      390 + nav bar option + enable/disable softkeys option
      420 + nav bar option + enable/disable softkeys option
      450 + nav bar option + enable/disable softkeys option
      480 + nav bar option + enable/disable softkeys option
      +custom DPI
    • modified TW launcher with THEMES enabled (just longpress on home or select the option pressing menu key)
      Available themes APPLIED ON THE FLY WITHOUT REBOOTING (currently working on to build more themes)

      - X-NOTE HTC
      - X-NOTE IOS7
      - X-NOTE JB
      - X-NOTE GOLD
    • launcher selection (aroma)
    • sview now is fixed at all dpi
    • mms max size 2048000 bytes, also increase the mms image size to 4096x2048
    • sms 1000 unlimited recipient limit
    • quick office app
    • no increasing ringtone enable/disable (xposed module)
    • Modded settings with link to X-NOTE APPLICATION
    • All application can be easy selected to have in floating window. Credits @xperiacle and his great application
    • Multiwindow manager app by @Xperiacle ... thanks a lot for your contribution to the galaxy note 3 community
    • 4 way reboot menu
    • Sound boost mod via x-note app (3 levels... stock, medium, strong)
    • customized some UI sound
    • themed SPlanner
    • Face unlock
    • Cpu monitor (Xnote app)
    • Cpu spy (Xnote app)
    • AD Away (Xnote app)
    • LMT for gesture and pie (Xnote app)
    • OFFICIAL status in settings (instead of modified)
    • Xposed framework
    • Xposed per app density (set many options for each app included dpi density)
    • disabled infinite scrolling in launcher (I like more)
    • Fully themed with X-Note default theme (See screenshots)
    • Enabled secondary symbols on stock samsung keyboard
    • Camera with shutter sound on/off option
    • Browser with exit option
    • Unlocked call and message block settings
    • Sms will display sent time instead off received time
    • Unlimited contacts join
    • Greenify app
    • NEW extra fonts available by default (nice!) + ifont app.
    • Donators, supporters and credits are mentioned in xnote application
    • fully customizable battery bar with animation all controlled by battery bar application (credits to pvyParts). To apply modification please restart only systemUI (read below)
    • X note restart application with option to restart only systemui to apply mods (it will asks root permissions)
    • modified default System UI (now clear button is on top like aosp + removed the screen off button)
    • Speedmeter
    • Disabled SMS, MMS, And Email Log History In Call Logs
    • Enable Split-view Mode On/Off Toggle in Mms
    • Added AOSP app selection in aroma (samsung will be not removed so you will have samsung+AOSP)
      - Calculator
      - Google Calendar
      - Google Home Launcher
      - Clock
      - Google Keep
      - ThinkLeft SMS (similar to aosp, can be selected as default sms application with the option to have standalone without the sammy app)
      - Movie Studio
      - Chronus Clock/Meteo widget (similar to the cyano clock)
    • Ability to control the Screen Off effect (stock, fade, CRT) VIA GRAVITY BOX (the modules has many working features)
    • Viper4Android sound mod (aroma) credits to @zhuhang http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2191223 please support him too, the mod is awesome!!!
    • removed notify clean module the same function is in gravity box module
    • intelli3g x-posed module - automate 2g/3g switch to save battery
    • X-Note app updated with tons of new features
    • X-Off Widget to simple turn off the screen from home
    • REMOVED Multiwindow Plus - the same function now is included in xnote application (4 window mod) to avoid warning dialogs
    • added CrappaLinks xposed module to avoid redirectering links from applications
    • Ability to hide/show the network speed indicator
    • Unlock text and shortcuts on/off now available in x-note app too
    • Ability to enable/disable on the fly the infinite scrolling in TW launcher
    • Ability to enable/disable on the fly the wallpaper scrolling in TW launcher
    • Ink effect CUSTOM COLOR now available and included in x-note app credits to @mythtrandyr (of course working also with finger)
    • added alternative OTA host in x-note app
    • Increased TW launcher home grid and Hotset icon number (please replace your widgets at first boot)
    • Ability to show/hide alarm, bluetooth, sound icon in status bar (restart systemui to apply)
    • EXTRA toggles enabled by default with ability to disable it via x-note application
    • Multi dpi PlayStore updated
    • added email client selection (aroma): AOSP client / Samsung client
    • Timely application
    • Youtube AdAway module
    • Xui Mod Module
    • AOSP THEME AND DEFAULT THEME AVAILABLE IN OTA (credits to my friend @foreverloco that giving me permission to take many png images and save me lot of time!!!)
    • softkeys can be also enabled/disabled via X-note app

    X-Kernel V.2.1 - only for N9005

    Close to stock for stability and best battery
    Selinux status = Permissive
    ExFAt support
    init.d support
    insecure & adb insecure
    Add swap support
    Add CIFS support
    Add NFS support
    Add NTFS support
    Add Xbox controller support
    Add cdrom option to UMS-lun-devices
    Add DriveDroid support
    USB: f_mass_storage: 2048 block size for cdrom devices
    USB: f_mass_storage: Added cdrom option to UMS-lun-devices


    Samsung for Official Source Code
    Civato specially for the ramdisk
    Faux123 Imoseyon DoomLord Yank555 Jovy23 Angelom TeamHacksung
    Codeworkx Gokhanmoral Andreilux Simone201 Ktoonsez ptmr3

    Installation instructions (ONLY FOR INTERNATIONAL N9005, User reported that if flashed on other gn3 variant the script will wipe internal sdcard) :



    So you need a 4.4.2 official firmware already installed, a working KITKAT recovery and ROOT to backup EFS (use chainfire root for KITKAT)

    1- Untick reactivation lock in security settings
    2- do a EFS backup from your KitKat firmware
    3- check the MD5 of your downloaded X-Note zip
    4- reboot recovery
    5- wipe data (don't do other wipes)
    6- install zip and choose the rom in your sd
    7- follow aroma, reboot system.
    8- leave the phone 5 minutes
    9- look at your internal sd card, if you have a folder "0" (zero) cut and paste the content (xnote folder) outside the zero folder
    10- use X-Note app the first time to enable/disable home button + traffic meter + status bar elements color
    11- done.



    Do ONLY the steps:
    1 - 2(skip if you have) - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11

    for Q&A use this thread

    For updates and mods see X-Note special settings on your device

    also for modems and instructions
    @xperiacle - for his great work
    @Mirko ddd for the Control app Sources
    @tamirda for additional power menu options
    @dr.ketan for the two shoot-it app (free version)
    @lidroid - for the superb coding of call recording
    @Mythtrandyr - for the additional call recording code
    @dsixda- For dsixda kitchen
    @civato - for spen pointer tips
    @Chainfire - For Superuser and a bunch of things
    @rovo89- For Xposed framework, for updates http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1574401
    @foreverloco for many AOSP theme PNG images
    @DaOldMan for white samsung keyboard
    @Tungstwenty - For Xposed Module (custom dpi density)
    @OsamaGhareeb for battery mods
    Please pm me if I forgot some Dev ;)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    X-Note [N9005], ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    soloilmeglio, xentrix
    ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2014-01-26

    Created 2013-10-06
    Last Updated 2014-08-14
    credits @Andrewtst

    Anyway I used odin v. 3.07, with only ticked autoreboot, the file tar.md5 must be loaded under PDA
    After the steps below you need the CWM for KITKAT

    Simple step to install Official Poland 4.4.2 KitKat ROM:
    • Download Official Poland Single file KitKat 4.4.2 ROM.
    • Download and install Odin3 v3.09
    • Extract once the downloaded KitKat ROM.
    • Open Odin and load the firmware at AP.
    • Tick Phone Bootloader Update. See screenshot.
    • Click start and wait until it finish.


    • What to do if I forgot tick Phone Bootloader Update and now stuck at accessing recovery screen - Take out the battery to turn of the phone, boot back to download mode and reflash the ROM and remember tick Phone Bootloader Update.
    • Is Full Wipe Required? - No and I never do that, if ain't break don't Wipe. Only wipe the phone if phone act abnormal. I did like this since I own 1st Android phone - Google Nexus One.
    • Is official Poland KitKat ROM auto wipe your phone? - No.
    • Is leak Kitkat ROM auto wipe your phone? - Yes.
    • Can I downgrade to 4.3 ROM for N9005 - No.
    • Can I install CM11 base on 4.4 KitKat for N9005 - No as CM11 still under older bootloader.
    • Is flashing different countries ROM via Odin trip the Knox - No.
    • Is rooting in KitKat trip the Knox - Yes due to new bootloader.
    • Is this Poland KitKat support Hong Kong N9005 - No, Hong Kong N9005 is not friendly with others country N9005, cannot cross flashing.
    • What to do if I accidentally flash it under Hong Kong N9005 and soft brick now - The only solution now is flashing custom recovery (Knox trip due to custom recovery) for KitKat and later flash SweetROM v7 KitKat custom ROM.
    • Can I remain Knox 0x0 with root for KitKat - Yes if you still under old bootloader (No if you already at KitKat or bootloader at MJ7 or newer) and follow step here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=49501057&postcount=389 or visit here for more in details step, 1st page post 9 - https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/3099271
    X-Note build 14.0 ND5 under testing.

    tons of additional mods.

    and s5 apps (multi dpi) of course

    Inviato dal mio SM-N9005 utilizzando Tapatalk
    Efs backup and restore (RESTORE NOT TESTED)

    simpliest method for efs backup (from device):

    1. Download a terminal emulator from playstore
    2. Open it and type: Su
    3. Allow superuser permission when asked
    4. Type this: dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p11 of=/storage/extsdcard/efs.img bs=4096
    5. Check your external sd card, there is a efs.img file (14 mb), do some copy in a secure storage.

    For restore:

    1. You need your efs.img in your external sd card
    2. Open terminal and type: Su
    3. Type this: dd if=/storage/extsdcard/efs.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p11 bs=4096
    4. Reboot