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[online KITCHEN] *ROM Kitchen* 10/5: Ginger JVH 2.3.3 up

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Jan 7, 2010
DreamTeam Proudly Presents

Rom_Kitchen is a collaboration of DocRambone, Stefunel and Tricky103

The Magical ROM Kitchen V2

This is a on-line rom creator that give you:

- An easy way to generate custom roms

- Create a rom from your mobile browser

- Stable and fast base roms

- Choose the components you like is your rom, without any additional add-ons

- Multiple theme choices, made by the BEST theme creators

- Multiple kernel choices, made by the BEST kernel developers

- Multiple modems for your location, and our modem guru:Pele78, to guide you

- Selection of CSC for your region and operator

- Tweaks selections for additional functions

- Boot animations

- Forgot an app?, use the update.zip generator and add apps to system without need of a new rom.

- Mobile version added: Mobile kitchen

..:: Current Releases ::..

XWJS8/JVJ/ZSJPK Kitchen for SGS and Captivate

..:: News ::..

- Open beta kitchen: http://romkitchen.org/beta/

- Tricky103 joined ROM kitchen team

- Added a New install guide link: Link (by flip360 and perka)

- Added boot animations

- We have a NEW server thanks to Thomas

- New Domain: http://romkitchen.org

- IRC support channel for the romkitchen is now open.

Server: chat.freenode.net
Channel: #romkitchen
Url: irc://chat.freenode.net/romkitchen
webchat: http://webchat.freenode.net

..:: Reviews and user reports ::..


Androidguys made a nice walk-trough with screens: Link


Another post that presents the Romkitchen, this time from and.roid.es Link

XDA portal :

XDA portal has found the kitchen XDA post :

" It’s absolutely an innovative and new alternative to the usual ROMs that are being provided by the chefs.
So we’re really wondering what will happen with good old ROM chefs and the way we were used to download ROMs and test them – we guess this must be another symptom of ORD, we are almost having a nostalgic feeling about it.
We’ll see what the future brings."


A nice review posted at http://briefmobile.com Link

Deutscher Android Blog:

A review/blogpost: Deutscher Android Blog, Link

A very Special thanks to the Helpers and beta testers, without you this would be difficult :)

Base Rom

- Based on XWJS/8/ZSJPG/ZSJPK ( Froyo 2.2.1). Check kitchen for version.
- Deodexed
- Apps and framework carefully optimized
- Zip-aligned
- PNG's optimized
- Rooted
- Latest SU and Busybox (THANKS Bo$$).
- Clockworkmod Recovery (in kernel)
- BLN support (BacklightNotification, enable via CWM, support of BLN is dependant of the kernel of choice)
- Big APN list
- Fat.format and zipalign added
- Fully functional startup scripts
- Wifi fix (Thanks Hardcore)
- Phone.apk without increasing ringing added
- Fully compatible with CWM 3.0 (for I9000) (thanks, Jim Panse and intronauta for help)
- Big CSC selection. To change csc in the multicsc : enter *#272*xxxx# where xxxx is your IMEI

Help sheet for RomKitchen

A help sheet for selections for the rom kitchen by Marcedli Link


Guide by Tricky103

- Hardcore's kernel: Link
- Supercurio's kernel: Link
- Trasig's kernel: Link (in beta)
- DamianGto's kernel: Link
- Laststufo's kernel: Link
- Tegrak's kernel: Link (in beta)

Note: The voodoo kernels (Supercurio and Trasig) will convert the filesystem in boot.
If you do not want this (recommended):
Create a folder on internal sd called voodoo and place another folder inside it called disable-lagfix



Guide by Pele78
GPS performance guide by Cypher_X

- I9000XXJPY
- I9000XXJPX
- I9000DDJP2
- I9000ZSJPE
- I9000UGJL2
- I9000BVJPA
- I9000DTJP3
- I9000DXJPB

- Bell JK4

More modems here Link


- Zeam
- ADW launcher
- TW launcher
- GTG465x TW_Launcher : Link
- Go launcher
- Launcher pro 0.8.3


- Swype keyboards
- Samsung standard and EURO keybords
- Samsung Chinese Keyboard
- Gingerbread Keyboard fully functional (thanks Jim Panse)

Info: Link


- Voltage control : Link
- Z4 Control : Link
- Faster fix : Link
- SGS tools : Link
- Quickboot
- Damian Tweak
- LCD Density Changer
- WPA Supplicant selector

(only framework themed for now)

- Standard SGS
- Stansted with AOSP lockscreen
- DocTheme v4 Screens
- Generation X v1.14 theme, JPUXY : Link
- GingerMix v4 : Link
- JPU Andromeda Galassia AOSP extended powermenu : Link
- Jumba's NeonGT JPY 1.5 : Link
- 64 Theme 27-12-1 JPUXY color GB anim : Link

..:: How to use the Kitchen ::..

Enter the kitchen here: Kitchen

Or the moble version: Mobile kitchen

1: Choose the wipe or non wipe base rom (wipe recommended )
2: Selected the components you like to have in your rom
3: Press generate (only one time). Wait for the magic to happen.
4: Download the cooked rom and install it from recovery

Boot animations

A large number of boot animations added
Preview here: Animations preview


If you have Kitchen rom installed:

1: Place doc rom on internal sd
2: Enter recovery
3: Factory reset (if you install new base rom OR the previous rom had a voodoo kernel AND you want to wipe)
4: Install docrom
5: Reboot

Bell users: this way to install

If you have older rom : (2.1) or CM rom etc

And a nice install guide: Link

..::Themes and theme templates for kitchen ::..

Theme template (all sgs stock, XXJPY). Used for creating themes. No need to flash this when installing rom

Theme template (AOSP lockscreen, XXJPY).

Theme template ( AOSP Lockscreen, menu button fix, XXJPY)

Theme template ( AOSP Lockscreen, menu button fix, + Extended Power Menu XXJPY)

Doc theme v2, Samsung lockscreen
Doctheme v2, XXJPY

Doc theme v2, AOSP lockscreen
Doctheme v2 aosp, XXJPY


..:: Donations ::..

We work hard on making this fully working kitchen with frequent additions.
Any donations are welcome.



..:: Kitchen change-log ::..
2011-05-10; JVH base added
2011-04-10: ZSJPK v11.1 added, bugfixes in base, Tegrak kernel added
2011-04-03: ZSJPK v11 added
2011-03-30: XXJVK V1.3 added, updated scripts, smaller bugfixes
2011-03-28: XXJVK V1.2 added
2011-03-27: XXJVK beta
2011-03-24: V10 ZSJPJ
2011-03-19: V10_beta ZSJPJ base
2011-03-16: V9.9.5 base XWJS8
2011-03-10: v9.9 added, new modems added, updated some apps
2011-03-08: V9.8.1: removed fugu tweak and big hosts file. V9.9 ZSJPG new base
2011-03-07: JS7 base added
2011-02-13: Mobile version added, base rom updates, updated apps, more update.zip options
2011-01-31 - 2011-02-11: JS 5 base added
2011-01-23 - 2011-01-31: Kernel and csc updates, phone.apk bugfix.
2011-01-23: Sound selector added, base v9.1.4: jpa wifi fix added
2011-01-23: Boot animations in all kitchen, more csc added, Tegrak's kernel in beta added
2011-01-22: Boot animations added to Beta kitchen
2011-01-19: Bases to v9.1.3: updated busybox, new wipe script, added phone.apk selector,
Updated Voodoo Kernel - 5.2, Thinkdroid, LauncherPRO to 0.8.3, Layar-samsung, aldiko added
2011-01-19: Base v9.1.2 (updated market, better wipe), Version WWJS3 added to open,
2011-01-18: Beta: updated base, v9.1 with 4 lock fixa and wipe script fix.
2 themes: XWJS3 stock and aosp, update Lastsufo kernel
2011-01-17: One more script fix, all ok now i hope, bases to V8.1.1 and V9.0.1
2011-01-17: Open kitchen: base 8.1: fixed scripts. Beta kitchen: new base rom: XWJS3
2011-01-17: Kitchen v2 open, new csc selector. Base v8
2011-01-16: New modem added: I9000DTJP3, updated kernels, BIG update for Captivate.
2011-01-15: Base v7.9.5 in open kitchen
2011-01-14: Beta, new v7.9.5 base, Open: new kernels, added new apps
2011-01-13: Kitchen: new hardcore kernel. Beta: new updater-scripts, Ginger keyboard added, Go launcher added
2011-01-12: Kitchen updated: New 7.9 bases with support for CW 3.0 recovery, Update.zip generator added, Updated themes with battery charge bug fixed, new kernels
2011-01-11: Beta kitchen upgrade, Update.zip generator added, all themes updated. Wipe and no wipe bases
2011-01-10: Added new k12K kernel, added more info on modems and kernels, added launcher pro, updated ZEAM, updated build info (beta)
2011-01-09: Big kitchen update: New baserom v7.5 XXJPY, JPP and JP3 modems added, new Lastsufo kernel, New themes, all themes optimized,
Added new tweaks: daimians tweak, wpa selector, lcd density changer.
2011-01-08: Big beta kitchen update: New baserom v7.5 XXJPY, new Lastsufo kernel, New themes, all themes optimized,
Added new tweaks: daimians tweak, wpa selector, lcd density changer.
Bugfixes, minor fixes and tweaks
2011-01-07 : Added Theme support, removed launcher pro
2011-01-04 : Added new Hardcore 12i 500 kernel, Added gtg465x TW_Launcher, added Chinese keyboard, added Z4 control, added voltage control
2011-01-03 : Updated base 7.1.1, updated DamianGTO_JPX_300HZ_3A kernel, Added JL2 modem, Go launcher added
Zeam updated 2.8.6, samsung EURO keyboard added, MUIU music added. Fasterfix added,
New cook loog
2011-01-01 : Updated Zeam, hardcore and trasig kernels. Added Swype selector, more kernels. Captivate version added
2010-12-30 : initial setup with bugfixes and additions


..:: Bug Reports and install errors ::..

Reports: Link
Bug/issue status: Link (thanks to HSAgoo)

If you find some bugs, please provide as much details as possible:
ROM version, both before and after your flash.
Factory reset or not, before install or after
Lagfixes installed
Kernel used
Theme version


- I strongly advice you to disable any lagfixes when upgrade to new roms or install new kernels.
- Always flash rom with FULLY charged battery
- Make backup of efs-folder (with Root Explorer or ADB)
- Do NOT restore system data, if you upgrade from 2.1 (Eclair)
- Do not factory reset phone if you have removed any apps from the base rom.
If you want to factory reset, flash the base rom before again if you made any changes
- If you do a factory reset after install: lancher pro, sgs tools. gallery etc will be deleted.

Additional Information:
!!Please read before posting questions!!.

- What modem in the BEST?: Guide by Pele78

- Battery questions: Battery

- What does deodexed mean?: ReadMe.

- What does zip-aligned mean?: ReadMe.

- You can read and search for answers on how to back up and restore you phone using a recovery image using Clockworkmod Recovery already integrated into this ROM: Clockworkmod Recovery.

- BacklightNotification (BLN) - use back and menu buttons as led notification. Enabled via integrated Clockworkmod: ReadMe on how to use.

- Universal Lagfix (OLCF/EXT4/JFS) Read before asking on how to apply lagfix, BLN, Tweaks and search for recommendations: !ReadMe!.

- Kernel by Hardcore (Kernel - central part of Linux and Android OS) is optimised for speed: More info.

- Startup tweaks (Enabled via Clockworkmod Recovery) - recommended harmless tweaks to increase phone responsiveness: More info.

- This ROM might be incompatible with US, Brazilian, Korean or Canadian versions of Galaxy S. Make sure your phone is supported before flashing.

- Make sure to read and search these links/posts before asking question.

CRED to a lot of people:
Baron RichtHofen, Cyanogen, Sztupy, Tayutama, Hardcore, Supercurio and many more!
Cred to xero2002 and Dupel for the post layout, thanks :)

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Jan 7, 2010

..:: Downloads ::..

Update.zip Generator
Stefun & DocRambone's update.zip generator

..:: Great Themes functional on DocRoms ::..

Dena Theme Dena By Dena994 and Whiskey
Dark Theme Dark by Scylla69
Gingerbread Theme Gingerbread by Vukandric
Gingerbread blue Theme Ginger blue by Zeubug
LitePro Blue LitePro blue by LitePro
R64 Themes R64 themes by R64

Themes & templates can be used as is, but only use themes templates made for the ROM you have installed.

Theme template (all sgs stock, XXJPY). Used for creating themes. No need to flash this when installing rom

Theme template (AOSP lockscreen, XXJPY).

Theme template ( AOSP Lockscreen, menu button fix, XXJPY)

Theme template ( AOSP Lockscreen, menu button fix, + Extended Power Menu XXJPY)

Circle battery mod no I
Battery mod by MCOGW

Doc theme v2, Samsung lockscreen
Doctheme v2, XXJPY

Doc theme v2, AOSP lockscreen
Doctheme v2 aosp, XXJPY

An alternative web browser for the one that don't like the JPY browser. Alternative web-browser from JP6

Miss the annoying startup sounds?: Here Install from recovery

Cred to MCOGW (for template help)



Note: USE the wipe version if you have other base rom than XXJPX

Base ROM

Addon package
Add on

Theme template (all sgs stock, XXJPX). Used for creating themes. No need to flash this when installing rom

Theme template (AOSP-Lockscreen, Menu-Button won't unlock LockscreenXXJPX).

Theme template (AOSP-Lockscreen + Extended Power-Menu.XXJPX).

Doc theme v2, Samsung lockscreen
Doctheme v2, XXJPX

Doc theme v2, AOSP lockscreen
Doctheme v2 aosp, XXJPX

An alternative web browser for the one that don't like the JPX browser. Alternative web-browser from JP6


Cred to MCOGW (for template help) HTCDevil et al for help

Additional addons
Swype, AOSP apps, Optimized launcher pro etc



Battery problems?, try this. A script to be used from SGS tools.

Script will do:
- remove all .thumbnails directories on sdcard and external_sd in all directories
- remove /dbdata/databases/com.android.providers.media
- remove /dbdata/databases/com.cooliris.media
- reboot automatically (only works if QuickBoot or RomManager is installed (creds to them))

Script made by QuackTop

Alternative Kernels:

Hardcore SpeedMod FroyoLink
Sztupy .3 kernel Link
Raspdeep OC kernel Link
Zenkinz oc kernel Link

Here is some info on the modems: link

Some of the Themes functional on DocRoms
Let me know if i missed some

Dena Theme Dena
Dark Theme Dark
Gingerbread Theme Gingerbread
Gingerbread blue Theme Ginger blue

Feel creative, but need to know more?

Make your own AOSP lockscreen guide
Guide by jiwa
Design your own status/notification bar guide
Statusbar guide by pele78


Old Downloads

Change Log

V5.1.1: All kinds of bugfixes
V7: XWJPA_V7, new base; XXJPO_V7, new base
V7.0.1: JPO, fix voice search and correct build.prop
V7.1: JPA, mixed language fix, Swype fix, rebuilt base
V7.5: New modular ROM, new kernel, new busybox, ad hoc wifi support, theme fixes, build.prop fixed, removed KOR csc from JPA
V7.6: New kernel, UA string in browser, optimized adw and launcher pro. Put back stock wpa_applicant with optional ad hoc wpa_applicant. New sgs tools, gallery from jpd, JPO v7.6.1: add UA browser
V7.6.2: fixed sensor/gallerybug, fixed clock bug.
V8 ADJP5: new base (date 3 nov)
V8.0.1 ADJP5: bugfixes: alarm clock, screen capture, voice recorder, moved back some more apk's from data to system due to install errors.
Fixed auto zipalign (thanks Bo$$)
V8 JPO/JPA: new fixed kernel, few small bugfixes, fixed zipalign. New gallery 3d apk ( in system/app) from BUJP8
V9: New base rom BUJP8
V9: JPO/JPA, updated apps: ADW launcher (optimized, in data/) flash player, quicksearch, maps, youtube), only 1 addon package, same content as in JP8.
New hardcore kernel:speedmod-kernel-k10a-256hz, zipalign and fatformat bugfixes
V9.0.1: New optimized ADW added, updated apps (same as in v9 jpo/jpa). Added zipalign and fatformat bugfixes, market fix
New hardcore kernel:speedmod-kernel-k10a-256hz
V 1.0 XXJPU: 1st release
V 1.1 XXJPU: added hardcore kernel
V 2.0 XXJPU: rebuilt base, few bugfixes
V 3.0 XXJPU: disabled increasing phone signal, new market, new highres gallery (maybe a bit slower), optimized ZEAM added, new browser. Better market fix, updated voicedialer, tweaked system for speed.
V3.0.1 XXJPU market fix
V3.0.1 slim. Back to supercurio kernel due to boot errors
V4.0: resynced all apk's for speed, SD mount bug fix, Titanium back and spareparts added, Samsung apps added
V5.0 XXJPX base
V6: XXJPX added CSC, new Voodoo 5.0.3 kernel, updated Zeam, Maps 5, latest youtube, non icrease phone.apk added
V6: XXJPY, new base rom
V6.1: XXJPY, new voodoo kernel
V6.2: added csc, bug fix in build.prop

V7: Base in kitchen, updated frame and apps optimizations, added non increase ringer, added jpa wifi fix
V7.1 kitchen, aosp fix, updated apps
V7.1.1: kitchen base updated, frame and apks optimized for kitchen
V7.2 -> v7.9.5 : Adjustments for kitchen, edify scripts changes
V8.0: New hopefully functional Edify script
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May 19, 2010

once again I state loud and clear, that the beta kitchen is not supported by the RomKitchen Team.

Using the Beta Kitchen is at your own risk and entirely your own responsibility.

Beta Kitchen is public to open new doors for the I9000 community as a whole to further improve and evolve the SGS.

Beta Kitchen is for those who understand what BETA means.

Beta has no language barrier so using this as a excuse is not accepted.

Novice users should are and as always advised not to use the beta kitchen.

If users wish to risk using Beta Kitchen for reasons, such as ignorance, or wanting to be selfishly clever and want to be on the fast of fast and best of best rom or along these lines, its up to you but Odin is not always the answer to recovery, and just bear in mind the terms and conditions of Samsung Repairs when it comes to SU, etc.

Users asked for a long time wanting access to beta and now they got it, but again we will not be supporting beta kitchen - only listen to feedback ONLY. Wanting everything and being selfish dont mix, i guess that comes down to age, maturity and responsibility

Beta has nothing to do with donations or any other ridiculous comments suggested by others however smart they try to be with there wording.

If people do not understand what "Donations" mean then Google is yor friend and wiki has a vast catelog of info on this subject and terminology.

RomKitchen is not in any form of competition with any other dev, rom maker etc. This has never been the case, not now and nor will ever be.

All this nonsense and crap stops now!! THE END!! If people wish to complain and what ever idiotic reason which in the end only shows what kind of person they are when they start back tracking on what they say - Plain and simple, go download another ROM, there are plenty to choose from and various tastes and same applies to themes, apps etc.

If this crap continues, ill start reporting people on the grounds of creating a negative environment with the I9000 community... which still is considered to be one of the worst communities in xda, and i can see why! And help clear it up (one of the reasons the post count was introduced to stop spam rubbish etc)

Do not attempt to cause issues within the IRC Chat either or you will simply be banned and no questions asked. If you start to cause invaild unrest in this thread, then you will be simple noted and ignored and left to your own devices and hope that you end up with a brick and unable to apply for warranty on ur device. SIMPLE.
..:: Instructions ::..

Attention all users! Regarding /system corruption.

What is this about?

Check here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=848471

Am I affected?

Yes, you are!

But the new ROM already has a fixed kernel! Can't I just upgrade straight away?

No! You still need to follow these steps! Here's why: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=9415545&postcount=9456

I already followed these instructions once. Do I need to follow them again when upgrading to newer ROMs?

No! If you've followed these instructions, you're good to go! Just follow the instructions for the regular upgrade method :)

How to fix?

01. Download K9 CWM file (from here), put it in your internal sdcard, also put Doc's ROM.

02. Boot into recovery.

03. Flash the K9 kernel, DO NOT REBOOT.

04. Go to Advanced ULK options -> reboot into recovery.

05. Now choose mounts and storage -> Format system

06. Now flash Doc's ROM, and immediately after, flash K9 CWM zip AGAIN! (Without a reboot in between)

07. Select reboot after flashing K9 CWM zip. Now if you had a lagfix applied before, you will get a prompt about change in config. Just select "remove new config" here.

08. DO NOT FLASH any bugged kernel after this, or you will have to repeat this process.

Attention all JPU users! Regarding titanium backup restore problem



01. Disable Voodoo if have it installed (create a folder named “disable lagfix” inside the “Voodoo” folder on your internal sdcard and reboot). If you’re coming from sztupy’s kernel, disable all lagfixes.

02. Make sure have the 2e recovery. If you don't have 2e recovery, see FAQ.

03. Make sure you have a backup of your /efs (not mandatory, but highly recommended).

04. Factory reset is NOT required, but is recommended. Wipe cache and dalvik cache if you’re not performing a factory reset.

05. DO NOT apply any outside theme/battery mods. See FAQ point 9 if you want a circle battery mod with this theme.

Installation Steps (Read this very carefully!)

01. Download the ROM (check above) and put it on your internal sdcard.

02. If you don't have a clockworkmod kernel, download clockworkmod recovery from here. You *need* Clockworkmod, this won’t work with stock recovery. Rename the clockworkmod recovery file to “update.zip” and put it on your internal sdcard.

03. If you had Voodoo installed prior to installing this ROM (Eclair or Froyo), make sure you still have the "disable lagfix" folder inside "/sdcard/Voodoo". If you’re coming from any other kernel, make sure you have disabled all Lagfixes.

04. Shutdown phone, wait for it to power down, then boot the phone into recovery mode (press volume up, keep it pressed, then press home button, keep it pressed, then press power button, keep it pressed until you see the Galaxy S screen. Release all three buttons when you see it).

04a. Do this step *ONLY* if you don't have clockworkmod already in your kernel. Select “apply sdcard:update.zip” (use volume rocker to move up and down, and home button to select). Clockworkmod recovery will boot now (you may have to do apply update.zip twice for Clockworkmod to show up).

05. Once in Clockworkmod, select “install zip from sdcard” (use volume rocker to move up and down and the back button to select).

06. Select “choose zip from sdcard” and then select the ROM zip package. Then choose yes.

07. The update will start (will take some 1-2 minutes) and during the flashing you will see some strange big characters on the screen, don’t worry, that’s normal. After the process finishes, you will be dropped back into Clockworkmod recovery. From there, choose go back, and then reboot phone.

08. The first boot will take some time as the ROM will deodex

Upgrade instructions (from previous versions of THIS ROM only!) (Thanks ragin!)

Always have a backup of your apps/data (Titanium Backup/MyBackup)

01. Download the updated ROM from post No. 2, and put it on your sdcard.

02. Boot into CWM recovery.

03. Choose install zip from sdcard in CWM, and browse to the downloaded zip file, and apply it.

04. Choose reboot phone.

05. If you had any lagfix applied previously, when the phone boots, you will be presented with a menu. Choose "remove new config" in that menu. The phone will reboot. If you didn't have any lagfix applied, the phone will boot straight!

EDIT: If you find the above difficult to follow, please have a look at this wonderful guide created by nitr8: http://nfye.com/toolkit/Doc-Froyo.pdf

..:: FAQ ::..

01. I don't have 2e recovery, how should I install this ROM? Disable Voodoo (if you have it), then install the corresponding CFRoot kernel to get 2e recovery, then flash this ROM as usual.

02. My apps are not retaining settings! Have a look here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=9778957&postcount=15980

03. I am on XXXXXXX ROM/Firmware. Can I flash this ROM? Yes you can, as long as you have 2e recovery. If you don't, check FAQ point 1.

04. What ROM do I need to be on to flash this ROM? This is a complete ROM, does not need a base ROM. You can flash on any firmware!

05. I am getting force closes with Maps/Voice Search/Google Search Update the apps from the market (they require manual update).

06. I'm getting error while installation (line 79/80) Make sure all lagfixes are disabled before you install this ROM, then reboot to stock recovery, clear data/cache, then try again.

07. I'm getting force closes all over the place Have a look at this guide: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=9006234&postcount=4097

08. My Market is not working This is not a ROM problem. To temporarily fix, Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage -> All -> Market -> Force Stop -> Clear Data -> Uninstall Updates.

09. I want a circle battery mod! This is now very easy to do! Do the following:
- Download any theme template from post No. 2, and flash it via CWM.
- Extract the file "framework-res.apk" from the "system/framework" folder inside the theme template zip you downloaded.
- Go to http://circle.glx.nl/ and customize your circle battery mod, when it asks for framework-res.apk, upload the one you just extracted from the theme template zip.
- Wait for some time, and you will be provided with a zip file to download. Once downloaded, put the file on your sdcard, and flash via CWM.

If the above is difficult to understand, here are alternative instructions from Adevem: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=9028090&postcount=4512

10. What happened to the full ROM? This is now a light and modular ROM. Just install the upgrade packages or missing apps update.zip from the 1st post via CWM to get the full ROM.

11. OMG I LOVE THIS ROM! What can I do to help? We're glad you like it! Stick around here, and try and help fellow users, that would be a great help! If you wish to donate, please donate to Doc (he's the actual person behind this ROM), sztupy (for the ULF kernel), curio (for voodoo) and many more of the awesome devs around here! If you're still feeling generous, you may donate to me too! :D

12. I am using the slim ROM, and I don't get the puzzle on the Samsung lock screen on an SMS. The Slim ROM contains AOSP MMS (SMS) app, hence no support for Samsung puzzle lock screen. If you want the puzzle lock screen for SMS, either install the FULL ROM, or extract the Mms.apk from /system/app on the full ROM, and push it in the slim ROM.

13. I am using the ASOP lockscreen, and when I press the menu button, the phone unlocks. Install this FIX (ONLY FOR XXJPX) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=9921936&postcount=403

14. I am using the slim ROM, and KIES does not work. The slim ROM does not have the MTP apk, use the FULL ROM if you need KIES.

15. Some apps that use camera are force closing (barcode scanner, camera 360 etc) Try point #2 in this FAQ. If that doesn't work, do a factory reset.
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May 19, 2010
..:: Addons & Goodies ::..

Addons for JPU V1.x/2.x
01. Gingerbread Theme (thanks vukandric) Screenshots
02. Anzo Theme (thanks anzo)

Addons for JP8 V9
01. Dena Theme (thanks whiskeybro)
02. Anzo Froyo Theme (thanks Anzo and donlk) Screenshots

Addons for JP5 V8
01. Dena Theme (thanks whiskeybro)

Addons for JPO V7/V8/V9
01. Dena Theme (Screenshot, thanks whiskeybro)
02. Circle Battery Mod: See FAQ point 9
03. Dena Themed TouchWiz launcher (thanks whiskeybro)

Addons for JPA V7/V8
01. Dena Theme (screenshot, thanks whiskeybro)
02. Circle Battery Mod: See FAQ point 9
03. Dena Themed TouchWiz launcher (thanks whiskeybro)


01. Touchwiz launcher
02. Disable increasing ring
03. Voodoo Pre6 with 2e recovery (MAY CAUSE ISSUES, KEEP ODIN HANDY) Don't want to use sztupy's lagfix kernel? No problem! Disable any previous lagfixes, startup tweaks, and make sure you do a clean reboot! Then flash this zip via CWM. Make sure you don't have a disable lagfix folder, else Voodoo won't get enabled :)
04. JPA Browser (A bit faster than JP6, which is included in the ROM)
05. JP6 Browser (Default on JP6 ROM, to get back after flashing JPA Browser)
06. Doc's Theme for V5.1.1/V6 (with extended power menu) (Screenshot)
07. Zegoe Font
08. AOSP Email, MMS, Calculator
09. Dena Theme, Mirror (Screenshot), thanks whiskeybro)
10. Circle Battery Mod: See FAQ Point 9
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May 19, 2010

01. Customize your ROM *before* flashing!

Follow the nice tutorial Bec07 made here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=9054394&postcount=5143
Description of APK files: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc...1GQ3JBQkhoMkE&authkey=CKD8l6sI&hl=en_GB#gid=0 (Thanks a lot to nitr8!)

02. How to change your CSC:

Have a look at the wonderful guide here by reb73: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=8994883&postcount=3883

03. How to change between AOSP and Samsung lockscreen:

Have a look at the amazing script by scheichuwe: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=8996798&postcount=3948
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Sep 2, 2010
I am looking forward to this! Collaboration is key in taking us forward. Kalpik and Doc are setting the trend for others to follow.

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Jul 27, 2010
Should be awesome - can't wait! Pity Samsung can't do as well as the xda developers. Kind of disgraceful really.

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