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Only splash screen even in Android

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Feb 13, 2018
So, first I thought my brother's A51 was water damaged because it was wet a little bit and charging was being interrupted. I left the phone turned off for the night and wanted to look at it again the next morning. The problem is that the screen or something else stopped working.

The screen works fine in Download mode, Recovery mode, or at splash screen with phone's model name, the problem begins when it's booting to Android. It's still stuck at the splash screen. no boot animation, no lock screen visible, just a model name. It's not bricked, because I can still unlock the phone (didn't have a password) and I can hear the unlock sound or charging sound (it started working again).
I tried factory reset through recovery - didn't help, flashing fresh firmware from Frija - didn't help. The only thing that changed is now the splash screen brightness goes down a bit and I noticed that until I am touching the screen so the phone can't lock itself it doesn't turn off the splash screen, but when I press the lock button it turns off the screen and I can't turn it back on, but the phone still works because I can hear charging sounds and it shows up in Device manager.

I also opened it because I wanted to see if there's any water damage, but I didn't see any water marks or burnt components. I cleaned the charging board with alcohol and let it dry but that didn't help.

I'm worried that there's something wrong with the motherboard or the charging board because it has a screen connector.

I can also see that some people here have similar issues:

I should also add that I don't have access to settings so I can't unlock OEM and flash custom recovery / ROM. I also cannot downgrade to Android 10 (duh)


New member
Oct 4, 2021
I have exactly the same behaviour here.
I ordered a "defect" A51 on Ebay which was not working. I opened it an saw a water damage at the USB-C charging board. Since there was a lot of oxydated parts I ordered a replacement for this board.
After cleaning an replacing the charging board I have the same issue as szerbi. I see the charging screen (while powered off), I can enter download mode and transfering stock firmware using Odin, I can enter recovery mode. While all these states the display works well and I cannot see any damages like a broken display.
I even got it working correctly after several Odin firmware update and recovery mode / factory reset attempts and I could install some apps and set up my google account. I was very happy. But after some hours again: no screen while Android is running.
Now, when Android is running I hear the charging and the screen shot (pressing volume-down + power buttons) sounds and the phone will be visible as a storage device while connecting to a PC.
Conclusion: The display is black while Android is running. Since it was shortly active I assume either a loose contact on one of the flex cable connetions or a water damage at the displays flex board. Unfortunately latter cannot be checked without dividing the display from the display frame. I assume this is an irreversible process.