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Question OOS and nReal Nebula service

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Mar 29, 2008
OnePlus 5T
OnePlus 6
Hi Guys,
First I do appologise if what I'm about to right sounds noobish. I'm not versed in editing roms.
I'm hoping for a few pointers on a few options and I can google the details but after 1 weeks of reading I'm more confused than when I started.

Background info:
HWD: Oneplus 9 Pro with nReal Light glasses (U+ black version)
- Existing ROM: OOS
- Nreal light glasses Nebula app and Nebula Service(2 versions - extracted from oppo and experia)

- Can't install nebula service properly without editing the manifest because it requires the use of a shareuserid --> android:sharedUserId="android.uid.system".
I don't have access to the platform keys to sign the apk with the same keys.
If I remove the android.uid.system fromt he manifest the service works but loses the main functionality.

1 - Editing existing ROM (I do like some of the features of OOS and if I can I'd stick with it for now)
A) Would it be possible to extract the partitions from OOS ===> I'm assuming a rom kitchen would do this but not 100% sure
B) Add my apk's signed by me and re-sign everything (including all the apps that use the android.uid.system user) without breaking god knows what? ===> I'm assuming this is also possible but I can't figure out if I have to re-sign anything else apart from the apps using android.uid.system(I have the list with all of them) or take apart any other partitions like vendor and such.
C) Could I get away with "just" taking apart the rom, signing all apps that use android.uid.system and then repack and flash ?

2- Building Lineage OS
A) Would it be possible to disable signature check for "just" android.uid.system user ID or the only way is to disable it system wide?

Just in case anyone wants to take a look out of curiosity, the service app is attached.

I'm grateful for any pointers.
Have a lovely Weekend!


  • Neb_Serv_APKs.zip
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