OOS 12.1 Stable arrives for India & EU, no date for global

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Nov 21, 2010
Is there an advantage for EU citizens to use an EU ROM on a global device (HD1900) ?

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    "What's disappointing is that these devices are the last to receive stable OOS12, despite their beta programs starting earlier than a lot of other devices... Hopefully this means there won't be too many bugs, but honestly we doubt it. This is OnePlus after all. "

    I received the updated on 10/31/2022 - my device model is HD1905_11.F.17 and located in USA. Not sure if I like OS12 - the Oxygen Launcher shelf is now replaced by Google Discussion unless I swipe-down from the top-right. WTH! Google Discussion is a waste and garbage chewing, with it disabled is a nasty looking screen that tells me to enable discussion... Not sure why OPPO pushed this particular change.
    Anyone knows how can i install OOS12 both slots? I've tried to local upgrade, but it doesn't work.
    If you're rooted Should just be
    download full oos, disable or uninstall magisk modules, do local upgrade from system /system updates/gear.
    Install magisk to inactive slot, reboot
    Repeat process if you want 12 on both slots

    If you're not rooted i don't believe you can force the update to both slots without flashing with ADB
    I did this (to inactive slot) but now my phone wont boot. I can get in fastboot. Anyone have stock boot for OS12 lying around?
    You can use ADB to find out which slot is booting then force boot into the other (not updated) slot and try the update again

    Here are the rollback files and instructions if you want to go back to 11

    https://community.oneplus.com/thread?id=1181216999612088323 [OxygenOS 12 MP2 for OnePlus 7T/7T Pro]

    BTW you should scroll through the comments there. You might have 2nd thoughts about going to 12
    These are the only 7T OOS 12 OTA files that I've seen so far, from Oxygen Updater:

    India HD1901_11_F.17 Android 12 https://mega.nz/file/s09VyDAb#qhoLjfqUPQzoJdJ-eJ5K37GabcoVYsnzE4HE87zNvlI

    EU HD1903_11_F.17 Android 12 (fails to upgrade?)