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where do you know that and why is that way? haha thanks

PS: I flash the latest DA boot, seems to work well, I opened the magisk manager and ask me for additional configuration. Direct Install force close, so I try to install on the unused slot.. reboot... and the phone is not booting... it stucked man minutes ago in circle animations u,u

You don't have to flash it to the other slot, when that pops in you just need a reboot.


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Dec 11, 2010
Shalom, c60 stock image? I need to recover the magisk recovery option to install updates... I got "stock buckup does not exist"

PS: I extract from c61 payload the boot img and patched with magisk, both files are here
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Jun 3, 2012
Can I use the DA/BA boot for on T-Mobile OnePlus 9 purchased from T-Mobile in the USA? Or does anyone have the boot img available?
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