[OOS11] [Widevine L1] [Patched boots] Noob Root Guide & Restore OOS Wallpapers and more (NO TWRP)

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Mar 14, 2019
### Disclaimer ###
I am not responsible for damages of any kind. Follow at your own risk!

### Warning ###
- Sync your clouds apps and backup all local data. It will be erased during the process!
- READ EVERYTHING at least once carefully before approching it yourself!

### (My) Starting point ###
I installed OOS10 with the MSM OOS tool, then updated to OOS11 ( Bootloader locked and not rootet). At this point i had problems with Widevine or anything. You may want't to backup your persistent partition with the MSM OOS tool (driver) since users reported that it was corrupted randomly while using the phone.

### Windows ###
You may need to install ADB driver manually... Download latest usb driver windows and install like that (I need that when my device was in the bootloader)

### OS Download ###
Download your current os with the Oxygen Updater using the Full update option. Store it on your computer.

### OEM Unlock ###
(1) Activate Dev mode in Android, activate USB Debugging OEM Unlock in Dev settings
(2) Using the platform tools send adb devices and accept ADB on your phone. Then send adb reboot bootloader
(3) Send fastboot oem unlock and confirm on your device
(4) Set it up but don't connect to any network yet

### Wallpaper and stuffrepair after unlock ###
(1) Make a local update with firmware from ### OS Download ###
(2) (It's almost not noticeable but i want't it to be perfect) Tap long onto the sttings app -> select edit -> Press on the icon ->Choose the Oxygen settings icon ->OK

### Root ###
*** OOS - - Download stock and self patch or get the Magisk-V23 patched boot image: ***
Warning: Make sure it's from the same OS

OOS Global/India (GM57AA) OnePlus7Oxygen_14.P.36_OTA_0360_all_2104141941_be82fa

OOS Global/India (GM57AA OnePlus7Oxygen_14.P.37_OTA_0370_all_2105200029_a16a6e209711c4

OOS EU (GM57BA) OnePlus7Oxygen_14.E.36_OTA_0360_all_2104141855_a11487c39a48527


(Of course you need to extract the image from zip)
With boot.img -> Proceed to Patch
With boot_magiskv23.img -> Proceed to flash

*** Other than OOS - Extract boot.img: ***
(1) Install the Visual Studio Build Tools from the Visual Studio Installer
(2) Install Python 3
(3) Download Payload Extractor, in the folder to keep things clean setup python venv with python -m venv venv && venv\Scripts\pip install -r requirements.txt
(4) Extract the payload.bin from your ### OS Download ### into the Payload Extractor folder
(5) venv\Scripts\python payload_dumper.py payload.bin. Once the boot has been dumped you can abord the script and only keep the boot.img in output folder

*** Other than OOS or self patch - Patch boot.img: ***
(1) Install Magisk APK adb install Magisk-XY.apk
(2) Copy the boot.img onto you device, open Magisk, select install -> Choose file -> Press the three lines in the right top and select OnePlus7, then the boot.img
(3) Copy the patched boot.img to your pc (You may need to reconnect the USB connection to see the file)


*** Flash ***
(1) adb reboot bootloader
(2) fastboot flash boot boot_magisk.img
(3) fastboot reboot

*** Completing the setup ***
(1) Open Magisk or install Magisk APK if it's not present. It should be rootet. Activate Magisk Hide in the settings.
(2) Open the playstore and follow the instruction to connect to a network. Then login to your Google Account.

### Summary ###
My device was rootet, i had no SaftyNet issues and Widevine L1 and Netflix playback were completly working. You may want't to backup your persistent partition with the MSM OOS tool (driver) since users reported that it was corrupted randomly while using the phone.



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