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OP 6 Battery Drainage and hang issue

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New member
Nov 3, 2021
OnePlus 6
I have following issues in my op6-
1. Excessive Battery Drainage, after full charge it's only last for 3 hours without using any heavy app or gaming, just normal browsing. Phone heated also.

2. Phone Too much hang now and then. For example if I open gallery, it's showing nothing content. Then takes atleast 1 min to load.

3. Camera app instantly not usable ,it's gets hanged first after opening then become usable(30 sec lag). After click photo if I go to check the photo, instantly it shows no photo at all, then after several tries it shows photo. I think everything hang, I don't know where 8GB ram used.

4. I have few apps which are not usable via wifi. In settings wifi usability not disabled. Still can't use wifi

I have tried after cleaning phone cache, it did not solve.