OP 7T Pro McLaren HD1913 it is neglected (?!)

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Oct 19, 2019
Why is this model (it is neglected) still has very late security, patches for Android? At the moment there are fixes for March 2021 (?!). This is tragic !!!
I have a second OP 6T phone. He has regular patches. From May 21st it has corrections for May !!!
On Android 11, the company OnePlus Ambient On Display does not work.It's been a long time and no one is interested.
I remember, in the beginning he had regular corrections and now it's one big nightmare.
I have been using Oxygen Updater regularly for over 4 years. Ambient On Display does not work with Beta 4.
With the stable version of OTA: Oxygen 14.E.26_GLO_0260_2104142022 also AOD does not work.
Many OP 7t McLaren users have the same problems?
Does anyone have any idea how to get AOD to work properly?


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Sep 11, 2012
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