[OP3/3T] Modded Google Camera with HDR+, 60FPS video and Slow Motion

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Jul 28, 2022
BSG ve Wichaya'dan en son 8.1 ile güncellenen ana başlık:

- MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV2b (BSG, 2022-05-31, yapılandırmalar )

- GCam_8.1.101_Wichaya_V1.5 (Wichaya, 2021-12-12, yapılandırmalar )

Önceki sürümlerdeki yapılandırmalar/ayarlar bu sürümlerde iyi çalışmalıdır. Wichaya güncellemesi zaten Aralık ayından... Bu konuyu güncellemeyi unuttum.

Bu telefonda çalışıyor mu bilmiyorum ama BSG'nin 8.4.600'ü artık "kararlı". Birisi test etmek isterse, bu en sonuncusu .

Bu arada, burada hala çok sayıda OP3/3T kullanıcısı var mı yoksa hepiniz yeni telefonlara mı geçtiniz?
Can you install gcam for tecno camon 18p?
I tried but it doesn't work.

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    Google Camera Port
    Stable versions and configs for the OnePlus 3/3T.

    [ FAQ's/Troubleshooting | Front camera fix | ARCore & Playground ]​

    Features depend on the GCam and Android version used, but overall:

    - HDR+ Enhanced, Night Mode, Portrait Mode, Timelapse, Motion Photos, Lens Blur, Panorama, Photo Sphere, Photobooth, Motion tracking.
    - Video (30/60FPS at 1080p, 30FPS at 4K), Timelapse, Slow motion (with a fix, check the FAQs for more info).
    - ARCore and Playground (follow this guide);

    How to use:
    1. Download and open/install the apk file (how to).
    2. Unless there's a "configs" or "suggested settings" link next to the download link or some settings posted with the apk, the app is ready for use.

    - Some *old* versions require the front camera fix. 3T users also need this fix in order to take 16MP photos with the front camera.
    - Feel free to explore the settings, but keep in mind that enabling the wrong options will cause problems.
    - Issues? Check the troubleshooting post.

    GCam 6 or 7 are probably the best for this phone, but newer versions are also available.

    Google Camera 8:
    [Google Photos recommended; For Android 10 and higher;]

    - BSG: MGC_8.1.101_A9_GV2b (2022-05-31, try these configs)
    - Arnova8G2: 6.1Beta.210709.0049build-8.1.101 (2021-07-08)
    - Wichaya: GCam_8.1.101_Wichaya_V1.5 (2021-12-12, configs // recommended changes)

    Google Camera 7.3 & 7.4:
    [Google Photos recommended; Users on Android 9/OOS 9 may not see recorded videos. Use older versions or move to Android 10;]

    - Wichaya: GCam_7.3.018_Urnyx05-v2.1_Wichaya_V3.1.1.apk (2020-12-15, configs, Android 9+)
    - Nikita: NGCam_7.4.104-v2.0 (2020-12-06, configs)
    - Tolyan009: MGC_7.4_v1.0h_TlnNeun.apk (2020-09-13, Android 9+)
    - Arnova8G2: GCam_5.200604.2138build-7.3.021.apk (2020-06-05, configs, Android 9+)

    Google Camera 7.2 (Android 9+):
    [Not the best base for the OP3/3T, but it's the last GCam with a built-in gallery/photo viewer.]

    - Tolyan009: MGC_7.2_v0.4_TlnNeun.apk (Tolyan009, 2020-02-27) (Android 9+)

    Google Camera 6.2 (Android 9+):
    - Tolyan009: 6.2.030_TlnNeun_v.0.6d.apk (Tolyan009, 2019-11-19) (Android 9+)
    - Urnyx05: GCam-6.2.030_Arnova8G2_Urnyx05-v2.5.apk (2019-10-20) (Android 9+)
    - Arnova8G2: Gcam_6.2.030_Advanced_V2.2.2beta2.190910.1840.apk (2019-09-10) (Android 9+)
    - MarcAnt01: GCam-6.2.024-cstark27-Urnyx05-MarcAnt01Minimalv2.1.apk (2019-06-29) (Android 9+)

    Google Camera 6.1 (Android 8+):
    - Arnova8G2: Gcam_6.1.021_Advanced_V1.7.190716.1800.apk (2019-07-16)
    - Tolyan009: MGC_6.1.021_BSG_Arnova-based_v.1.4a_TlnNeun.apk (2019-02-28)

    Google Camera 5.x (Android 8+):
    - Arnova's v8.3b1 (2018-08-25):
    - Download | Google Drive | Suggested Settings | Changelog

    - Tolyan's v1.0.15_final_fix (2018-11-02):
    - Download | Google Drive | Suggested Settings | Changelog

    Legacy versions (Android 7+):
    - Arnova's 5.1.018_v1.2 (GCam 5, 2017-12-11):
    - Download | Google Drive | Suggested Settings | Changelog

    - BSG v4.0 (GCam 4, 2017-09-27):
    - Download | Google Drive | Suggested Settings | Changelog

    Arnova8G2, BSG, defcomg, ivanich, Tolyan009, skulshady, Urnyx05, and many others.
    Stable settings for Arnova8G2's apks based on GCam 5.1.014, v10 or above. Tested on a OP3 running LOS 14.1.

    Config camera HDR+:
    Nexus 6 Auto (or something with "Nexus 6" in the name. Nexus 6P and Pixel settings are not stable)
    Pixel 2XL (or Nexus 6P if you want more detailed images)
    HDR+ parameters:
    Default (or higher)

    - Check the "Advanced" menu for some useful settings/features:
    -- Portrait mode, RAW, etc (check the main post for a list of working features)
    - Android Oreo users: you may need to go to "Debugging and tools" and uncheck "camera.use_photos" so you can see your photos from inside the app.
    - The rest (video resolution, camera sounds, etc) is up to you.

    - Some of the options mentioned here are not available on older apks.
    - You need to restart the app so the new settings are applied.

    Motion Photos:
    - You need to be running Android 8+ (doesn't work on Android 7 or older);
    - Not as stable as the settings above;
    - You need to have Google Photos installed;

    Config camera HDR+:
    One of the Pixel 2017 settings
    Pixel 2XL
    HDR+ parameters:
    Default (or higher)
    Photo Resolution (important):
    (16:9) 12.1 megapixels (4:3 don't work with motion photos)

    Warning: You need to restart the app so the new settings are applied.


    Why these settings?
    It's up to you. I use the "Nexus 6P" option because it produces more detailed/crisp photos (downside: more noise) when compared to the Pixel settings. Because most users seem to prefer the "Pixel" quality (less noise and smaller file size, but also less detail), if you are one of them, use the "Pixel 2XL" option.

    Config camera HDR+:
    On the OP3/3T we are forced to choose one of the "Nexus 6" settings (Nexus 6 Auto, Nexus 6 ZLS, etc). All the other configs crash the app or work partially (but end up crashing under certain conditions... eg: when taking pictures of bright things).

    HDR+ parameters:
    tl;dr: higher settings = better quality, but it takes more time to process the image.

    Others have shared their tests here and the difference is not huge, so start with the "default" setting (the lower available) and go higher if needed.
    For those who are waiting for a reply, fixes, etc, from Arnova8G2:

    I'm told that he was in a motorcycle accident and spent a few days in the hospital. According to his friend, he's using a wheelchair, but will be able to walk again with physiotherapy. For this reason, he will be away from development for a while.

    I wish him a full and speedy recovery.

    To do a test on OP3/OP3t

    Works on Android 8.1
    - Add fix from B-S-G mod
    - Fix all devices with a green hue on the front camera
    - Fix pink tint for some device Samsung
    - Some fix for OP5t

    Works on OP5t OOS 8.1 B18, OP6 OOS 9.0.1, Mi5 Lineage OS 15.1, Mi5s Lineage OS 16.

    All works except Slow motion, Photobooth and Zoom for OP5t/OP6.

    Drive google :

    Mirror XDA:DevDB :
    Fixes moved to this page:

    » Front Camera Fix and Slow Motion Fix the OnePlus 3 and 3T

    Feel free to use this thread for support.