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[OP5T][LATEST 9.0.11] Collection of unbrick tools

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is there update for unbrick oneplus 5t with Android 10?
I am stuck since I cannot boot normally ( after magisk unistall of a stock ROM android 10, I locked bootloader w/o debugging option enabled)
Moreover, I cannot unlock bootloader by fastboot.
You don't need latest version to unbrick your device, you can use 9.0.11 tool or any other if you would like to.

Hi @Some_Random_Username can you update this to 10.0.1 while keeping 9.0.11 as backup so that people can revert back to Android 9 if they wish to do so ?
Apologies for late answer, I missed the tag. I am not aware of any 10.0.1 MSM, but if you do become, please let me know and I will add it to the OP. I don't make these files so cannot update them myself.


Mar 10, 2021
You don't need latest version to unbrick your device, you can use 9.0.11 tool or any other if you would like to.
thanks; I just needed a confirmation before to proceed.
But I was wondering, if unlock bootloader would erase all data... why you cannot unlock bootloader by an option into OS?
Stated like this, seems there is no reason...there is no way to force the unlock bootloader?
Then I would be able to install TWRP and flash stock or custom ROM.


Oct 15, 2016
Hi! i cant download any version. In all versions i get the message "oops!, no mirrors found."
Can someone upload it again to google drive or something like that? Thanks!

edit: i noticed that is uploaded to another server. Thanks anyway!
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Senior Member
Feb 25, 2011
it didnt work for me, can you tell me how you did it?

I'm just connecting it as normal (Device off, cable connected, press volume up + down, launch MSM as admin). In fact it connects easier than my 6T or 8T does oddly enough.

Only thing I maybe doing differently is I have been doing some testing, so I was installing Lineage in between these. So I am unlocking the phone and modifying and it? Maybe that's why it's successful for me? Not sure why it would really matter though.


May 1, 2021
Sadece normal şekilde bağlıyorum (Cihaz kapalı, kablo bağlı, ses açma + kısma tuşlarına basın, MSM'yi yönetici olarak başlatın). Aslında, garip bir şekilde 6T veya 8T'mden daha kolay bağlanıyor.

Belki farklı yaptığım tek şey, bazı testler yapıyor olmam, bu yüzden bunların arasına Lineage kuruyordum. Yani telefonun kilidini açıyorum ve değiştiriyorum ve? Belki de bu yüzden benim için başarılıdır? Yine de neden önemli olduğundan emin değilim.
thanks, i will try again later

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