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OPEN BETA for 17.1 UNOFFICIAL LineageOS T550 rom

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Nov 16, 2017
I read everything you wrote regarding the T555 and I am trying to create a T555 build on top of your work here.
For those following along with the T555 build, see



Jun 30, 2015
Hello Retiredtab
Thank you for the new image. Works as usual precise as a Swiss watch :D
As I have seen, there is in the meantime someone who builds an image for the T555. Since I own such a tablet myself, I am of course very interested.
As you told me last time, you are working on a new image for the T800, any success yet ?
Is there a link where I can follow this ?

Friendly greetings


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Nov 16, 2017
The reason for why 17.1 SElinux = permissive is because the msm8916 team made it permissive on purpose as per

I have NO IDEA when or if they will make it enforcing as I'm using their repos to build the rom.


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Feb 14, 2013
Wow, can't belive, that my old SM-T550 is running fine with Android 10 (I used the latest rom (lineage-17.1-20210509-UNOFFICIAL-gt510wifi.zip)). very good job!
I installed Nova Launcher with compagnion app - which works like a charm... and th ebest thing, Kodi 19.1 with LifeTV (SAT-IP)) runs fine.

just one thing... It is possible to root, if yes, how?

Before I installed this version, I had the stockrom, which was rooted with super su.

Thx for any suggestion how to do this.


Feb 19, 2018
I just installed the rom coming from virsys lineageOS android 9 which I used for quite some time now. Just wanted to say that this los 17 rom is amazing, thanks for your work!


Nov 9, 2019
Hello everyone, and especially hello @retiredtab
I just found this this ROM/Thread from the "old" thread from virsys .
Can't wait to try this one.
Hopefully, it will manage to revive my old SM-T550 so that I can give it to my mother-in-law. :)

One question though: Seeing that it got quite a few updates since the initial post, is TWRP still the recommended version or should/could I use the latest version (also listed on the page you linked)?


Nov 9, 2019
I used TWRP 3.4.0-0 for the virsys rom and upgraded to TWRP 3.5.2_9 to flash this ROM. I did not try it with 3.4.0-0, though. because it is not much effort to upgrade.
Thanks for the reply.
Now all I need is a step by step guide on how to flash the OS.
It has been a few years again, and I completely forgot again. :p
EDIT: Managed to almost brick my tab twice, but It's running now, and it looks really great!
Awesome work! Thank you very much!
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    New build called lineage-17.1-20210917-UNOFFICIAL-gt510wifi.zip

    Sept 17, 2021 release notes
    1. Sept 5 security patches as per https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/android_build/+/316083
    2. Whatever LiineageOS changed since last August release (about 49,500 files had to be recompiled).

    NOTE: 18.1 continues to be my daily driver. I will likely stop making 17.1 monthly builds in 2022. That is, Dec 5, 2021 security patches will likely be the last 17.1 build.
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    BEFORE YOU decide to try this rom, please read all of post 1 and 2.

    The UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 17.1 T550 ROM


    Let me be clear, I have the SM-P550, NOT the SM-T550.

    So I built a SM-P550 rom which is almost the same as the SM-T550 except the "P" stands for Pen.

    I believe my P550 rom with minor modifications will work on the T550, but I have no T550 to test it on. I believe it will work because I have used virsys T550 rom on my P550 and it works, but the X-axis touch is inverted.

    So I built SM-P550 with code to fix the X-axis touch inverted problem and it's one of line code. If I leave that one line of code out, then the X-axis will be correct for the T550. I have tested my 17.1 T550 rom on my P550 and it works, but again with the X-axis inverted. Just remember I don't have a T550 to test it on so you may run into bootloops, stuck at boot animation, etc.

    If you are NOT an expert in using fastboot, adb, odin, heimdall, twrp, DO NOT attempt this ROM. You must know how to use these tools to revert back to your old rom. I'm not a Windows user so do not expect any help from me. My main OS is Lubuntu 20.04 LTS and all my roms are built on this platform.

    If you are new to flashing custom roms, do NOT attempt this.

    If you need your tablet for work and something important, do NOT flash this rom. This rom could result in a bricked device or boot loop or non booting device or you not being able to revert back to your old rom.

    Again, the T550 rom that I built does boot and function on my P550, but I have no T550 to verify.


    The rom has the latest monthly 2021 security patches.

    What works

    1. bluetooth
    2. wifi
    3. brightness
    4. external audio
    5. GPS
    6. audio through headphone jack
    7. camera
    8. touchscreen X-axis works properly
    9. Google play store - use pico apps
    10. flip flap smart cover
    11. audio over bluetooth

    What doesn't work

    1. LineageOS FM Radio app does not work. The P550 and T550 don't have the LTE chipset for it to work.

    2. The stock Jelly browser crashes a lot. Use a different browser. There's lots of better options that are more stable and reliable than the built in Jelly browser.

    3. Home screen text may look fuzzy.

    Text on home screen looks funny/fuzzy. This only seems to affect the home screen and nowhere else. I have seen the same problem on the SM-T350, SM-T560NU, SM-P550 and Nexus 7 2013.

    Problem is with stock trebuchet launcher and/or its fonts. I tried rootless pixel launcher from fdroid as a quick and simple test and see no problems with home screen text. Rootless pixel uses a different font though. A future LineageOS update could resolve the problem?
    @Schaagi, thanks for the feedback on the BETA image.

    I will likely make another January 2021 T550 BETA image once the January security patches are released and open it to everyone after I do some initial testing of my own on the P550. This is assuming there are no problems with the 2021 January security patches and all the changes that go along with it. More on this later.

    Just to give you an idea of my own build and test process as not everyone does the same for the roms they release. It's a long read, but something I will probably add to every FAQ in my rom builds in 2021 so people can understand and appreciate what it takes.

    1. I test and verify each of my posted builds for basic functionality such as wifi, GPS, external audio, deep sleep, etc. For each working build that I post publicly, I probably have 30 builds that failed and will never share. They fail because of stuck at boot animation, boot loops, or some major functionality that doesn't work. Usually these problems occur when moving from one major Android release to another like 9 to 10. And yes, I'm having problems building Android 11 despite my efforts for the last 3 months with stuck at boot animation and boot loops.

    Each build takes a minimum of 15 minutes if I'm lucky and sometimes a clean build takes around 10 hours. Most of the time, it's somewhere in between depending on what I need to change.

    2. After I get an image that functionally works, I use that build for a couple days to make sure there are no random reboots or crashes. However, while it functionally works, I cannot test stability and reliability.

    An example of stability is, I might use wifi for 2 hours with no problems, but someone else using wifi for 24x7 might run into memory leaks which causes the tablet to lockup or reboot.

    An example of reliability is, I might use GPS once in my car for 20 minutes with no problems, but a food delivery person might use GPS 20 time a day and GPS might fail on the 21st time.

    Stability and reliability are virtually impossible for me to test. This is where the BETA testers can help. Even then, my builds will never be bug free when you consider the scope and scale as I write below.

    3. Monthly security builds include refreshing over 1,500 repositories, 70,000 files and probably over 1 million lines of code. Most of the time, the monthly build goes well and before I post a public image, I test each build for the same basic functionality. Again, I can't test stability and reliability.

    For the P550, I was only able to make 2 public posted 16.0 builds because something changed in one of the 1,500 repositories, 70,000 files and probably over 1 million lines of code that caused the build to not boot properly. I tried troubleshooting for several weeks, but I gave up and luckily found another source where I can get a working 16.0 and 17.1 P550 build. So I spent a few weeks really testing my P550 before I felt comfortable to even begin asking for T550 BETA testers. For the P550 build, I probably made over 100+ failed builds.

    Obviously, I can't test features that I never use or have access to. And there will always be someone who is going to be unhappy no matter what so that's why in all my FAQs I state that if you are unhappy with this rom, go back to the old one. Or they can build their own version as all the code I use is open source and all my fixes are documented, open source and free for everyone to use.
    FAQ - I spent hundreds of hours building this rom. The least you can do is spend a few minutes reading everything before posting.

    Q1) Why are you releasing a ROM for a tablet that you do not own?
    A1) I don't own the SM-T550, but have the SM-P550. I also build roms for the SM-T350 and SM-T560NU. All these platforms use the same msm8916 code base. As such, all my work from the SM-T350, SM-T560NU and SM-P550 could possibly benefit SM-T550 users. For one P550 owner, there are probably twenty T550 owners.

    Q2) What if my app, xyz, doesn't work?
    A2) I won't answer questions regarding why your app doesn't work. If your app, whatever it is, doesn't work, then go back to your old rom. It's difficult enough building and maintaining these roms. Remember, I'm an unpaid volunteer making a rom for free for your benefit, not mine as I don't even have the T550.

    Q3) Your rom is laggy and buggy.
    A3) If you find the above, then go back to your old rom. There's only so much software can do on a 2015 budget level tablet. Remember a budget tablet will have the slower SoC/CPU and less DRAM than a top of the line model. Your tablet will also run slower when you use gapps (google apps). You can run a lot of software without using gapps. Research newpipe, microg, youtube vanced, aurora store etc.

    Q4) What TWRP should I use?
    A4) Use Get it at

    Q5) Why should I use this rom?
    A5) You don't. I only offer it because I have built the SM-P550 and it was an easy change to make a SM-T550 rom. If you don't like this rom, then don't use it. Yes, it's that simple.

    Q6) Can you build SM-T555 (LTE) or a crDroid version of the SM-T550?
    A6) No. All the source code is open source and my changes are in the repo diff file. You can use these two with the roomservice.xml to build your own rom.

    Q7) Will you offer monthly updates with security patches?
    A7) That all depends on if I continue to have high speed Internet and on the reaction of the posts in this thread. If people are going to complain, then I have NO incentive to make an update. Remember, I don't have the T550 so I get zero benefit from making this rom for myself.

    Q8) Can you help me? I'm a newbie. Can you provide step by step instructions?
    A8) There are lots of tutorials, videos, etc on how to flash roms. Do your own research.

    Q9) Can I report a bug with respect to the rom?
    A9) Yes, but you need to supply a) how to recreate it b) a logcat c) a github commit showing how it was fixed. Even then, if I don't have the means to recreate it, I won't be working on it.

    Q10) Can I build this rom? Where are the source and kernel source files?
    A10) Yes. The kernel source files are at

    Q11) Okay, I understand the consequences and that this is beta rom and willing to take the risks outlined, now where can I find the rom?
    A11) Downloads are at

    New January 2021 build at

    Release notes for Jan 15, 2021
    1. Jan 5 security patches.
    2. Whatever LineageOS changed since last Dec 2020 update.
    New build called lineage-17.1-20210215-UNOFFICIAL-gt510wifi.zip. It's at

    Feb 15, 2021 release notes.
    1. Feb 5 security patches
    2. Whatever LiineageOS changed since last January release.