Open Camera Mod - real 64MP for Redmi Note 8 Pro [no root]

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Tinderbox (UK)

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Mar 31, 2010
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Apr 16, 2015
I couldn´t set up the camera

thank you. I'm using version 184 already. but this app is like better.

It didn´t work for me. I have Pixel Experience on my rn8pro


Because the picture isn´t showing the error:
-Device platform: arm64 - v8a
-Copying image to cache
!Unsupported/Unknown image format
!Installation failed
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Kavindu sashanka

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Jan 6, 2022
Ive tested this on my Redmi Note 8 Pro on stock MIUI 12. For me it is working. It is a source code mod on the open source project Open Camera

Why would you want this?
Currently it doesnt offer much over the stock MIUI Camera App, they both have real 64MP, but Open Camera allows a sequence of images without having to press the shutter button over, for me this was motivation to get this to work, as I plan on stacking images.

It is working on my stock Redmi Note 8 Pro with MIUI 12. In theory it should work on any Xiaomi device with high resolution quad filter array sensors if they are using the same methods, but I only have this one to test it with.

How to use it
You will have to uninstall Open Camera in order to install this if youre using Open Camera (official). Once open tap the gear icon on the upper right to open settings, scroll down to Camera API, change it to Camera2. Then in Photo settings change resolution to 64MP. Back in the main settings area, under processing settings you may turn Noise reduction algorithm to off and Edge algorithm to off if you wish so.

RAW does not work in Open Camera, as it tries to automatically open a raw image request with the highest reported RAW size available, the phone reports that 64MP RAW_SENSOR is indeed available but the configuration fails whenever you try to open it, I dont know why yet and if its possible to enable RAW 64MP or not. MIUI Camera actually supports RAW as well its just disabled.

Additionally, disabling noise reduction doesnt appear to turn noise reduction off (at least not fully) in low ISO, so low contrast texture details are likely still to get smeared out regardless. On the bright side it does to disable higher ISO noise reduction to some degree and there appears to be plenty of noise (this is good for stacking since we can recover details from the noise cancelling out, when noise reduction smooths out the noise + destroys low contrast, texture details etc, even stacking wont bring them back).

The Proof
These image samples have been enlarged by 300% digitally to avoid compression and for larger viewing size to ascertain differences, the GCam images were shot with GCam Reborn so that you can see it does indeed capture a lot more detail, the 16mp Open Camera sample was also captured with the mod on, it appears to have improved detail over regular 16mp shots as well.

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