Opera Mobile Beta released!

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finally =D
this could probably be the point why i change to android now.
the opera mobile browser was always the best i found, not only fast in browsing, its even fast to handle, i mean, tab switching is so easy and fast, so much faster than on standard android browser, and i dont need pinch to zoom, cause opera mobile on winmo got so awsome one tap, double tab zoom...
i hope the android version will be like that too :)))
gonna use it today..


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Jun 17, 2010

stock browser is faster, renders better, supports flash, and DOES display non-latin fonts.
this one feels like the firefox beta... unstable and not for everyday use. hope the final is better i had huge expectation from the GPU acceleration support in opera.


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Jul 10, 2010
Charlotte, NC
wow am disappointed.

Was looking forward to this since I like syncing my desktop links with my mobile rowser and the availability of organizing bookmarks into folders.

But on first pass, this thing is VERY beta. Images would not load, pages loaded slower than the stock browser and it just felt buggy overall. Feels more like an alpha release than beta. Hope they can improve it.