General Opinion about (Unofficial) Pixel Experience Plus for Veux/Peux

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This is my first time using a pixel experience rom infact it's also my first time using any Android 12 rom and it's also my first time using an AOSP based rom, so please bare with me if I look absolutely stupid (i already apologize for that)

Just flashed the unofficial pixel experience plus on my poco X4 pro
here are some stuff i like and don't like about the rom
I flashed it using adb sideload with lineage unoffical recovery for the device

Before anyone asks yes it also works for the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G (Since when did naming phones become similiar to writing a dictionary?)

This build of pixel experience plus uses the perf kernel which is somewhat okay for performance

Rooting - Rooting a pixel experience rom or any GSI rom is harder than rooting Miui roms but i guess for you guys it's not that hard...

Performance - I'm sorry but for some reason I could not get Antutu Bench Mark to run on the device with pixel experience installed
Everytime I tried to install the Antutu benchmark 3d apk it would give me an apk parsing error I've tried rebooting several times but cannot find a solution yet

Miui Eu used to give me around 360k - 390k

Though I could not get Antutu Benchmark to run on the device i can definitely feel it being much smoother and by using an fps meter in high demanding games such as cod mobile i can see a difference in fps
For some reason no fps unlocker could unlock 120 fps for cod mobile on miui but somehow it works on the pixel experience plus

Also with pixel experience plus you can set CPU Freq and GPU Freq to max without it reverting back just like Miui (I do not recommend doing this as it is not good for the processor)

UI - This is obvious but Pixel Experience Plus is much much better, the animations are smooth the full screen gestures have no problems

Battery Backup - Yeah unfortunately it's worser than Miui but not by a crazy margin

Fast Charging - This is where pixel experience plus lags behind the fast charging isn't as fast as it was on Miui

Touch Issues - This is a very rare occurance but there are ghost touches occuring especially when the phone is left in idle state with screen on for some time

Sound Quality - Noticeably worser than Miui sadly...

Bloatware - very few like chrome (some people like chrome being installed though but i personally use brave browser) but you can easily remove it by the several methods u can find on the forum or through YouTube

Camera - it comes installed with Gcam Go and the photo quality is good but you should probably use Gcam itself

Proximity Sensor - Broken, phone screen stays on during calls

Bluetooth calling: Broken, causes phone to crash

Data/Wifi Connectivity - I can feel my wifi being a little bit slower on this device compared to my other but it could just be a me thing

SafetyNet - Passes by default

Overall - Great if you don't like heavy customisations, raw performance, a little bit slower charging (which is actually good for your battery) and material you theming

What do I miss from Miui?

Game Turbo - Although Pixel Experience Plus has a game mode inbuilt it's no way as good as Miui Game Turbo

Floating Windows - I guess there is no beating Miui when it comes to Floating Windows...

Would appreciate if anyone knows any kind of fixes to my problems mentioned above...
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Mar 18, 2011
You forgot to mention:
- proximity sensor not working (phone screen stays on during calls)
- Bluetooth calls not working (causing the phone to crash)


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Sep 11, 2012
Huawei Y6
How is the camera resolution in gcam /pixel expirience ? In miui I never get more then 12mp, never the 108mp like with the original cam


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May 12, 2010
I'm using Pixel Experience 13, and the camera takes 12.0MP 3000x4000 resolution.