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[OPN100][OOS 81AA/83BA] Unbrick tool to restore your device to OxygenOS

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    Disclaimer: By attempting any of the processes listed in this thread you accept full responsibility for your actions. I will not be held responsible if your device stops working, catches fire, or turns into a hipster and claims to have been modified before it was cool.
    Hi everyone, similar to the previous threads for
    OP3, OP3T, OP5, OP5T, OP6, OP6T, OP7, OP7PRO, regular OP7T, T-Mobile OP7T, regular OP7TPRO, T-Mobile OP7TPro 5G, regular OP8, T-Mobile OP8, Verizon OP8, Visible OP8, OP8Pro, OP Nord, regular OP8T, T-Mobile OP8T and Nord N10 5G here are the EDL packages (also known as MSM tools or unbrick tools) that can revive a bricked OnePlus Nord N100.

    You should be able to rollback your phone to a previous release of OOS with them if for some reason you want to go back to an older firmware :)

    Please note that on N10 crossflashing regional builds is no longer possible by EDL, flash is tied to device project ID. I therefore expect same to happen on N100. For reference EU devices project ID is 20883 while international devices project ID is 20881.

    BE81AA tools (global firmware):

    ANDROID 10:

    BE83BA tools (european firmware):

    ANDROID 10:


    Launch MsmDownloadTool V4.0.exe.

    On the login prompt select "Other" in the dropdown menu and click on Next.
    Wait a few seconds until main window shows up.

    Press Start button so that it waits for your device to be connected
    Power off your device
    Maintain volume up and down buttons to get into Qualcomm EDL mode.
    Plug your device to your computer.
    Should you not manage to do that and have adb access, you can use adb reboot edl instead
    Wait ~300 seconds.
    Enjoy your brand new device.


    Does this work on Mac or on Linux?

    Unfortunately no, tool is Windows only. You should need at least Windows 7.

    Why is my antivirus freaking out when unzipping the archive or running the tool?

    In an effort to protect reverse engineering from being done (and by extension prevent conversion process like it was done on 6T and 7Pro), OnePlus now use VM Protect V3 in their MSM tools. As this tries to detect debug environment, this is seen as malicious behaviour by some antivirus.

    How can I check my device project ID?

    Use getprop ro.boot.project_name. This however involve having ADB access or access to OxygenOS to use Termux or whatever terminal emulator you prefer.

    My device isn't detected

    Go to device manager and make sure your phone shows up as QDLOADER 9008.
    If it shows up as QHUSB_BULK, it means Qualcomm driver wasn't installed automatically by Windows Update. Download the latest one from Microsoft website at http://download.windowsupdate.com/c..._fba473728483260906ba044af3c063e309e6259d.cab (source https://www.catalog.update.microsof...updateid=8ee52ba0-bdef-4009-88cf-335a678dd67a ) and install it manually by right clicking on QHUSB_BULK and selecting "Update driver software" and "Browse my computer for driver software" to where you downloaded CAB file.
    If you can't get into EDL mode by hardware keys, you may use adb reboot edl (will require your phone to still have ADB access)

    MSM tool is stuck on "Param pre-processing"

    Ensure you're using the Qualcomm drivers linked above.

    MSM tool is stuck on "Sahara communication failed"
    Unplug your phone, get in fastboot mode, turn off phone, wait 15 secondes and get back in Qualcomm EDL mode. You can also try using a USB 2.0 port instead of a 3.0 one.

    What is SMT Download mode?
    Just don't try to unlock that mode, it will wipe your IMEI and your Widevine certificate if you use it.

    How can I fix "SMT config not found" error?

    Please refer to https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=83448961&postcount=61

    @lsthps for testing 10.5.2 BA version on his device
    Votton for providing a server as an alternative mirror
    OnePlus for the device and OS
    Worked great, thank you! Just one click and the device is back to life. Awesome!
    Added MSM tool for global build (10.5.3 BE81AA).
    Do you happen to have the Metro branded MSM tool?
    Unfortunately no but feel free to DM me so that I can tell you how you can try to obtain it.
    Added OOS 10.5.7 (EU) and 10.5.5 (global) MSMs