Oppo Reno 5G - Updates in Europe

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Neo XL

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Feb 24, 2006
OPPO Reno 10x Zoom
I,ve bought now a Samsung S20 Ultra, much better camera and faster, better software and display and for a very good price. Never again Oppo after this experience. Wish you all good luck, that an update to Color OS 11 will come in the future, i´ve had no more hope for this.


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Oct 28, 2021
hi android 11 is possible with a custom rom, lieage 18 is avaiable...is there anyone who has tried it?


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hi android 11 is possible with a custom rom, lieage 18 is avaiable...is there anyone who has tried it?
unfortunately no, to unlock the bootloader we need the Oppo test apk and I tried it and it doesn't work on the 5g version.
the device is dead in terms of updates, enjoy it the way it is because we'll never get an update.. 😭
It was my favourite smartphone in recent years, and in some ways it still is but it's time to move on.
We'll have to accept curved screens, hole punches, camera bumps, bad thermals and battery life.
I haven't seen a recent phone that doesn't have those things except this one.
I'm tempted to buy a 10x zoom just because I'm stubborn 🤣


Jun 17, 2020
Uk support ,, i think there is no chance


Jun 2, 2021
But to be honest coloros is far more stable then miui ... If you chosed a oneplus its better for you

Thank you!

I already bought my Xiaomi. But thanks for the suggest. I'm gonna see with xiaomi mi11 series if I like it... I already have a redmi note 8 in the past and I was in love with it but the xiaomi redmi note 8 doesn't support band 17 witch is important for me as my carrier support band 4, 7 and 17... So i return it with a little pinch in heart because I was loving it so much... So i'm excited to see the mi 11i now!


Jun 2, 2021
I'll never buy an Oppo/Realme/Oneplus/Vivo phone .

Stay away from these brands

Maybe this is the cost when we Buy a chinese phone. Sometimes they are updated, sometimes not!

I think the reno 5g isn't a bad phone, it has good performance but for the update policy, this phone is abandonned!

My husband have an OP8 and it will have coloros 12 for sure, and it comes with android 10 out of the box...

I think i'll never buy an OPPO phone again too, I bought a xiaomi now (xiaomi mi 11i). For sure it's a good device too, but maybe it will be the same as OPPO and the update policy will not be applied correctly. I don't know! I will try it!


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Apr 22, 2011
I also bought a mi 11 lite 5g
With xiaomi you can unlock the bootloader, install twrp and flash a custom rom after 2 years .
So your pgone will also be updated even though is no more supported directly by xiaomi .
Forget Oppo

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