Optimized LineageOS19.1 v6.0 [23June]

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May 10, 2010
i not shure at 100% but i flash v5 rom without gapps and use about 4 days - and wifi problem never appears (maybe need more testing, but it looks more stable)


Mar 12, 2010
then I will use this rom daily and when I have to travel I will install the stock one thank you very much for the excellent work


Mar 12, 2010
thanks so i will do it
I am also noticing that when I use chrome it has stopped working I accept and I get UI has stopped working
also when i use opencamera and open gallery sometimes a pink screen stays and ui crashes


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Jul 11, 2011
Wifi was not the Problem. The Problem was Mobile Internet. With 4.0 is this Fixed

nice findings mate. the bad news is that its surely hardware and its a combo of softkeys and display.
the reason that old roms are booting, is the kernel. older kernel has got other firmwares. Maybe somewhere when samsung was updating jf kernel, they killed your variant. i cant debug it so easy...specially now that i dont have your device variant

I have a S4 (originally att) that the power button died, so I bought a used 9505 motherboard online for $20 and replaced it. it works and would accept lineage 14, but wont ever finish the first boot on lineage 19. the softkeys didn't work in lineage 14 and I had to use an app to make it virtual on-screen.

from the 2 posts I saw above, it looks like there might be a cause from the miss-match of the 9505 motherboard and the the ATT softkeys.

is there a fix or should I just got back to 14?

thanks in advance

(it wont let me upload kmsg for whatever reason, please see link below)

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Mar 12, 2010
Good afternoon, this is what happens to me sometimes when I take photos and then I see them in the gallery, the screen stays pink, then scratches, then the black screen, and then this message appears. System UI does not respond
close application

IMG_20220525_173027.jpg IMG_20220525_173345.jpg
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May 12, 2016
Also, what are the optimisations in LOS++ that official LOS does not know about or cannot do or haven't done?
why have they not?
I want to understand how LOS++ is different from LOS official

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    Update in sight --> version 6 (github)
    Thanks to @side
    hahaha i love u <3
    yea...version6 is coming...it was late because lineageos, once again, fcked up the legacy
    Update in sight --> version 6 (github)
    Thanks to @side
    Will there be a Open Gapps pico for this ROM soon?
    Or is MindtheGapps as small as pico regarding number of stock apps/size?
    Open GApps are not officially support A12L yet. But there is Unofficial builds by Recognized Contributor. You can find it in my S4 Unified Collection & Guides or directly here.
    MindTheGApps it's like nano, with Google App.
    Anyone that has an other model than GT-I9505 but the model is compatible with this ROM:
    Can you test my unofficial TWRP 3.6.2 build?
    I would thank you!
    Thread link:
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    Optimized LineageOS 19.1
    a custom LineageOS ROM with some extra sauce, made by me <3

    ⚠️ DISCLAIMER ⚠️
    Your warranty is now void.
    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
    Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing!
    YOU are choosing to make these modifications and if, YOU point the finger at us for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.


    • Based on Official LineageOS 19.1 (Android 12.1)
    • Latest Security Updates integrated
    • Improved Speed, Stability, RAM usage & Battery drain
    • Powered by Buffcore Kernel - some / most / all of the following may or may not be hooked up yet.
    • Many, many more - install and see for yourself!;)
    • Buffcore

      • set config_hz to 300
      • add intelliplug
      • tweak our touch boost
      • add color control tweak
      • stop lowclocks from defconfig
      • build with gzip
      • quickwakeup - the kernel can semi-wakeup and decide if needs to end suspend or return to suspend with losing
      • doze
      • fully optimized toolchain flags
      • reduced sleep timeout
      • dynamic file syncing - early_suspend and dyn_fsync by default
      • print to dmesg log when a suspend gets broken
      • sdfat enabled
      • fastcharge implemented (up to 1900 ac / 1600 usb)
      • bcmhd wakelocks for rx and tx halved
      • libmemcopy and libstring sped up
      • io readahead to 1024k
      • power efficient work queues
      • voltage tweaking user interface
      • faster vmstat
      • autosmp hotplugging replacement
      • mmc crc disabled
      • allow for lower cpu voltage
      • reduce swapiness
      • optimize divide / multiply by power of 2
      • added tcp optimization options
      • set westwood default
      • optimize cbfillrect function
      • reduce wifi wakelock times
      • nohz: reduce overhead under high-freq idling patterns


    • GT-I9505 (jfltexx)
    • GT-I9505G (jgedlte)
    • GT-i9507 (jtfddxx)
    • GT-i9508 (jfltezm)
    • SCH-I545 (jfltevzw) VERIZON USERS: since your Bootloader is locked, you must be on the VRUAMDK
    • SCH-I545L (jfltelra)
    • SCH-R970 (jflteusc)
    • SCH-R970C (jfltecri)
    • SCH-R970X (jfltecsp)
    • SGH-I337 (jflteatt) AT&T USERS: since your Bootloader is locked, you must be on the UCUAMDB or UCUAMDL
    • SGH-I337M (jftlecan)
    • SGH-l337Z (jfltecri)
    • SGH-M919 (jfltemo)
    • SGH-S970G (TracFone / Straight Talk)
    • SM-S975L (TracFone / Straight Talk)
    • SPH-L720 (jfltespr)
    • SPH-l720T (jflterefreshspr)
    • jfltezm - China Mobile
    • jfltetfnatt
    • jfltetfntmo
    Do 'getprop ro.bootloader' in Terminal Emulator or through ADB shell to find out which Bootloader you have.



    You can find everything you need in S4 Unified Collection & Guides by Retrial.

    Side (and JDCTeam) UNIVERSE 🪐

    You can find the total work of JDCTeam and mine, over the years Here.

    Available at JDCTeam GitHub

    My loyal Slack team <3

    XDA People testing

    You are welcome to join the Official JDCTeam chat/test group in Slack 🗣️
    v4 is ready <3 thanks you everyone ( will be uploaded in 10mins?)
    • Upstream merge until 23 April
    • Fix Chromium-based browsers crashes
    • Use crdroidandroid launcher
    • QS: Better clip animation
    • QS: Stop showing build number
    • Make the loading "spinner" animation smoother
    • Smoother Upload and Download Animation
    • AutofillManager: Turn off logging by default
    • Add support for app signature spoofing aka microg
    • ripple: Replace with Fluent Design-inspired ripple animation
    • Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
    • Disable hwui drawing debugging
    • SystemUI: Split status bar icon controls for vibrate and mute
    v5 released
    V3 is out.

    • RIL seems to be fixed
    • New icons
    • New wallpapers
    • CPU optimizations and battery
    • UI/UX sync with upstream