Optimized LineageOS19.1 v7.0 [25Aug]

The future of Optimized LineageOS

  • Stop it. We need a new base like crdroid or ResurrectionRemix for more tweaks

  • Keep doing what you do.

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Aug 8, 2022
I have a request

Can you pls make a android 12 rom for SM-a500F

It would mean a lot to me

btw i tried it on my old S4 ... worked perfectly


May 1, 2022
Just dirty flashed V6.0, Mindthegapps, Magisk 24.1 with TWRP 3.6.1_9-0
Came from inofficial Lineageos 18.1
So far no problems encountered
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Feb 25, 2014
getting camera error "Can't connect to the camera"

how do i get the error report from the phone so i can attach it here?


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Aug 25, 2022
I have a problem, every time I try to install an app from the playstore with this version of optimaze lineage tells me not enough space, but I have nothing in the phone, what should I do?


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Jun 27, 2022
I have Japanese version Galaxy S4 (SC-04E,jfltedcm).
My model was not in the list of supported devices, but I installed it and it works!!
I will note here the confirmed glitches, etc.
・Camera is not work
・Japanese-only features such as Felica and TV are not available.(This occurs in other roms as well)

These are translated by DeepL.
Thank you


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Jun 10, 2015
Samsung Galaxy S4
Xiaomi Poco F1
side has something to tell you... 😝


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Aug 23, 2010
V7 high battery drain, very hot and keeps disconnecting from wifi. Just me? No particular apps seem to be battery hogs according to battery stats page. Clean install of this, gapps pico and magisk.

Settings screens all have a large empty gap at top of screen before the headings. That normal?

Also, as with every version of Android it seems, I got stuck waiting indefinately at the "Just a minute" initial setup screen until I removed the microSD card - just mentioning that again in case anyone else is stuck with that too.
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Feb 2, 2013
Congrats on another great release side. :cool::cool::cool:. Excited to hear you will be working on 20.0 ! Looking forward to it. But very happy with v7.
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    @notnoelchannel joined JDCTeam side..lets see <3 give him some love
    since time flies and as you know i work (on ROM dev) alone 4 years now, i think i am a bit tired...i dont know if i can keep doing it alone. if you know any other dev (or at least a github user who can help me with some cherrypicks/merges) please tell him to send me.i need hands and help...
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    heyyy boooys <3 thanks for the love. yea i have plans for android13 while also maintaining 12. <3
    Ok my s4 works really nice , but I,m not using Gapps , I use Aurora Store and have little issues ,Is V8 on the way , was about to make a new video about S4
    Hey, I don't see v8 yet. :p (but side may wake up one morning and do it, Idk 🤪)
    I love your videos :love:
    jdcteam? actually me and Retrial ...
    My S4 i9505 is running optimized LineageOS 19.1 and the experience is very nice thank You so much , just got a new battery , unbelievable project , keep it up and no worry about A13 , we are proudly on 12 , until JDC decides something crazy again ..BIG UP and Love what You have.
    Same here. After consistent and sustained use I can say that it is ready to be your daily driver. Side has really outdone himself this time. I have had this phone since 2014 and it is still great because of side !! 🐯🐯🐯
    My S4 i9505 is running optimized LineageOS 19.1 and the experience is very nice thank You so much , just got a new battery , unbelievable project , keep it up and no worry about A13 , we are proudly on 12 , until JDC decides something crazy again ..BIG UP and Love what You have.
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    Optimized LineageOS 19.1
    a custom LineageOS ROM with some extra sauce, made by me ❤️

    ⚠️ DISCLAIMER ⚠️
    I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device.
    You have been warned!


    • Based on Official LineageOS 19.1 (Android 12.1)
    • Latest Security Updates integrated
    • Improved Speed, Stability, RAM usage & Battery drain
    • Powered by Buffcore Kernel - some / most / all of the following may or may not be hooked up yet.
    • Many, many more - install and see for yourself!;)
    • Buffcore

      • set config_hz to 300
      • add intelliplug
      • tweak our touch boost
      • add color control tweak
      • stop lowclocks from defconfig
      • build with gzip
      • quickwakeup - the kernel can semi-wakeup and decide if needs to end suspend or return to suspend with losing
      • doze
      • fully optimized toolchain flags
      • reduced sleep timeout
      • dynamic file syncing - early_suspend and dyn_fsync by default
      • print to dmesg log when a suspend gets broken
      • sdfat enabled
      • fastcharge implemented (up to 1900 ac / 1600 usb)
      • bcmhd wakelocks for rx and tx halved
      • libmemcopy and libstring sped up
      • io readahead to 1024k
      • power efficient work queues
      • voltage tweaking user interface
      • faster vmstat
      • autosmp hotplugging replacement
      • mmc crc disabled
      • allow for lower cpu voltage
      • reduce swapiness
      • optimize divide / multiply by power of 2
      • added tcp optimization options
      • set westwood default
      • optimize cbfillrect function
      • reduce wifi wakelock times
      • nohz: reduce overhead under high-freq idling patterns


    • GT-I9505 (jfltexx)
    • GT-I9505G (jgedlte)
    • GT-i9507 (jtfddxx)
    • GT-i9508 (jfltezm)
    • SCH-I545 (jfltevzw) VERIZON USERS: since your Bootloader is locked, you must be on the VRUAMDK
    • SCH-I545L (jfltelra)
    • SCH-R970 (jflteusc)
    • SCH-R970C (jfltecri)
    • SCH-R970X (jfltecsp)
    • SGH-I337 (jflteatt) AT&T USERS: since your Bootloader is locked, you must be on the UCUAMDB or UCUAMDL
    • SGH-I337M (jftlecan)
    • SGH-l337Z (jfltecri)
    • SGH-M919 (jfltemo)
    • SGH-S970G (TracFone / Straight Talk)
    • SM-S975L (TracFone / Straight Talk)
    • SPH-L720 (jfltespr)
    • SPH-l720T (jflterefreshspr)
    • jfltezm - China Mobile
    • jfltetfnatt
    • jfltetfntmo
    Do 'getprop ro.bootloader' in Terminal Emulator or through ADB shell to find out which Bootloader you have.



    You can find everything you need in S4 Unified Collection & Guides by Retrial.


    You can find the total work of JDCTeam and mine, over the years Here.

    Available at JDCTeam GitHub
    Kernel source
    Slack/Discord Team
    XDA People testing

    You are welcome to join our Server in Discord 🗣️
    You need to verify yourself to get a role. Read the FAQ.
    v7 released
    and yes i will work on 20.0
    v4 is ready <3 thanks you everyone ( will be uploaded in 10mins?)
    • Upstream merge until 23 April
    • Fix Chromium-based browsers crashes
    • Use crdroidandroid launcher
    • QS: Better clip animation
    • QS: Stop showing build number
    • Make the loading "spinner" animation smoother
    • Smoother Upload and Download Animation
    • AutofillManager: Turn off logging by default
    • Add support for app signature spoofing aka microg
    • ripple: Replace with Fluent Design-inspired ripple animation
    • Shorten wait time for shutdown time optimization
    • Disable hwui drawing debugging
    • SystemUI: Split status bar icon controls for vibrate and mute
    v6 released
    v5 released