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Mar 5, 2019
R11.1_1 STABLE
1. Add support for MIUI 12.x Android 11 decryption""""""

How this will happening? Im on xiaomi.eu dev. How can i decrypt? Im unable to mount vendor and system?

Anybody can help?


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Jul 17, 2013
So I have a "mi10T Lite 5g" with global rom installed version 12.0.2. (A10)
I did all the steps (unlocked BL etc) and managed to get orangefox as the default recovery.
One think i noticed is that orange fox recovery MTP (with windows) worked only when the global rom was installed. When I wiped the storage and format the phone , the MTP with windows was broken and I could transfer/flash files only via OTG.
I tried to install the beta eu named "xiaomi.eu_multi_HMNote9Pro5G_MI10TLite_21.7.21_v12-11.zip" via OTG

...and the result was an error from orange fox that either it was not the correct fw version or i did not mount the system partition or some other options...

I wiped,format data and reboot in order to try again an the phone bricked. It would not respond to power button and would not even turn on. Send it to service.

The phone was purchased 2 weeks ago :/
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May 16, 2017
Recovery doesnt ask me my password. So i cant see files on my internal strogae what should i do?. Iam running newst PE 12


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For the first time I seem to have managed to get the latest version of OF working after reflashing global 12.5.10, fastboot/flash OF in recovery and format data before reboot.

Just need help to get Magisk 25.0 installed properly............:unsure:
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Jun 28, 2022
i have mi 10i and i have pixel experience rom installed and pixel experience recovery installed with it i want to change recovery to orange fox but whenever i flash the zip file it is giving me error :-

"E3004: This package is for gauguin. This device (gauguininpro) is not supported."

How to fix it.

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