Oreo On NXT-L09 and L29

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Dec 11, 2010
For Signal Fix No need to flash your region cust follow these steps.
1.open any root explorer
2.goto /cust/all/cn/prop and rename local.prop to local.prop.bak
3.restart and wait for 10 seconds

I know its ugly but it works and you won't lose updater too.

Omg, that sounds so weird that I might try oreo installed from updater again... I didn't even back up xd

I Tried, no imei, sim detected nor signal :'c... doesnt work
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    Install oreo AL10 chinese version on Mate 8 L09

    1. You have to be in nougat, install the rollback to marshmallow creating on your MicroSD a folder named dload and inside this folder put the UPDATE.app, install with the 3 button combo or from the engineers menu, the change from l09 or 29 to al10 is only secure from android marshmallow..

    2. Install the rom B100 with the 3 button combo, if you have an unlocked bootloader it will relock, you must have to unlock the bootloader many times here (2 or 3)..

    3. After the reboot on the dload folder put the rom NXT-C00B129SP02, unzip this on dload and at the root of the sd put the OemInfo-all_cn.zip.

    4. Now you have marshmallow with the NXT-C00B129SP02... flash TWRP via fastboot i will upload all this files.

    5. Start the TWRP and flash OemInfo-all_cn.zip

    6. Restart the phone on bootloader, flash the stock recovery, restart from adb (fastboot reboot) and when the screen turns black press the up and down volume buttoms to flash the dload... dont let the phone boot winouth installing the dload.

    7. Now afther installing this you must be booting on marshmallow chinese version, some times this will take some time to boot, always leave it, if you wish you can update to 8 via ota but you probably aren't gonna have imei or signal, on your sd create a folder named B596 there you have to put HuRUpdater_0.4.zip and update.zip from B596 (everything uploaded in the pack).

    8. Now flash TWRP marshmallow again, install the HuRUpdater_0.4.zip in B596 ( when the phone vibrates press the volume down button to install ), when it's ready reboot the phone.

    9. Now you have Nougat chinese version ( no signal yet ), on your sd create a folder named B834 ( i will upload everything just to copy and paste) and there you will have the HuRUpdater_0.4.zip and update.zip... update_data_public.zip files..

    10. InstallTWRP Nougat and flash the HuRUpdater_0.4.zip.

    Now reboot the phone and wait, this will take time but it starts..

    L29 To al 10:

    You must check on Firmware Finder if your phone accepts the Oreo update.

    1. Downgrade to Emui 4.0 any version..
    2. With SRK tools change oeminfo y custom.bin to AL10. (You must have unlocked bootloader and root)
    3. Download the NXT-AL10C00B172 rom and install with the 3 button combo.
    4. Now you will have marshmallow with no signal.
    5. Conectar to WiFi and update via ota to the last version, it will be 4 or more, install all versions
    6. You will finish with B596
    7. With B596 install Firmware Finder y search for this rom (NXT-AL10C17B828 (, FF-No.: 152726) (Install it via Proxy).
    8. Now you have Oreo B829 winouth signal.
    9. Flash your cust ( from your region) via Fastboot with "fastboot flash cust cust.img"
    9. Wipe everything (factory reset) and booting first time deactivate the updater, if you dont maybe there will be a permanent menssaje)

    If you want open kirin!!

    Flash via adb this command

    fastboot flash system <name-of-rom-image-file>

    Install TWRP Oreo, open TWRP, change language to english and search for the option fix encription, swipe to install the script and wipe data, all here on TWRP, now reboot to system and leave it boot, i have my NXT L09 from Colombia, running Oreo 8.1.0 with Openkirin Resurrection Remix OS, sorry for my bad english and i accept comments...

    Link with everything for L09:


    Link with everything for L29:

    Good afternoon !! Does anyone have the Resurrection Remix rom that they can share with me. The Openkirin page is not available. Thank you so much !!
    Look for it on Telegram, it has an official OpenKirin channel with all the .img files

    Could you send me the telegram group link ?
    Thanks !!!