Original battery - where to buy ?

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Jul 26, 2010
near Novi Sad
I need to replace battery from my Mi max because it's too weak after year and half of heavy usage.
My question is from where to order original battery or at least some brand name like Polarcell or something similar ? I tried to order from ebay it says that's original but that's not the case because it physically like 1 or 2 mm smaller than original extracted from phone... And sot is like really small with new "original" battery...


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Nov 23, 2005
I need to replace my Mimax battery also but in Indonesia I couldn't find one that actually sells the original one. Most of them say original but it's not. I have contacted the local authorized service center but they don't have it.

Does anybody know in which country that sells it and willing to ship it out to Indonesia?



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Jun 13, 2013
New Delhi
Service center installed it, in your presense ( in front of you) or you replaced it yourself by buying it from service center? And for how much? And which approx place, city?
I got it installed at service centre , here , in Delhi, India. Well not actually in front of me, but they do it in a service room behind the reception. I think it cost me around 1500.