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Original Magic RUU Download Links

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Dec 7, 2009
Well for all users that they want to revert their phone back to factory rom/settings/hboot/radio etc you have to download an official RUU and just flash it.
This could also solve problems with HTC Service(warranty problems also) and Hboot/Radio mismatch problems
Now the links

HTC Magic Europe 3.05.401.3 version Download Link
HTC Magic Europe 2.20.401.2 version Download Link
HTC Magic Europe 2.17.401.2 version Download Link
HTC Magic Europe 3.04.401.2 version Download Link
HTC Magic Europe 2.17.401.3_Vodafone Download Link

HTC Magic Asia WWE_3.03.728.4_SEA Download Link
HTC Magic Asia WWE_3.03.707.5_R_SG Download Link

Sapphire T-Mobile_US 2.10.531.3 Download Link

Sapphire Rogers_WWE_3.05.631.7_R Download Link
Sapphire Rogers_WWE_3.54.631.3_R_Radio_63.18.55.06Q_6.35.16.19 Download Link .!this file is in ZIP so you will have to flash it via Hboot(rename it to SAPPIMG.zip,copy to the sdcard,get into hboot mode)

HTC Europe version <3 includes old Radio(3.22xxxxx) and hboot
HTC Europe version >3 inlcudes new Radio(6.35xxxxx) and hboot
HTC Rogers 3.54 Includes new Radio( and Hboot(2009)
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