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[ORIGINAL][V13][UNIVERSAL][MOD]Ultimate Performance-Blazing Fast Speed On The Go!

What you got after flashing this mod?

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    [MOD]Ultimate Performance-Blazing Fast Speed On The Go!
    Original Thread Of UPM!

    Ultimate Performance is a Mod that combines many scripts and tweaks in one package which is aimed to improve Android system's performance,smoothness,reduce GUI lags and of course some useful battery life improvements and tweaks!

    This mod is universal and should work on any device and supports Magisk!
    ONLY 2MB!

    I was suffering through lags in my phone using custom rom
    Thanks @sohamsen for this mod.
    I can see the difference between previous and present condition of my phone.
    My phone feels very smooth and responsive.
    Worth installing this mod ..:)

    Comfirm no bootloop now on version 7, Tab 4 quadcore and running even faster, puffin browser is flying

    I am on CM13, Oppo R7s.
    I can confirm that...

    Thank you so much devs.
    Working flawless. My adventure in search for the best mod and the best tweaks, for all-round-balanced-everyday use and GREAT performance stops here. Good work!!

    My phone ure too fast!!! Ughh.. Stop!! wait for my thumbs, would ya???

    i have mobile with 1GHz - 512ram and cm13 installed :D
    after installation v7 i can't believe my eyes, it is really magic, phone flyyy flyyy :D:cool:

    I am downloading the new version and going to try it for a while and then i will right a mini review.

    EDIT: I will just keep on adding my findings to this post.

    1. The govtuner seems to work. previously my s5 used to stay in higher freq 1597mhz which I didn't need while doing simple browsing but now its stays under 300-1190mhz so battery life is definitely going to be improved.

    2. The scrolling is super smooth and fast previously I needed to use my thumb a lots of time to go to the end or top of page but now just a fast fling and its there.

    This is the onlyvtweaks that I see the change In my phone.. My phone is now flying..
    It's so smooth my phone feels like a beast even in games it's different now i could keep all of my apps open with no lag at all and the battery is still adjusting i get more then 5h of SOT now
    Flashed v7 on S4 gt-i9505 on JDC Optimised 14.1 cm nougat ROM. Certainly speed has improved in some aspects. Battery seems to have improved as well- 2 hours s.o.t.
    i have nokia x...lots of gui lag in cm13... but after just flashing it, i never see any lag...everything is so smooth and butteryyyyy...
    i have tried v8b
    This mod is really awesome, installed it since V6 on my debloated S7 + Prometheus Kernel.
    Flashed it on my scripting and botting device with 24/7 runtime, no random crashs or reboots.
    Combines so many engines and tweaks, its really fast, stable and easy to flash !
    Scream for updates and more fps ! #awesome
    Try it and smash the "Thanks" button really hard !
    Thank you for your hard work! This is the only thing I can find that actually helps my phone save battery

    Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
    Working fine with stock xperia xz f8332 stock firmware
    Fatser than before , about battery seems little better than other tweeks
    Finally, with this mod, My creepy 512mb ram phone can playing Real Racing 3 :cool:

    Combination Of Top 4 Performance Engines!
    1.Pure Peformance X(Zeno Edition) By Jeeko
    2.Broadcom Booster By jynprojects
    3.Adrenaline Engine By ImbaWind
    4.Fly-On Mod By Slaid480

    Huge Thanks and Respect to the devs of these mods!

    What's New?
    -Optimized performance engines(Total 4 Performance engines combined)
    -Removed every conflicts
    -Latest binaries
    -Auto mount
    -Auto permission fix
    -Tether bug fixed
    -Performance power enhanced
    -Better compatibility
    -Better stability
    -Now stock roms are supported!
    -Now supports from Android 2.0 Eclair to Android 7.1 Nougat

    Key Features:
    1.Improved Battery
    2.Improved Graphics, Screen, Images
    3.Improved CPU, Governors, I/O Schedulers
    4.Ad Blocker

    - Full memory management/Better multitasking.
    - Linux kernel tweaks and improvements for better performance and battery life.
    - Less lags for gamers.
    - Entropy generator engine used to reduce lags.
    - Zipalign apps in "/system" and apps in "/data" every 24 hours which result in less RAM usage.
    - Sqlite optimizations and faster database access.
    - CPU governors tweaks and improvements for better performance and battery life.
    - Better thermal management and less overheating.
    - Increased SD Card read-ahead cache to 2048 KB for faster SD card read and write
    - Drastically decreased the drainage of battery
    - Enables a non-aggressive dithering to save CPU
    - Slightly improves the scaling of the frequencies (for better results you need a good kernel)
    - Lightens the load on the CPU switching the workload to GPU rendering
    -GPU Tweaks added for better gaming experience
    -Zipalign at each Boot for better performance
    -Media Server Killer
    -CPU Boost Scripts
    - Lag reduction
    - I/O Tweaks
    -VM Tweaks
    And Much More!


    -v1.initial release(Galalxy Ace GT-S5830I Cooperve release)
    -v2.new init.d scripts are added(Galaxy Ace GT-S5830I release)
    -v3.new init.d scripts and 3 performance engines added(Galaxy Y,Galaxy Ace,Galaxy Ace-i,Galaxy Pocket,Galaxy Mini release)
    -v4.new init.d scripts,8 performance engines,build.prop tweaks added(Same release like v3)
    -v5.optimized init.d scipts,optimized engines(7 performance engines),aroma installer,optimized build.prop tweaks
    -v6.optimized init.d scripts,optimized engines(6 performance engines),aroma removed,build.prop tweaks
    -v7.optizmized every scripts and engines and bootloop fixed
    -v8 b1.removed build.prop tweaks,removed 3 performance engines, removed many scripts
    -v10 biggest clean up,made from scratch,removed every bugs,fully optimized
    -v8sr2 fixed permissions
    -v9 new performance engine added,fixed permissions,latest binaries,fixed conflicts,fully optimized
    -v10sr2 performances related issue fixed
    -v11 crosbreeder removed,adaway adblocker added,internet tweaks and wifi/tether tweaks added
    -v12 heavy build.prop tweaks,zipalign fix
    -v13 Installer changelog:
    -removed duplicates
    -removed some debug. tweaks that were not affecting performance
    -removed max_events_per_second line
    -removed lines that were conflicting with phone settings (button light timeout, touch sensitivity etc)
    -removed the delay when going to recents menu
    -reorganised some lines
    -renamed first and last tag for better clearance of the start and end of the tweaks added
    -lower sleep times (in twrp)
    -added the auto-backup of build.prop
    Unninstaller changelog:
    -added commands to delete all the files installed by upm (some files were still remaining)
    -automatically replace the modified build.prop with the original one and then delete the backup
    Quick note: before installing v12 go to build.prop and delete every line from #By PurePerformance X to the end. Reboot and unninstall the mod using the old uninstaller. Then install the mod with the new installer.

    Thanks to the testers and bug reporters!

    I did like to Thank Slaid480 and [email protected] devs for their awesome works(Lagfree v3 and TweakZV6) that i used in previous versions of my mod but not included in latest version!

    A great Thanks to @DEVILOPS 007(Co-Project Maintainer and Support)

    A massive thanks to the man @Dany00 for being the mind behind v13 and the backup and restore build.prop function

    A huge thanks to @_LLJY for his contribution!
    The man behind v10_sr2!

    A big thanks to @stormPremierfor contributing himself for the betterment of this project!

    Also Thanks to @Mohnot for finding the hotspot fix

    1.The first boot may take sometime!

    2.Do a nandroid backup! Before doing anything if something goes wrong you can restore your rom using that backup! 3.Remove other mods before installing otherwise mods can conflict with each other!
    4.If this mod fails on your device or gives bootloops just do a clean reinstall of your rom then flash the mod!You will feel the speed!


    1.A kernel with init.d support!
    If your kernel doesn't feature init.d,you can emulate init.d by kernel adiutor/universal init.d
    2.A custom recovery

    Flash this mod at your own risk!
    I cannot give you any warranty or guarantee!But i will still help you in any situation!

    Please follow the steps carefully:

    To upgrade from older version to latest version just flash the uninstaller then follow the installation steps that given below to install new version!

    How to install-
    1.Reboot into clockworkmod/TWRP/philz/RZ recovery!
    2..Go to install zip from sd then flash ultimate_performance_v13.zip(DOWNLOAD Android Version 2.0.x-4.4.x variant if you are running any rom between Froyo to Kitkat OR Download Android Version 5.0+ variant if you are running any rom between Lolipop to Nougat)
    All stock and custom roms are supported!
    Now supports upto Android 7.1


    Reboot into recovery and flash the uninstaller!

    We provide 24/7 support!

    Please feel free to ask any questions related this mod in here!

    Developers please feel free to use my mod!
    Please give me proper credits if you use my mod in any of your development work!
    No need to ask permission just give me proper credits :)

    Give a thanks and rate this thread 5 Star if you like my work!

    I have no credit card so i cant ask for donations i will be very happy if someone gift me xda-ad free instead!

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [NEW][V13][UNIVERSAL][MOD]Ultimate Performance-Blazing Fast Speed On The Go!, Tool/Utility for the Android General

    sohamsen, DEVILOPS 007, jeeko,slaid480,jynprojects,ImbaWind,rainforce270,[email protected],stormPremier,mohnot,_LLJY

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: V13
    Stable Release Date: 2017-05-17

    Created 2017-03-19
    Last Updated 2017-05-17
    Download Section Of UPM!

    Download Latest V13 :)
    V10 Changelog->
    1.ATX scripts removed
    2.Optimized every scripts
    3.Removed some scripts
    4.Tether fixed(deleted bin folder)
    5.Auto mount
    6.Auto permission fix
    thanks to @DEVILOPS 007
    7.removed possible bugs
    8.more compatable and stable build
    9.Downloading now changed to android version specific instead of Cpu Arch

    The update will roll out at 10AM IST(Indian Standard Time)