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OTA and Non-OTA Firmware for N986U and N986U1

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Jan 29, 2013
I flashed the phone last night and everything was successful. I had the exact same results as nuprotocol where there was first an error and required a factory reset, then it rebooted with VZ for a while before saying new SIM found, then rebooted with ATT software.

Everything works perfect but I did notice in software information, under service provider software version, it says ATT/ATT/VZW. Not sure what that means but something from Verizon is still on there.
VZW on the last one meant that the device is originally sold by VZW. Same with my device, it has TMB/TMB, TMB/XAA because my device is SM-N986U1 (directly unlocked from Samsung).
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Unless the VZW and ATT firmware are the same build, the main thing that will get you is it will break OTA for you.
The firmware itself is basically the same. If you look at the DUE1 U firmware it is the same build for ATT/VZW/TMB/SPR. The difference is the SIM that you have installed in your device. You're flashing the exact same files
Thanks for the reply. I have been busy and have not had time to check back. I just saw what Nuprotocol did. i was in the same boat. I am now on the U1 firmware. I am going to try it tonight. I hope it works cause when i make calls it drops to H+ now. I saw your reply on other as well. Is there any else I should be concern about. Thanks
I was able to successfully flash N986USQS2DUE1 onto my Verizon Note 20 Ultra. Initially ODIN failed the flash and I had a feeling it was due to me using the front USB port on my gaming desktop.

I then switched to the USB port directly connected to the motherboard and it worked. Once the phone restarted, I was greeted with a message that Android failed to load and my data could be corrupted. I restarted and the same message displayed.

i was giving an option to do a factory reset to resolve the issue. After performing the factory reset the Verizon logo appeared again and I thought the flash wasn't successful.

Thankfully I had my activated AT&T Sim card in the phone the entire time. During boot while displaying the Verizon logo I was greeted with a message that the sim card has changed and the phone needed to restart in order to load the correct carrier data.

The phone restarted and BOOM I was greeted with the ATT logo and processed the setup of my phone now using the ATT firmware.

Once completed, I can confirm the following now work on ATT, where as before with the Verizon firmware did not work:

  • Wifi Calling
  • HD Voice
  • Voice over LTE
  • 5G service
Thanks to everyone that contributed to this thread. I no longer need to purchase a ATT phone and can use all of ATT's features on my originally Verizon Note 20 Ultra.
Thanks I just did it and the exact same thing happened to me. I was trying to do the same thing a month ago and it did not work. I think i did not reset the phone first. I endedd up going to the U1 firmware, but when I call my connection drops to H+. It was very frustrating. I dont know why Samsung does not make this process a bit more painless for the end user.


Aug 25, 2018
Ok guys I have been out of the loop for the last few months. Which os version is recommended for the Verizon model. Having fast wireless charging issues with charges that used to work lol
Updating the AT&T carrier locked version now. Go and get it people.


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    With T-mobile's recent abysmal record on security updates since the sprint merger and the recent hack they've barely acknowledged and getting around to, I'm starting to consider making some changes. I'm not ready to abandon their ship just yet (been with them 20+ years) but I'm seriously considering removing all my banking and credit card information from my U device for now...

    Am I overreacting or is there a real risk when your carrier is getting hacked and you're stuck months behind on your security updates? I don't use virtual wallets like g-pay and strictly use passwords and swipe login method on the relevant apps.

    Of course if the next update whenever that is includes the last dual sim like additional goodies then all will be forgiven :)
    Two months behind on security updates and hacked info of 48 million records. Looks to me like T-Mo doesn't take security seriously. I've been looking at other carriers & how to best manage my switchover.
    Good morning!

    Finally getting August update on TMO Locked U device
    Some more information for you folks on TMB

    "T-Mobile hack and SIM-swap fraud: How to prevent your phone number from being stolen - CNET" https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/new...-prevent-your-phone-number-from-being-stolen/
    Just got my first OTA update since flashing from verizon over to ATT. My phone is on SQU2DUH1 now. It didn't even said what was new.
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    N986U - Carrier Versions


    N986USQS2DUE2 VZW/CCT/CHA Thanks @Venom0642
    N986USQS2DUE1 ATT/VZW/TMB/SPR. Thanks for the mirror @Venom0642 Mirror
    N986USQS2DUBB AT&T/USC MIRROR thanks @Venom0642

    N986USQU1DUB7 VZW Thanks to @drewiskee for grabbing this N986USQSU2DUBB
    N986USQU1DUB5 ATT/SPR/TMB/CCT/CHA Thanks for the link @Venom0642
    N986USQS1CTLC VZW/CHA/USC January Patch
    N986USQS1CTLB TMB/ATT/SPR. MIRROR Thanks @Venom0642
    N986USQU1CTLA VZW Second December Patch Thanks @Venom0642
    N986USQU1CTL4 VZW Android 11 MIRROR Thanks for the link @denson9874
    N986USQU1CTL2 ATT/TMB/SPR/CCT Android 11. Thanks @dottat. MIRROR thanks @Venom0642

    Odin3_v3.13.3b: HERE
    See Post #2 and #3 for the Links to the Firmware
    ALL of the firmware posted here can be flashed on any N986U/N986U1 Device. The firmware is NOT carrier dependent and is only listed next to some of them in order to have an idea if you might get OTA when you flash it

    Understanding Firmware naming:

    986U or F etc, the model of device
    SQ, FX etc = CPU and model specific
    U,S,E = Update, Security, Engineering, respectively
    1,2,3,4,5 etc = bootloader revision (This is important! You cannot go to a previous revision)
    A,B,C,D = Android version
    T, U = Year (T=2020, U=2021 etc)
    A,B,C etc = month (January A - December L)
    1 - 9 and then A - Z =build compilation. This basically means how many builds there are in a month. They start at 1 and go to Z
    So N986USQU1ATGM would be
    N968U (Note 20 Ultra Carrier version), SQ (Snapdragon), U (Update), 1 (Bootloader version), A (Build 10), T (2020), G (July), M (22nd build)

    How to enter Download Mode:
    Turn off the device.
    Connect USB cable to your PC (Leave it disconnected from the phone)
    Press and hold down the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. While they are still pressed, plug in the USB cable into your phone.
    The phone will go into download mode press volume up. In Odin you will see that phone is added.

    Dirty Flash:
    I would only do this if you are having to manually update to the newer firmware and would not do it if you are coming/going to U/U1 or from beta firmware or if you are on an old firmware. I'd also highly recommend doing a back up prior to the doing this
    Load these into Odin
    Do NOT flash CSC or USERDATA, either of these WILL wipe your device
    This is a "dirty flash" and these can sometimes cause issues. Keep in mind if things start going sideways and stuff starts not working right, your first step to a solution will be to wipe the device.

    Tips on flashing U1 Firmware:
    You will have to wipe, can NOT dirty Flash going between U and U1 firmware
    Use the patched ODIN linked in post #2 or #3, Odin3_v3.13.3b (They are exactly the same)
    Have an active US Carrier SIM installed to get carrier features

    If you get your CSC Stuck on XAA/XAA/(Insert your carrier here), and can not get Carrier options back.
    Go to the tutorial that @borijess put together HERE
    N986U1 - Unlocked Versions

    N986U1UEU2DUCB For those with old eyes like mine, that is DUCB (Letter B, not an Eight)



    Odin3_v3.13.3b: HERE
    Big Update AT&T Note20 Ultra live .
    Uploading U1 CTL4 now. I'll have a OP link shortly

    Took all the time to upload it, and it failed at the last min.......:mad:
    Uploading....... AGAIN