How To Guide OTA and Non-OTA Firmware for S22 Ultra SM-S908U and S22 Ultra SM-S908U1 Versions

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Feb 15, 2012
As we know At& t changes build numbers from other carriers. So if I stray from their update path, it will not get their updates if by some chance the kick in


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Feb 15, 2012
Surely you can install on your ATT device. It's the same room. Just patched odin it.

Lol...I know how to flash firmware. It's not about that. At& t is notorious for changing build numbers. To ensure that I possibly get updates I have to stay with their build numbers. Sure I can flash any build number but then I would have to make sure that At&t build is the same as other carriers


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Feb 15, 2012
I did try it and I get to the android recovery page. What should I do from there ? I tried wiping to factory but it brings me to the same blue screen.

If I remember correctly you are in France using 908U with your region sim card. I don't believe you can flash your region firmware on a United States Snapdragon device


I did try it and I get to the android recovery page. What should I do from there ? I tried wiping to factory but it brings me to the same blue screen.


Feb 25, 2022
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
This just popped up for me, AT&T 22 Ultra with U1 firmware.
Screenshot_20230119_034434_Software update.png


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Jul 30, 2010
I have a question. For the people that will upgrade to the s23 ultra. I will be getting the ATT locked version. Will the ATT unlocked firmware be available right away for the S23 ultra? Can't stand the ATT bloat ware.
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    Seems to be REALLY quite now-a-days.
    Probably because a lot of people upgraded to the S23 Ultra lol.
    Man abandoned chat. Guess I'm gonna have to get an s23 just to talk to yall again
    I check here often. Venom has been helping a little
    As you can see, this forum is also dead sir.
    Seems to be REALLY quite now-a-days.
    Who here can help me root an galaxy tab a7 lite?
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    See Post #2 and #3 for the Links to the Firmware

    All of the firmware posted here can be flashed on any U or U1 Device. Each of the firmware's are NOT carrier dependent and only has carrier labels listed in order to have an idea if you might get OTA when you flash it.

    The firmware packages house each of the carrier's information, features, bloat, splash screens etc. (That's why they roll in at over 7Gb). When you flash a firmware the installation package reads your SIM, determines what carrier you're using and then installs the "package" that's designed for your carrier​

    S908USQU1AVA7 (Totally fake Firmware. I just made it up for example purposes)
    S=Galaxy S
    908U or F etc, the model of device
    SQ, FX etc = CPU and model specific
    U,S,E = Update, Security, Engineering, respectively
    1,2,3,4,5 etc = bootloader revision (This is important! You cannot go to a previous revision)
    A, B, C etc = Android version
    U, V = Year (U=2021, V=2022 etc)
    A,B,C etc = month (January A - December L)
    1 - 9 and then A - Z =build compilation. This basically means how many builds there are in a month. They start at 1 and go to Z
    So S908USQU1DVAM would be
    S908U (S22 Ultra Carrier version), SQ (Snapdragon), U (Update), 1 (Bootloader version), A (Build 12), V (2022), A (January), 7 (7th build)

    BL- Boot Loader
    AP - Application Processor (also termed PDA), this is the system partitions, recovery etc,
    CP - This is the Modem
    CSC - Consumer Software Customization. This is all of the stuff that contains the different carrier features, wi-fi calling, APN stuff like that. You'll notice that this file is getting as big(If not bigger) than the AP file with the system information.
    HOME_CSC - This is still the "Same" as the CSC, except it retains the CSC information that is flashed on the device. It wont wipe your device like the normal CSC will. This is part of the package in the OTA that doesn't wipe your phone
    USERDATA - Carrier files, this "Brands" the device to your carrier

    How to enter Download Mode:

    Turn off the device.​
    Connect USB cable to your PC (Leave it disconnected from the phone)​
    Press and hold down the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. While they are still pressed, plug in the USB cable into your phone.​
    The phone will go into download mode press volume up. In Odin you will see that phone is added.​

    A decent writeup on how to use Odin:

    ***You MUST use one of the Patched versions of Odin in post #2 or #3 when flashing***

    Dirty Flash:

    I would only do this if you are having to manually update to the newer firmware and would not do it if you are coming/going to U/U1 or from beta firmware or if you are on an old firmware. I'd also highly recommend doing a back up prior to the doing this​
    Load these into Odin​

    Do NOT flash CSC or USERDATA (If it's in the download package), either of these WILL wipe your device.​
    This is a "dirty flash" and these can sometimes cause issues. Keep in mind if things start going sideways and stuff starts not working right, your first step to a solution will be to wipe the device.​

    S908U1 - Unlocked Versions

    Bootloader 2 - If you are on a Bootloader 2 firmware you can NOT go back to a Bootloader 1 firmware, there is NO workaround. See Post 1 to determine which bootloader you're on
    13/OneUI 5.0 BETA -​
    BETA1 S908U1UEU2ZVH4 (AFH) and a MIRROR (Faster) Thanks @lexcyn
    You MUST be on S908U1UEU2AVF7 in order to update to this beta.​
    This is BL 2 so you can go back to stock, but if you do it's HIGHLY recommended to not dirty flash (It might not let you so be prepared to wipe)​
    BETA1>BETA2 - S908U1UEU2ZVHK Thanks for the file @Venom0642
    You MUST be on S908U1UEU2ZVH4 in order to update to Beta 2 (ZVHK)​
    Bootloader 1
    S908U1UEU1AVA6 - Thanks to 66880]@southern87 for the MIRROR
    Odin3_v3.13.3b Patched: HERE
    Odin3_v3.14.4 Patched: HERE
    S908U - Carrier Versions
    Bootloader 2 - If you are on a Bootloader 2 firmware you can NOT go back to a Bootloader 1 firmware, there is NO workaround. See Post 1 to determine which bootloader you're on
    S908USQU2AVE4 - ATT/CHA/CCT/TMB/VZW thanks to @Venom0642 for the link​
    S908USQS2AVDC - ATT/TMB thanks for the link @hyelton
    Bootloader 1
    S908USQU1AVA6 - ATT/CCT/CHA/TMB/USC/VZW - Thanks to @hyelton for the Mirror
    Odin3_v3.13.3b Patched: HERE
    Odin3_v3.14.4 Patched: HERE
    AT&T October Patch OTA rolling out now
    How do i know which firmware to download? Im a complete beginner... i have an att locked (making payments) 22 ultra sm-s908U. I was told to get the u1 firmware because its unlocked and i can use rcs thru jibe not att, but i also was told i need to get the firmware that matches the model number which is U. I may be overthinking, but it's confusing. And all the U options are labeled by carrier, there doesn't seem to be an unlocked firmware for my U phone. And if i were to get an U1 firmware, there are a few options with no explanation on the differences and which to get. Don't get me started on the advice to look for XAA firmware, because i don't see that anywhere lol. Apologies if this seems ridiculous, i just don't want to brick my phone
    There's VERY little chance you'll brick (The only way that I know you can is pulling the USB cable when flashing), that aside, it'll just error before the flash could happen.
    That being said, If you have a S908U or S908U1 device you can flash ANY of the firmware on this post. The firmware is not Carrier agnostic, the only reason there are carrier tags next to the posted firmware is to let people if they flash a specific one whether or not that is the current stock one and will get OTA in future releases.
    Most of that info is in the OP (I think.......), and if you're not too familiar with the process, I highly advise taking the time to read thru the pages, almost everything you'll need to know has been posted.
    If you can't find something ask, most everyone is super helpful