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Mar 30, 2010
For battery you can try this metod.
Need a root.
Charge to green light when phone is power off.
Do not unplug.
Turn it on.
W8 for green light and 100%
W8 15min.
Dont unplug.
Install battery calibration app or es file manager and delete file called baterystat.bin.
Is on data/system.
Unplug phone.

To see what take the battery on standby install current widget and start log.

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    It is absotutely true, it has updated to ICS. The terminal is a company-free one. I don't need to lie. Check out the file.
    Here is the official HTC download link for ICS WWE Europe

    Download it and flash it :)
    Update in germany is here !:)

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    Finally, an official announcement! :)

    "We’ve started rolling out updates for the HTC Sensation XL. It will take a bit of time for the update to roll out to everyone, so please be patient."


    Since the sand's of time we were waiting for the thunder to strike our "snow white"...that i am not so excited anymore.
    Hope just to work properly :D
    Vodafail Australia:

    The update has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 22 is the release date.

    HTC Sensation
    HTC Sensation XL
    HTC Sensation XE

    We're rolling out ICS to all of these handsets from Midday on Tuesday, and there will be no staged release. Everyone can get the update right away. This will include an update to Sense and the blog will have some more specifics closer to launch.

    Apologies for the late change to the schedule, but we couldn't pass up the chance to get all these updates out at the same time.

    Feel free to continue hassling. I'm looking forward to seeing this update in your hands. And I don't mind answering the when question for you again. (The answer is next Tuesday, at Noon.)

    Including this announcement the update has been pushed back 3 times already ! And the last time I asked them they said it would be by the end of the week. Lame. If by next Tuesday it's not coming God knows how upset I'll get :D

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    By the way guyz should I do a factory reset after I install the update? Or is there anything else I should do after that? My first time getting an update, quite excited :D