OTA MM update crashes phone. What's the best route to fix this?


Jan 19, 2013
My phone was working pretty well on the 5.1.1 lollipop update, no crashes, somewhat okay battery life after a full factory reset and manual installation of programs (Reinstalling with kies seemed to kill battery life again). I jumped at getting the MM update when it as available. I had previously rooted my EVO 4g and had issues getting updates after a certain point, so I haven't rooted my Note 4 yet, since I was happy with the updates.

Now, though, the MM update keeps crashing my phone. It will sometimes maintain stable operation for 20 minutes, but it will eventually crash and reboot. I once got the mmc_read_failed error on a reboot, but I am not completely sure what is causing the issue. The phone worked fine until the OTA update installed. After that point, it crashed once while setting up my Google account and has been crashing regularly ever since.

What's the best way to fix this? Are there any good Marshmallow updates I can install, either rooted or stock. Also, any I can use Odin for?
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Sep 23, 2015
I had this happen. I was getting the mmc read failed 6x a day. Nothing fixes it. Internal mem failed. My free replacement came in today. TWRP, tx's rooted stock Rom/everything restored with tb..... Good to go.

Sad too, it was a launch day mint condition phone.

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