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OTA Updates - P10 Lite

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Jan 8, 2018
Methinks you need B197 for single sim......

I see, thank you... but do you all guys think that with update firmware B197, the problem of battery excessive drain will be solved? I don't know... I think this battery for p10 lite don't suit the more battery consuming energy that require the processor of this mobile... I have another question, why firmwares updates don't reach all at the same period? I heard about b196 since december but I never received the update... I never heard about b197 too... I don't know... I'm confused...:eek:


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Mar 13, 2017


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Jan 26, 2018
Huawei P10 Lite

i have the device with 4gb ram and single sim (WAS-LX1A) but i havent take an update yet.. my bulid number is b123.. too old! why i havent take an update ?


Jan 22, 2018
Ohh, I not have H3G. Search on your Language on your sites or ask huawei from official site to send you this firmware for your mobile.

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returned to the b185 with the debrand procedure, but the battery does not last very long .. you know how to return to the B171 of H3G without having a service rom H3G?
Thanks i advance

Ohh, I not have H3G. Search on your Language on your sites or ask huawei from official site to send you this firmware for your mobile.
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    Not by IMEI, but the model is there. I don't understand why my model is on the update but is not verified by imei.

    The updates are released in batches in ascending order based on imei numbers. But huawei is so slow, after they release the update 10 days ago or more its not available yet in all countries, and only few people get the update.
    Both P10 and P10 Plus are getting the Oreo update. Does anyone know will it come to P10 Lite? Will it come as an OTA or via HiSuite?

    I'm currently on B172 (4GB single sim device?).

    Should be getting Oreo via OTA. Probably in April or May. I'd be surprised if we got it earlier. I fully expect them to pretty much abandon the phone after that though.
    I did my update only using the 'Get an update through DNS' and did not use proxy (just the VPN it sets up). I had a few failures at first but found a post that suggested removing any updates to the Huawei 'System Update' app. That seemed to solve my problems. I had to leave the VPN on during the download (which took a long time) and then rebooted before applying the update.
    Sorry I can't be clearer as I wasn't noting the steps when it worked as I was not confident it would be a success at the time.
    Its almost here, official oreo is very close it seems.

    Its already being pushed out.
    The Rollout in Germany has begun at least
    I just got B206 today and people already talking about Oreo? How's that?

    Hi, 206 is the 7.1 regular update with march security updates. Oreo isn't out yet to update, but the firmware is already pushed by huawei to their firmware servers, so we can download the files and force the update. The update says "log" so that's a beta or a firmware aimed for OEMs.
    Have a great day, hope I helped you out.