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OTA Updates - P10 Lite

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Mar 13, 2017
I have WAS-LX1AC432 single sim from the UK unlocked. I have B203 at the moment through FF but I cannot find B206 on FF only B207 through to B210 and none of those are approved. Also, there is a B203 on FF which says its B206 when you check for approval but I feel it is a typo. Where can I find B206 from? I need it to get the Oreo Beta.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out


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Jul 24, 2013
Samsung Galaxy J7
Huawei P9 Lite
Take a look again in ff


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Hello guys,
I am currently on WAS-TL10C636B186 .
Today i checked the updates in FF for "WAS-TL" models and i found out that it is possible to update to "WAS-TL10C01B332" (FULLOTA).
At least that's what it says when i press the check firmware button.
I didn't do the update as the model differs from mine "C636" - "C01".
If anyone already tried it would be great to give some feedback.

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Jun 25, 2011
My Phone WAS-LX1AC432 B210 4GB Ram and 32GB Rom
EMUI 5.1.1
Android 7.0
Recive today OTA B210, pach security Android 05/2018

Arent you lucky.... here in UK I'm still stuck on
EMUI 5.0
Android 7.0
Security Patch: 5th Oct 2017

EE network through ASDA mobile
Been checking every weekend but always get 'no updates'
Even removed all security apps, and allowed every app accessibilty (I locked some originally for 'safety')

Only thing not done is a factory reset.. I've read a post that says that 'perhaps' some data file got corrupted & a factory reset should fix it (maybe thats why I'm not getting any updates ??)
Should I try this.. do a full backup of phone (HiSuite), do factory reset & reload the backup ?? - wouldn't that just restore any corrupted data files ??

Note: I've looked at firmware finder & that shows newer firmwares but theres soooo many I don't know which one is compatible, don't know if I can jump straight from 187 to whatever IS compatible & don't want to risk bricking phone
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Jan 22, 2009

Just wanting to let you know that my P10 Lite is just downloading Oreo.
My P10 Lite is from Fido in Canada (WAS-L03T), version is (C654) and ota file size is 2.23 GB


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    Not by IMEI, but the model is there. I don't understand why my model is on the update but is not verified by imei.

    The updates are released in batches in ascending order based on imei numbers. But huawei is so slow, after they release the update 10 days ago or more its not available yet in all countries, and only few people get the update.
    Both P10 and P10 Plus are getting the Oreo update. Does anyone know will it come to P10 Lite? Will it come as an OTA or via HiSuite?

    I'm currently on B172 (4GB single sim device?).

    Should be getting Oreo via OTA. Probably in April or May. I'd be surprised if we got it earlier. I fully expect them to pretty much abandon the phone after that though.
    I did my update only using the 'Get an update through DNS' and did not use proxy (just the VPN it sets up). I had a few failures at first but found a post that suggested removing any updates to the Huawei 'System Update' app. That seemed to solve my problems. I had to leave the VPN on during the download (which took a long time) and then rebooted before applying the update.
    Sorry I can't be clearer as I wasn't noting the steps when it worked as I was not confident it would be a success at the time.
    Its almost here, official oreo is very close it seems.

    Its already being pushed out.
    The Rollout in Germany has begun at least
    I just got B206 today and people already talking about Oreo? How's that?

    Hi, 206 is the 7.1 regular update with march security updates. Oreo isn't out yet to update, but the firmware is already pushed by huawei to their firmware servers, so we can download the files and force the update. The update says "log" so that's a beta or a firmware aimed for OEMs.
    Have a great day, hope I helped you out.