Oukitel WP17 [Root][GSI ARM64 A/B Treble-Enabled]

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Jan 20, 2023
As a result, I made a phone from brick)
The procedure that led to success:
1.formatting the phone "everything except the bootloader"
2. Method 1 flashed the above firmware (others gave errors about 12 bytes). And immediately recorded the IMEI.
From the second time) everything worked out.
The camera works completely, red letters on the screen - there are no keys.
I'm afraid to do root again))
I will make a backup, but choose the method.
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Nov 20, 2019


Thinking of upgrading to Android 12 / Android 13 ?

The camera drivers found in the Android 11 version your phone was shipped with -

Are NOT in the Android 11 version from the Oukitel Download Center !.

You will brake your 64MP Camera if you flash GSI ore the version from Download Center .

Although I copied all the files required to restore the camera, which you can find below in a zip file -
Are the drivers in all other roms and GSI's to control the camera missing.

--FM drivers are located in kernel. Most other oem drivers are in vendor. And the definitions are in system

However, there is an easy fix for this, and that is to make a backup of your working phone firmware before you start installing other versions of Android, so that you can always restore your phone from this backup, with the correct drivers and get a fully functional phone again.

Dump/extract/backup your Oukitel WP17 firmware.​

It is ALWAYS a good practice to backup your firmware. Any phones sooner or later will have issues and since you don't have a copy to restore yor phone, you will spend money sending it in for repair which sometimes costs more than the phone is worth. There are many ways to make a copy of your phone's firmware. search on the internet or use this simple guide:

All the files you need can be found under this video​

And to everyone who already broken their phone and is now looking for a way to restore their phone. Have I already ordered a new WP17 that I will create a firmware backup of, and make available for you and a manual for how to restore. I will keep you updated on that, but it takes a long time to get things shipped from China these days.

Hii can u teach me how to use the night mode and 64mp camera again ? I cant make my camera work and functioning


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Mar 26, 2021
Do you have stock firmware or GSI on your phone?

More or less, this is the only way to get the camera to work again:
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    WP17 is a rugged phone with Infrared Night Vision Camera, Helio G95 8GB+128GB 6.78“FHD+ 90Hz 64MP Triple Camera+16MP Selfie 8300mAh Android 11 Global Version.


    Bought me a Oukitel WP17, but couldn't find much information about this phone.
    So I'm going to post info here for everyone to see and participate in how to flash, root and update the phone.

    Stock Oukitel Android 11 recovery​

    Let's fix this phone​

    Download these files:​

    Oukitel WP17 firmware: ASW2100YJ_2201_T2046
    Python 6.3.1
    Mediatek VCOM, CDC, USB Serial & Smartwatch Drivers
    Computer with internet

    But before we can start, we need to format the phone, to delete all old configurations and settings.


    1. Start by extracting the firmware file to your desktop. Now open up the MTKClient zip file and drag all files to your firmware folder.


    2. Now you Install all needed drivers: Mediatek VCOM, CDC, USB / UsbDk_Brom-mode.

    3. Extract the Flash_Tool to your desktop and open the flash_tool.exe.
    ONLY check the UNverified files. We will flash the verified files later. Click on the Download button when you're done. Take your dead phone and connect it to the computer with the USB cable. Hold down Volume+ Volume- and power-button together, hold the buttons until the flashing start.


    Once you have flashed the UN-verified files to your phone, we start the process of flashing the verified files.

    4. Now we need access to the verified files. open a prompt in the firmware.
    To do that, go to the start menu and type CMD.


    4. Right-click and copy the address and paste it in the prompt window.



    5. Now we have to configure MTKClient to be able to communicate with the phone.
    Past in these commands one at a time in to the promt window.

    python setup.py install
    pip3 install -r requirements.txt

    6. And now finally after you have set up the environment in python.
    The flashing of the verified files to you phone can begin. copy and paste in the hole commands.

    python mtk w md1img,spmfw,scp1,scp2,sspm_1,sspm_2,cam_vpu1,cam_vpu2,cam_vpu3,gz1,gz2,lk,lk2,logo,dtbo,tee1,tee2 md1img-verified.img,spmfw-verified.img,scp-verified.img,scp-verified.img,sspm-verified.img,sspm-verified.img,cam_vpu1-verified.img,cam_vpu2-verified.img,cam_vpu3-verified.img,gz-verified.img,gz-verified.img,lk-verified.img,lk-verified.img,logo-verified.bin,dtbo-verified.img,tee-verified.img,tee-verified.img


    Press Enter,
    On the phone: Hold down Volume+ Volume- and power-button together, hold the buttons until the flashing start. Sit back and wait

    Your phone will end up like this after boot.


    Done ....

    Now Update your phone by Android update service by going in to 'Settings / System and update phone.


    -- IMEI Restore --​

    After formatting the phone. I use ModemMETA tool to restore my IMEI.


    Select the “Smart Phone” option from “Platform Type” section. Same as , select “USB” option from “PORT” section.

    Press the Connect button in Modem METAtool. Hold down the Volume+ Volume- and power buttons at the same time while plugging in the USB cable. Meta tool will detect the device and it will start to load Boot file, karnel port etc. You can see all the process in “Connection Stages” section.

    • After completing the configuration process, you will be able to see “Connect” message at the bottom of the tool.

    Now click on “Load DB”. “Load Database file from target”.


    Now click on search box and select IMEI download option from drop down menu.

    • A new IMEI window will pop up in front of you.
    • Type in yor IMEI : and hit on “Write” button from same window.
    • ILLEGAL to Creating your own: 12345.12345.1234

    • if everything went well, it looks like this.​


    noob here, can you create a youtube video on how to install a custom rom to this phone?

    It's not relay necessary.
    There are only 4 small simple steps to perform, the Installer does everything else for you.

    It's important for EVERYONE with Android 11 stock firmware, to extract a copy of the firmware as a backup, before flashing other GSI roms. And share a link here on the forum, so others can restore their phones to.

    There are many ways to do this. Find a method that suits you best:
    pull Stock Android Firmware - Google Search

    im geting this error in the last part:

    DAXFlash - [LIB]: ←[31mError on sending emi: unpack requires a buffer of 12 bytes←[0m
    View attachment 5799909


    Incompatible with your Windows version ore pip3 update --
    Wait 10 min and I will give you a complete guide in restoring your phone to STOCK !.